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  • Temple Island

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    Appears In: Riven

    Location: Riven


    Temple Island (also referred to as Allatwan by the Rivenese) consisted of a main land mass and two smaller isles. The Link-in point of Riven is on the main island, and it also contains the Golden Superdome that redirects energy to Gehn's Firemarble Domes, the Star Fissure, and the Beetle Room with prayers to Gehn.


    The larger of the two smaller islands contains the Temple itself. Gehn would transmit images and messages from a hidden chamber on this island, appearing and disappearing within the massive imager in the Temple as if by magic or divine power. Upon entering the temple from the outside for the first time, you will catch a fleeting glimpse of his image.


    The smallest island, little more than a pinnacle of land, is where the Firemarble Dome for Temple Island is located.


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