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#26905 Obduction Is Here!

Posted by Guild of Messengers News on 24 August 2016 - 08:54 PM

4215Obduction.jpgCyan, Inc., after setting a June release, then delaying until July before finally choosing August 24th, has finally released their spiritual successor to Myst: Obduction!

The game was financed by fans via Kickstarter three years ago and Cyan has been developing the game ever since.

Backers will be receiving an e-mail with a code they can redeem to get the game.  Non-backers can purchase the game via Steam, GoG.com, Humble Bundle, and the Obduction site itself.

Congratulations to everyone at Cyan!

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#26904 Music from the Ages

Posted by Guild of Messengers News on 14 August 2016 - 05:03 AM

Karel will once again be playing 'Music from the Ages' on Sunday August 28th 2016 at 13:00 KI time in DRC(1059) Hood (which will be bumped in the Nexus), so be sure to stop in!
Karel will be playing a selection of tracks from all the Music from the Ages shows so far, with a few tracks from Unreal Tournament 2004 game as pre-event. The music stream can be found at this link on the day of the event.

This continues in the spirit of the nice sessions started by the very-missed Patricio.

Karel hopes to see you there, but if you can't make it, you can always just listen to the music stream. shades_smile.gif

D'ni Location: 
DRC(1059) Hood
Date of the event: 
Sun, 28 Aug 2016 13:00 -0600
Submitted by: 

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#26718 Help Wanted

Posted by Alahmnat on 24 October 2013 - 02:13 PM

GoArch needs your help. By which I mean I need your help.


My problem, currently, is that I just don't have the same amount of time to devote to this by myself that I used to. I first created the Archive when I'd just graduated from high school back in 2000. I was a teenager without a care in the world, and it was no huge problem for me to spend an entire weekend without sleep trying to hack a particularly ornery forum mod into compliance. Now, I have several other major projects vying for my attention (including Unwritten and SAND), a full-time job, and a wife who would very much like me to not completely ignore her every hour of every day. GoArch cannot be suitably maintained by just me anymore.


So, how can you help?


If you're a PHP developer interested in lending me a hand with building some more advanced Wiki-like features in exchange for copious thank-yous and maybe a couple dozen bucks via PayPal, please get in touch. You can email me at guildmaster@guildofarchivists.org.


If you're someone who is good at the whole "writing and codifying of editorial standards" thing, please get in touch on the GoArch forums where we can discuss what needs to be written down, where, how, and why. It's my hope that having some established rules and editorial standards will (perhaps counterintuitively) make people more likely to contribute than just leaving everything wide-open and super-flexible. It's always been my approach that some information is better than no information; cross-links, formatting standards, and nifty template widgets could come later. Unfortunately, that approach hasn't really born any fruit, so let's try adding some structure and see if that helps at all.


If you're someone who is good at copy-editing, please drop by the Archive and start perusing articles to see what can be fixed up. There's plenty to do, and if you have questions, please ask in the forums!


If you're someone who is a prolific screenshot-taker, please consider going through the Archive and seeing what articles might benefit from having an image attached to them. When it comes to Uru and End of Ages, I'd prefer images that can be obtained without hacking the clients (so no flymode, and no "photos" of characters taken in the Avatar Closet), but honestly I'll take just about anything you feel like contributing. Again, if you have questions or need help, please ask!


If you're someone who knows a thing or two about the Myst universe, please consider contributing your knowledge to the Archive wherever there might be holes to fill.


Finally, if you find something incorrect on the Archive and you don't feel comfortable enough with the interface to fix it yourself, please report it. There are several ways to do this:

  1. You can leave a comment on the article itself, sort of like Wikipedia's Talk pages.
  2. You can post about it in the Guild Projects & Archive Discussion forum.
  3. (Not preferred, but still available): You can report an article to the moderators by clicking the Report link.

Please don't email me about missing/broken/incomplete articles, and don't gripe at me over IM about it. Post it somewhere publicly where anyone who has the time and inclination can fix it (it'll probably still end up being me 99% of the time, but at least there'll be a public record of it).


All of these things do require an account on GoArch in order to participate. It's free to sign up, I swear I will never sell or otherwise distribute your personal information (like your email address), and you can even log in through Twitter if you'd rather not have yet another account to have to deal with. (Also, I know the sign-up process is working, because I just had to clean out a few hundred spam posts yesterday, but if you have trouble, please email me at guildmaster@guildofarchivists.org.)


There is one thing you can do that doesn't require an account, though: spread the word. I get the distinct sense that the reason there are now two competing Myst wikis on the internet in addition to mine is that not enough people are aware that GoArch exists.

#26112 Introductions

Posted by Capella on 27 August 2013 - 11:10 AM

Hi! I'm Capella. I'm an anthropologist by training. The Myst series got me into anthropology, and I want to repay the favor by turning some of my academic training to analyze the universe. I have a basic grounding in all four fields of anthropology, though my focus has always been on linguistic and cultural. This means that I have a broad skillset to offer when helping others. Any projects I spearhead are going to be strongly people- and culture-focused.


My areas of interest in the D'ni universe all into two major camps. I am interested in the processes by which cultures are challenged by new ideas and then redefine themselves in response to these challenges. One major area is the culture of the D'ni, while the second is the culture of the modern-day explorers who visit the cavern.


My current project returns to my archaeological coursework. I am endeavoring to undertake a material culture analysis of artifacts in hopes of gaining some insight into their creators. If anyone is interested in assisting in any way, feel free to get in touch.

#26023 Archive Restoration

Posted by Alahmnat on 03 October 2012 - 11:50 PM

I may have found a way to import all of our current Archive content from DPWR.NET. It just took some lateral thinking about how to structure everything.

There's still some kinks to work out. Ultimately, this still may not work at all. However, the new Archive structure is similar enough to the old one's now that I think I can pull it off. It's more dependent upon how well I can trick Invision Board into thinking the old data is valid in its new context than anything else.

Even if it does work, there's still some pretty glaring issues that will need to be addressed. First, links in articles that go to other articles may well be broken irreparably. Second, the custom template tags are definitely going to be broken, though I may be able to tease some functionality back out of a couple of them. We'll see. The rest will just need to be edited. Third, attachments may or may not actually come forward properly, I still have some research to do in that department.

I'm putting together a veritable whiteboard of things to get in place before this conversion happens. It may be a week or so before I'm ready to give this a shot, but hopefully after this week, the Archive will be up and running as though it never left, and we'll be on more solid ground going forward.

#26907 Friday Night Music

Posted by Guild of Messengers News on 13 September 2016 - 12:02 PM

The Friday Night Dance Parties are over, but JayRho is back with Friday Night Music!

He will be streaming music on Friday evenings in the Cavern starting at 17:30 KI time. It will go on to at least 20:00 and longer if participation warrants. Most times it will be a good mix of music but on occasion he will feature one or two artists or feature a theme such as blues, jazz, classic rock, etc. You never know what you are going to hear as his music library has grown to over 30,000 tracks and he is still adding to it.

Each event will be announced in the forum thread. As usual, you will be able to connect to the music by going to UruTunes and clicking on the Scenes From A Relto link, or visiting the stream page.

Hope to see you there!

Date of the event: 
Repeats every week until Mon Dec 30 2019 .
Fri, 12 Aug 2016 17:30 - 20:00 -0600

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#26906 All Guilds Meeting - September 2016

Posted by Guild of Messengers News on 04 September 2016 - 05:05 AM

This month's All Guilds Meeting was rather short due to many explorers still being "Obducted".  Even so, there was still a few pieces of business to go over.  As always, the raw and cleansed chatlogs are ready to read for those that missed the meeting.

Here's what happened:

Summer Stories

Zeke365 was the only speaker this month.  He mentioned that Susa'n has stepped down as the alternate reader for Summer Stories, a gathering every Thursday at 17:00 KI time where various Myst and URU-related fan fiction is read aloud over voice chat.  He's looking for a replacement reader, and those interested should contact him.  If one is not selected, then the event will be scaled back and be held every other Thursday as opposed to every Thursday.

Obduction Read more

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#26111 About the Guild

Posted by Capella on 27 August 2013 - 11:10 AM

Hi! I'm Capella, and I'm Grand Master of the Guild of Analysts. Which is a pretty impressive title, but it just means "person who had the harebrained idea" and "chief facilitator". I wanted to talk a little bit about what my goals are for the Analysts, so that people can see what I'm thinking right now, and then suggest ways of getting there or of making these goals even better.


My goal as the person with the idea for the Analysts is that I wanted to reach out to of the smart, brilliant people we have who are already working on some fascinating studies of the D'ni universe and offer them a space for vibrant intellectual exchange. People doing detailed projects can get in touch with each other and exchange resources, skills, idea-bouncing, and more. I'm hoping eventually there will be Analysts with interests and experience in a variety of disciplines so that finding someone in an area you're interested in will be easy.


My goal as the Grand Master is to provide a basic point of contact for other groups to reach out to. Beyond that, I want this Guild to grow through the efforts of all of its members and to be an organization that helps them achieve their goals. So please, send me feedback. One of my jobs is to be responsive to feedback and willing to discuss your suggestions openly and promptly.


I hope you find this project worthwhile.

#23747 The Timeline Project

Posted by Alahmnat on 27 December 2007 - 06:12 PM

Quickly, I wanted to note that this article is currently protected because of a parsing issue with the section headers used.

Now, to move on to the nitty gritty, I'd like to deprecate this massive one-entry-to-rule-them-all format in favor of something a lot more flexible. Ideally, I'd like to put together something like Wikipedia's entries for time, with articles for each year and each individual date, linking to various entries on specific events as necessary.

For example, the entry for 1323 DE would have a note in it regarding the beginning of the Pento War, and additional notes detailing specific events from the war as dated in the timeline above. The Pento War reference would link to its own article where the conflict would be described in detail, linking back to various dated events as necessary. Additionally, there would be an entry on Leevot 12, which would contain a reference to the beginning of the Pento War in 1323 DE, linking to the entry on the year and the entry on the war. It would also contain references to anything else (of importance) that ever happened on that date in any year.

This works pretty well if we continue the tradition of keeping D'ni history chronicled strictly in D'ni time, and the Restoration effort chronicled strictly in surface time. While I can certainly understand the move made to separate these two timelines on Cyan's behalf, creating something of a clean break from the rest of the mythology from which to tell this new story, it's something of a thorn in my side when it comes to trying to keep everything consistent for the Archive. Even making yearly entries titled with the D'ni year and surface year side-by-side is of questionable accuracy since D'ni years don't overlap completely with surface years despite being virtually the same length (someone remind me to "thank" RAWA for that one next time I see him wink.gif), to say nothing of the fact that each D'ni day could line up with about 5 or 6 surface days depending on the year you're looking at, so doing "D'ni Month & day / Surface Month & day" entries would be completely impossible.

The simplest solution, but also the one that would generate the most work, would be to just set up two matching timelines, one using surface time, and the other using D'ni time, tagging them with separate child tags of "D'ni History": "Timeline: D'ni" and "Timeline: Surface". Beyond that, I can't think of anything that would be terribly intuitive to save us the trouble of having to duplicate this whole mess for those who prefer to see when things happened in any given calendar.

Given the amount of work this is going to entail, I want to turn this out to the rest of the Archivists and company to provide some feedback. Should we even bother deprecating this monolithic entry? If not, how can we make it more user-friendly? If so, how can we optimize the workload to make restructuring this mess as easy as possible?

#21153 The Mystical Staff

Posted by MYSTerio on 21 August 2006 - 10:33 PM


So, you've come to hear a story have you?
Well, maybe I can interest you in a tale that goes beyond the time of the D'ni empire and back again.

My story begins with the reign of Guild Master Kadish, he was once one of the richest people of D'ni. he had so much wonderous treasures that they could not all be held in just one age, therefore multiple ages were created to guard the extra. Around the time of the fall, Guild Master Kadish was murdered by an untold gang of theives seeking ultimate power. Now he is nothing more than dried, dead bones gathering dust inside his vault.

Hidden, amongst the crates was one of the most grandest of his treasure ages, Dovah Tsahvahn. This age is so treasured because it is made up of millions of islands drifting through the sky, full of lush and fertile lands. This age also has some strange and interesting features, such as the fact that the age is like a mirror. There is no land except for the islands, all sky. Wierder still, if you were to fall off one of the islands, you would fall through the age to the other side and end up back where you started! Another interesting feature about this age is the fact that on the islands there's gravity, but take one step off and you'll find yourself gliding very slowly through the age. The last thing that is quite profound about this age is that time is a little screwy here! Time in this age can either move quickly or slowly at any time, but that is determined by the age. Not only can it move at different speeds, it can also move in different directions as well, but however and thankfully you're not affected.

But you may be thinking,"So what? anyone can write an age with the proper training just as nice as this one, how is this one so special?" Well, it is one of Kadish's treasure ages with many puzzles, but that's not the point. The point is that this age was used to house one of the rarest items in D'ni history, a staff with untold powers, giving the one who weilds it the power to influence ages and it's people. Yet, in the hands of the unworthy, the staff would only hold destruction to the legacy of D'ni's empire and it's ages.
to make sure only the worthy would be able to use the staff, the great crystal was divided into six peices, each on different and rather distant ages, each one with a lesson and a warning of the staff's untold power.

One young D'ni teenager, Gerahm, has begun this quest after unlocking Kadish's sacred vault and after entering the age Dovah Tsahvahn, was clever enough to crack the puzzles and his journey began as he placed his palm on the book in the staff pedestal, after which he was linked to the first age...

#20829 Hope: Part II

Posted by Naigahsehn on 01 July 2006 - 07:29 PM

Part II

I linked to D'ni, not knowing what to expect there. When I made it there, my jaw dropped. I was standing in what looked to me to be an underground cavern. A large lake loomed ahead, glowing a bright orange that acted like sunlight in the dark. I could see hundreds of islands out on the orange lake; one island, reaching high up into the empty space above, was so large and looked so much like a giant tooth that it frightened me a little. On it I could see, from where I was, hundreds of buildings, lights, and presumably people.
I was on a stone dock of sorts. I turned around, and saw that I was standing in front of a city. Towering buildings of stone rise high up into the dark space of nothingness, just like that island. People were gathering around me now, with puzzled looks on their faces. They looked a lot like me, but more like my father and grandfather. They seemed frightened of me, as I was of them. They don't know who I am, I thought. I don't know who they are either.
A young girl about my age and height stepped closer to me, looking at me and studying me with her blue eyes. She said something strange outloud to the other people in the crowd, but I heard her loud and clear. Of course, I thought, she's speaking D'ni! My uncle taught it to me when I was learning the Art. But it sounded a bit different, like a different accent or something. She said something like "He seems D'ni. But his skin, and his hair, they are different. Maybe he is 'Ahrotahn'." Ahrotahn? What is that? The girl came closer, and spoke to me. "Hello, I am Ta'Kaira. Who are you?". "I am Devokan," I answered in D'ni. "I come from the surface. I came here through a Linking Book". When I said this, she gasped. I don't think she knew I would understand her, I said to myself."You speak our language?" she asked. "Yes, but you're accent is quite different than what I know. I can understand you still quite clearly". She looked dumbfounded. What was so strange about me being able to speak D'ni? Didn't they know that I was D'ni (sort of, I was only three quarters D'ni).
That Ta'Kaira girl. She kept looking at me with her eyes, penetrating inside of me. She was searching me inside and out with that stare, wanting to know all about me. And the others. They were keeping their distance, not moving, frightened of me.
I heard loud voices, and I could see men carrying weapons of some kind running towards me. Oh this just keeps getting better and better. I looked at Ta'Kaira, and I think I noticed her smile (though I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing) as I ran off in the opposite direction of the men. I ran down the streets of the city, and people would stare at me as I did. Some old woman even tried to hit me with a broom of sorts, saying "Get away from me, you Ahnotahn!". What was these peoples' problem?! Why did they hate me so much. They didn't even know me! I kept running until I was out of breath, and even then I kept going on against my body's will. I just had to get away from those men. I would occasionally hear them not far behind, yelling and shouting at people to get out of their way. I thought I could lose them around the next corner, but to my unexpected surprise, it was a dead end. I heard footsteps, and then Ta'Kaira emerged from around the corner. She ran to me, and said something to me. I would have liked to listen to what she said, but I couldn't hear her over the immense noise of those men turning around the corner and blocking our path of escape from us. Ta'Kaira reached for my arm and held on tight. Why was she like this now? I thought.
One man-a guard-walked forward, and pointed his weapon at me. I remembered that the Choorahl Linking Book was in my pouch. I slowly reached for it as the guard questioned me. I didn't really even listen to what he said. He looked angry for me not answering him, and was about to lunge at me and Ta'Kaira right then and there had I not found the Gateway image and placed my fingers on it. There was that sickening feeling of being drawn into the page, and a moment later I was standing in front of my Choorahl shelter with Ta'Kaira still clutching my arm.
She looked around, wondering where we were. "This is Choorahl" I said to her. "It is an Age I've written". She turned to look at me with her beautiful eyes and said what I think she meant to say back in D'ni. "I think I love you. I don't even know you, bu I feel something for you". I was taken aback by this. She loved me? Before I could say a word to her, she kissed me. I couldn't help myself; I closed my eyes and kissed her back. When she pulled away, I looked at her. Under the moonlight, she looked stunning. She had light hair, but not so much like mine as it was a light brown. She had beautiful blue eyes-eyes that could look into me and make me shiver. I think I love her.
We walked together that night along the shore of the island, holding hands. I felt so wonderful around her-so different, and I think she felt the same. Walking back to the shelter, we kissed again. It felt so good when we kissed. I opened the door, and we walked in. We went to bed, sleeping together side-by-side.
The next day, I showed her more of the island. She had never seen it during the day. There were so many things that were different about it. The birds were singing; the flowers were blowing in the wind; the air was much warmer but refreshing all at once; the stream shone under the glow of the sun, reflecting on its surface. I put my hands in the water, cupping them, and brought some water up to her lips. She took a sip, and smiled. She took another, and I did as well. Then, we walked to my 'orchard', were I pulled down a fruit for her from the tree. She liked the fruit, because she asked me for more. We walked up hill to the lake and I showed her the waterfall cascading down the cliff. "Can I take a bath here?" she asked. "Yes," I said. "I take them here, I see nothing wrong with you taking one either". She ran to the edge of the lake, and took off her clothes. I was shocked that she didn't care that I was standing there. "Do you want to come in too?" she asked. I thought about it. Why not? I joined her in the lake, taking in the sight of her and the freshness of the water. She came closer to me. I didn't know what to do. I backed off at first, but when she came closer again, I stayed where I was. She kissed me, and I kissed her back. It felt so strange kissing her in the lake, especially with us being, well, bare.
We got out, feeling clean and refreshed. Using my heavier cloak as a towel, we dried ourselves. Walking back to the shelter, we talked. About what had happened in D'ni, and why the men were after us. "As far as I know," Ta'Kaira said, "They were after you because they thought you were a threat. They were after me, because I stopped them and tried to get in their way". I looked at her after she said that. She blushed. "You tried to stop them, for me?". "Yes". "If I had known you would do that; if I had known it would cause your banishment, I would have given myself up". She turned to me, looking calm, and said "I would have done it anyway". I love her so much, I thought. She loves me too; so much that she would do anything to keep me safe.
Another night went by. Another night we held each other close. The morning came, and we layed there unmoving. After a while, I got up, and she reached up to kiss me. She got up too, and both of us got dressed. We went outside, and began working. I fished and chopped wood; she foraged for berries and picked fruits. When I came back with a half a dozen fish, we both skinned and cut them, and layed them out by the fire which I started. I went with her to fetch some water. When we got back, the fish was ready. We had supper, and afterwords I told her about where I come from. "It's a large village" I said, "It is built into the sides of a cliff. The people there are a lot like me, but a few are different. They have darker skin, and have darker hair. My mother is half D'ni and half Anasazi". "So you are only a quarter D'ni? Or are you half?". "I am three quarters D'ni. My father is full blooded D'ni, my mother is only half". Ta'Kaira took all the information in; a calm look on her face. "I knew something was different about you. When I looked at you, back in D'ni, you looked to me like D'ni, but something else was there too". "Are you okay with me only being three quarters D'ni?". "Yes," she said, "Why would I care whether or not you are full D'ni or not. I love you". "I love you too, Ta'Kaira".
The sun set, and evening grew on, and Ta'Kaira and I went to bed. Tomorrow, I thought, I would take her to the village to meet my family.
In the morning, we got up and dressed ourselves. After our morning kiss, I told her that I would bring her to visit my family. She seemed thrilled. We got together my Linking Books that I planned on bringing home, picked up the Linking Book that took me back to my village, and we linked through as before, her arm clutching my own.
The sun was just rising over the desert as we appeared in front of the waterfall. I took her by the ahnd, and together we walked to my house. Ta'Kaira was amazed by all of this. She never knew for sure what my home would look like. "It is all so beautiful" she told me. "I've never seen anything like it in all of my life". I knocked on the wooden door of my house once again, and my father answered the door. "Devokan? You're back my son!" He came out and hugged me firmly."We've been so worried, your mother and I. Where have you been for so long?" He noticed Ta'Kaira beside me. "Who is this, my son?". "Father, this is Ta'Kaira. She is my-" but before I could finish, Ta'Kaira siad "I am his love. I come from D'ni". My father looked as dumbfounded as I did. "Please, come in" my father said. "Devokan, may I speak with you a moment." It wasn't a question, it was a command.
We walked inside, and Ta'Kaira sat down on a chair in the family room. My father walked into his room, and I followed him. My mother was there, still asleep."Devokan" he said, "I know you are growing older, but do you know about love? Are you ready for such a responsibility?". "Yes, I am, father. I love her, and she loves me. She tried to save me back in D'ni, and then I saved her by linking her to Choorahl. This was three days ago-in Choorahl time. I may have been there for weeks with her in our time". "Devokan, do you really-". "Yes! I love her. I love her more than life. She loves me as well. Please, can't you understand that?". My father's head dropped. He looked sad. He didn't speak for quite some time. Then he spoke to me. "I can see that you would do anything for her. You would even argue with your father" he said, "I want you to be happy, but I do not want you to be rash. Love is very strange. It can be good, or it can be bad. I hope you know what you are getting into". "But you and mother love one another. It's the same thing. I love Ta'Kaira". My father looked sad, but slowly he smiled."Go to her, then. I'm proud of you son, don't ever forget that". I hugged him, and then went to sit with Ta'Kaira. Mother woke up a while ago while my father and I were talking, and she and Ta'Kaira were getting along just fine. I kissed my mother on the cheek, and kissed Ta'Kaira on the lips as we usually did.

#26903 All Guilds Meeting - August 2016

Posted by Guild of Messengers News on 13 August 2016 - 05:20 PM

It's the final 11 days until Obduction and a week since Mysterium, so Myst fandom was strong at this month's All Guilds Meeting.  The raw and cleansed chatlogs are ready for reading, as well as this summary of what went on at the meeting:

Obductee's Hood

Speaking of Obduction, explorers in the cavern have created a hood especially for Cyan's upcoming game.  Enders explained that their drive for new membership is ongoing, and any interested parties should contact neighbors of the hood.  A new avatar is recommended, but not required.

The Lost Art

Zeke365 stepped up to speak for MystiTech Productions, makers of the machinima project The Lost Art.  On behalf of the team, he thanked everyone for their support.  The prologue for The Lost Art, first shown at Mysterium last week, is now available on MystiTech's Youtube channel.

Doobes Read more

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#26085 Hmm...

Posted by Trexon on 07 May 2013 - 01:19 PM

Let's see how many of you remember ME! XD

#26075 [Fanfiction February] Among The Ashes

Posted by Capella on 31 March 2013 - 11:30 PM

He walks in the ashes of nine thousand years, and despairs.

What D'ni hands have wrought remains, and yet no D'ni are there to honor it. The sound of his footfalls bouncing between the buildings is louder than he's ever heard it before, magnified a thousandfold by the lack of the other sounds of inhabitation. Once, the cavern had been full of hundreds of soft noises overlapping each other - footsteps, the brush of fabric, the murmuring of voices, stone against stone as doors opened or closed - forming a continual susurrus of sound.

Now it lies silent, absent of all motion, the only sounds the ones of his making.

He stares across the lake at Kerath's Arch, still illuminated though none have been here to change the lights, and marvels at how solid D'ni engineering is. So much of the city is undamaged and operational, even after a century of abandonment. He wonders how many lifetimes it will take before lights begin to gutter, doors begin to cease to open, the stagnation complete. He fancies that the machinery continuing to operate is the city's last struggles, in the way that a dead animal may still continue to breathe and move for some time.

He wonders if his presence is the last glimmer of consciousness the city will ever know.

- - -

He finds the city at once both familiar and utterly alien. Ae'gura is as he recalls it, even with the damage wreaked by quake, the rockfalls that block stairs or the gaping chasms that force detours. And yet the emptiness of the streets renders them unrecognizable. Now, as he looks over the abandoned ferry terminal, a vast expanse of stone punctuated by spiderwebbed breaks and rubble where once there was a bustling crowd of proud men, he understands.

D'ni without its people is a skeleton without its flesh.

- - -

May we rebuild structures...

He assesses the damage with a critical eye. The bones may be broken, but they can be rebuilt. D'ni engineering has proven superior even to the seismic stresses that shook the cavern uncounted times in the last century. Even the shattered Guild Hall, that center of D'ni supremacy, can be brought back to its glory - in time. But it will require more hands than his own, more time than his life has left to give. It will require the assistance of others in order to live again. He must find others who can restore it to life. He cannot be the only one who lived, who burns with the need to bring light back to the city and rebuild the toppled structures. He merely needs to find others, and then they can begin.

- - -

She wishes him to hear of pride, of greed, of a D'ni that overreached and fell because of its ambition and blindness. She is wrong. She is of the blood that brought them low, an impure mongrel, and yet she claims to fulfil the prophecy reserved for the savior of the people! He has longed to hear words from another person for nearly two centuries now, but now that he has found one, he makes himself deaf to her. She is not the way forward, only a reminder of the mistakes that has felled them low.

She speaks of how others will come, and through them D'ni will thrive again. Grow again. Live again.

He will not hear. Acceptance of outworlders is not the answer.

We will not make the same mistake again.

#21630 "Tomahna"

Posted by Korora on 18 January 2007 - 10:06 PM

As sung by The Stranger
To the tune of "The Model" by Kraftwerk

I'm on Tomahna; Atrus wants to see
If either of his sons should be set free.
He blows out the power and he links to Rime
I get the generator back up just in time.

A bomb goes off beneath me and I hit the ground
I wake come night and Yeesha's nowhere to be found
Atrus is stuck so I must find a way
To save Yeesha and make her abductor pay

*musical interlude*

I search prison Ages for some clues and then
I go to find the grandkids of Gehn
On Serenia where I find her possessed
By her evil brother (Sirrus, just like I guessed).

#21443 Reflections

Posted by E.L. Lockhart on 17 November 2006 - 01:13 PM


Tomahna was peaceful at night, and deeply silent. The desert air hung heavy over the wood-and-glass structures, not quite cool but certainly cooler than the daylight hours. It was cool enough that Yeesha slipped out from her bedroom and onto the small waterside deck below. It was a place where she often came to think when she desired solitude.

Perched on the edge with her bare legs dangling in the water, Yeesha stared up at the stars unblinkingly. She was glad to be home, here in this tiny sanctuary. It was her oasis – both literally and figuratively – and it would always be her home. The few days in Tay had only increased her longing for this familiar place, out in the beautiful desert. She had missed the blaze of the sunrise and sunset, the weight of the air in the afternoon, and her mother’s garden that provided shade and beauty even in the ugliest of surroundings, and these were only the beginnings of her love of Tomahna.

Thoughts clamored at her, demanding attention, but the girl pushed them aside determinedly and focused on the glassy water, where a false night sky stared back at her. The sight only served to remind her of her feelings, of Sirrus’s betrayal.

Watching her brother, Yeesha had once believed that he was an innocent man, a victim of circumstances and the recklessness of emotion. Now she knew that what she had looked at was a false image, the likeness of sanity, the mere reflection of stars in the water. He had only pretended to be reformed, to be loving and caring, but all it had been merely a front. Once there might have been goodness in Sirrus, but in the very end there had been only greed and cruelty and corruption.

One had strayed absently to touch the edge of the memory stone that hung around her neck. Even in the moonlight it glowed, and it had once been a comforting sight. Now it only served as a reflection to Sirrus, and Achenar.

Dear Achenar, who had once given her bones as a gift when nothing else could be found. It had been a fitting tribute, an accidental gift of fate, but neither had known it at the time. He had once given her the bones of a creature, the life of a creature, but now he had given his own bones – his own life – for the chance that Yeesha might live as the creature and he had, once. Yeesha’s father had been displeased at the literal gift of bones, but secretly she had taken them anyway and locked them in her jewelry box. Since coming home from Tay, Yeesha had looked at the little bleached fragments of a life many times, smoothing their surfaces and wondering what creature they had come from.

She blinked tears away and stared at the memory stone in her hand. Briefly she considered dropping the stone into the water and letting the memories wash away as easily as they had come. To be able to forget, once and for all, Sirrus’s betrayal, or Achenar’s sacrifice, or even her mother’s stricken face when she heard that both her sons had passed was a tempting offer. Her father had once told her that the pain from the death of a loved one passes, but Yeesha could not believe him. Not when her two brothers were dead of betrayal and sacrifice. The pain still seemed too real, even after a week of mourning and hoping beyond hope that, in the end, there had been some goodness left in Sirrus.

A great sob erupted in Yeesha’s small chest, and she buried her face into her hands. Her dark hair, released from its tight braid for the night, tangled in her fingers and fell into her eyes, where it grew wet from the tears. It had been so long since Yeesha had cried; she refused to cry in front of her parents, or anyone else for that matter, naming pride and stubborness as her rationale. Privately, she had other reasons, but they were kept hidden away with the tears.

Something stirred on the hillside near the dock; Yeesha realized, after a moment of blinking to rid her eyes of the tears, that it was a small desert bird, perched alone on a bit of earth. The girl wondered briefly what it might think of her, this small ghost of a human crouched beside the water, crying with pointless human emotion. The bird did glance in her direction, but whatever thoughts it had were soon forgotten as it turned back to foraging through the dirt. The memory stone glowed brightly for a moment, and she knew that it had received the memory of this bird on the shore.

This knowledge made her pause. The stone was full of good memories, of loved ones and wonderful times and even daily wonders, like the bird on the shore. How foolish would she be to throw them away, all on account of a sparse few bad memories? Yeesha stared at the stone, still glowing faintly from the received memory, and then finally tucked it inside the collar of her nightgown. Achenar would not have wanted her to throw her life away – for what else was memory but life itself, life in the past that forever lives on? He had given his life for her own, and she had the obligation to keep living.

She may have once carried Sirrus in her soul, but it had been an unwilling burden, one that had been forced upon her by his greed and corruption. Now she willingly bore Achenar in her soul, carrying the sacrifice that he had made for her for the rest of her life. Though he might be physically gone, as gone as the creature that had given its bones for a gift, he was still there with her, present in her very life and soul because of his sacrifice.

The girl stood, tears already dry on her cheeks, and glanced once more into the water at the reflected stars, and then at the bird still perched on the hillside. Her father called her his “Desert Bird” and now the name had new meaning. Hope, courage to live on, sacrifice. She smiled, and started to climb back into her room.

#20765 Path of Destruction

Posted by Naigahsehn on 29 June 2006 - 05:25 PM

"No!" Gehn yelled. He rushed towards his son, Atrus, hoping to knock him over before he linked through his book. Atrus' wife Catherine had already linked into the book, entitled Myst. Gehn could not let his son escape and leave him traped there on Riven. He couldn't do that to his own father, could he? But Gehn was a heartless man, and deserved his punishment.

Atrus stood over a large gaping crack-the Star Fissure. He jumped into its dark depths before his father could grab him, placing his hand on the glowing panel, and linking to the Age of Myst, leaving his Gehn trapped on Riven for all eternity.

Gehn fell to his knees. He was too late. His only son had left him there on that god-forsaken stump of an Age with no way off of it. He cursed Atrus; he cursed Catherine, and with his breath growing quicker, he cursed his mother, Riven, and all the inhabitants that lived there.

More than a year had passed since that unfortunate event occured.

Atrus, Catherine, their first son Achenar, and Atrus' grandmother, Ti'anna, were enjoying life on the peaceful island of Myst.

Giant redwood trees grew on its' western side, complete with a cabin and a generator; a large library, which led to an underground chamber full of rooms and an observation tower lied deep within a tall mountain on its' eastern side. Beside the library was a planetarium, and to the south of that was a large dock and a platform with two giant, black, metal gears. Off to the west of theisland was another, smaller island, fitted with a clock tower with the word Myst written on its face. To the north was a spaceship on what seemed to be a landing pad. All was quiet and beautiful there on Myst.

Achenar, however, was a very emotional child. He had always acted out on his emotions and threw tantrums, hit others, cried, and sulked constantly. The only person who understood him was his great-grandmother, Ti'anna. She had always looked out for him, just as she had done for Atrus so long ago. She told Achenar stories about D'ni before the Fall; stories about her late husband Aitrus before his tragic death. It was during the stories about her husband that she became sad, and then Achenar looked up at her, smiled, then gave her a hug with a kiss on the cheek to make her feel better.

The two of them, they always seemed to get along.

Then Sirrus came into the picture.

Sirrus was an intelligent boy, to say the least, but he was also very bossy and spoiled and greedy. Yes, greedy. He always told his brother Achenar, who was almost five years older, to grow up and to stop crying all the time. He ordered Achenar around and told him what to do since the day he learned to speak. Achenar never liked that, but being already an emotional wreak, he took it all in.

Soon after Sirrus' birth, tradgedy struck Atrus' family: Ti'anna, Acheanrs' best friend and great storyteller, had died. Achenar grieved more than anyone-even more than his father whom was raised by her from his youngest days. He wept over her grave day in and day out, and everyday Sirrus told him to forget her and to grow up. He didn't care about her, Achenar thought. I wish he'd never been born!

Soon after all of this, Achenar did "grow up". He began to hide all his emotions, all except for two: envy and hate. Envy over his fathers' precious, beautiful worlds; worlds Achenar knew he could never write for his own. And hate for all living things; his Father for not being there for him when Ti'anna died, Sirrus for being so bossy, his mother for just not doing anything to help him through all of this, and inhabitants of his fathers' Ages just because his father "created" them.

Sirrus and Achenar.
The two of them were still brothers, no matter how much they fought and argued. Together they helped their father during his wild experiments on, and explorations of, his Ages. Everdunes, Terrel, Channelwood, Selenitic, Mechanical, Stoneship, Rime; all were easily accessed from the library on Myst.

The one Age that the two spent a lot of time on as children was Channelwood. Atrus allowed them to stay there for weeks on end because they were having fun there and were befriending the people of that Age quite quickly.

During their youth, Sirrus and Achenar (though impatient and sometimes a litle spoiled) were just regular children.

That is, until the Black Ships came around.

While on Mechanical Age one day, Sirrus and Achenar came across a group of pirates and thieves that were planning on destroying their fathers' fortress. The two boys joined the pirates after thinking that this would be fun and different from their regular routine.

The pirates called themselves the Black Ships. They flew a black flag with a silver crescent moon and a star in it's centre. They had hundreds of ships in their fleet. Sirrus and Achenar went with the pirates, stealing and looting nearby cities (other than the Fortress) and grew more and more with lust and greed. They started to do in on their fathers other ages as well; stealing from the people of Terrel, and killing the people of Everdunes. Even Narayan, one of the Ages Atrus made to teach his sons the Art, was plundered and nearly destroyed.

And that wasn't all. They started to rule over the Ages as kings. They started to tax, kill, and torture the inhabitants. People whom were once their friends were being killed. Channelwood, Stoneship, Everdunes, Mechanical; all of them were nearly wiped of all human life.

And after all of this, Sirrus and Achenar even took out the Black Ship pirates when they attacked their fathers nearly indestructible fortress.

Sirrus and Achenar became full of pride, lust, greed, and hunger; hunger for power and domination over all the Ages. Their reign of terror was so destructive, so vast, how could it be stopped?

"Finish him!" Gehn yelled as the gallows lowered the helpless man nearer to the sea; nearer to the gaping jaws of the hungry Wahrk. A terrible scream, then a splash, and the Wahrk and the man were gone. "Excellent," Gehn said to one of his Guard nearby. "Soon, those damned Moiety will realize whom they are dealing with". The frightened guard only nodded his head in approval.

Gehn was overlord-no, God-of the Age of Riven. He was ruthless towards all, and even more ruthless against any who opposed him.

And the Moiety; Gehn hated them the most. Ever since his son trapped him there on Riven ten years ago, a group of rebels began to believe that their so called "god" Gehn had no power, but that his son Atrus was a saviour to them. They began to revolt, and fight back against Gehn. They lived in the jungles of Riven, and any Guard of Gehn who happened to walk into their domain would be found the next day dead, with a strange knife in his back.

This knife was their symbol. Its' blade was triangular in shape, and it's hilt was a circle (usually with a glowing firemarble inside), which had a small flat platform welded to it.

#26055 Fanfiction February!

Posted by Capella on 13 January 2013 - 11:35 PM

MYSTCommunity and the Guild of Archivists are working together to organize a fanfiction event. If you've been missing writing Myst, this is a time to change that.

Here's what we know:

-It will be prompt based
-It's history focused
-hosted here on the Guild of Archivist forums
-It happens the month of February

Here's what we'd like input on:

-A list of prompts
-Challenge rules and structure (things like word count boundaries)
-Any awesome ideas you have on how to make this work smoothly

So, who's up for some writing time?

#21025 The Journal of Rova'an

Posted by MYSTerio on 01 August 2006 - 09:03 AM

Na'trienu- 'isoteric' age,
Na'trienu was the very first age Rova'an ever created. As a child, Rova'an would always spend the entire days in her fathers library, soaking up as much information from the books as possible.
Na'trienu is a small island drifting around in the sky. The island is quite small with a few variaties of trees, such as Birch, Maple, a few Pines, etc. Many different shrubs also inhabit the island as well. The island has a small oasis on it with rivers extending to the edges of the island as water runs off creating huge waterfalls. A few species of animal such as foxes, hippo's, and a strange species of jaguar also inhabit the island.
There is also a small hut built on the island. Inside the hut are a bunch of odd devices used to warp the age. The hut uses a frequency device hooked up to an ultrasonic laser on the bottom of the island to activate the shift on the age.
Around the entire age are streams of twinkling lights which the island will occasionally pass, reaching from the ground of the age into the sky. these streams are the most incredible thing about the age because the age is always changing(kind of like Ahnonay) and these streams are what causes it all. When the age is ready to shift it will flip inside out pointing all the streams at each other creating a energy build up at the center of the now inside out age. After that the energy becomes too unstable and the core erupts in a time warp sending out a shockwave over the age forcing it back into it's original shape with everything changed, but the hut is always there. Although with this strange kind of action, the age itself remains strangely stable.

#20828 Hope

Posted by Naigahsehn on 01 July 2006 - 07:27 PM

The Story of Devokan

Note: D'ni, Ae'gura, and all other Myst-related names, places, etc. are a product of Cyan Inc., and not myself. Thank you.
This story does follow the D'ni canon to some degree-it does not, however, actually happen in the historical accounts of D'ni. I've just made it up.


There was a story, passed down in my village for generations. It told of a mighty people who, after coming to this world and settleing deep beneath the Earth, noticed that the shafts used to bring fresh air from the surface could not support their growing numbers. So their king, Ri'Neref, tasked the workers of the Guild of Miners' and the Guild of Stone-Masons' to widen the shafts and install large fans.
When their task was complete, the workers and guildsmen returned to the City. But their numbers had decreased. The king grew worried and asked the men what had happened. They said that a few workers had moved up the shaft, and had either found their way to the surface or died. The king didn't know what to believe. Later, a small search party was sent to locate them, but they returned empty handed. The lost workers were presummed dead.

It has been more than one thousand years since that happened. Those workers-my ancestors-did indeed make it to the surface. My family met a tribe of Ahrotahntee-Others-and decided to live along in harmony with them. My family had been a wealthy one in D'ni. They had been not only a part of the Stone-Masons' Guild, but my great-great-great-grandfather Tso'Jahrah had been a part of the Writers' Guild as well. He knew the secret Art of the D'ni. He made a constitution to himself and to the rest of the family that day they surfaced form the shafts that he would teach only the eldest of the next generation the Art, and that that child would then teach it to the next eldest within the next generation, and so on.
That way, he thought, the Ahrotahntee and other D'ni workers who made it to the surface would not abuse the Art, and the Art would be kept safe.
My great-great-grandfather had learned the Art from Tso'Jahrah, who then taught my great-grandfather. He taught my grandfather, who then went on to teach it to my uncle Gartenar. I am the next to be taught the Art, though I didn't know it at the time. I am Devokan-'Hope'. My mother believed me to be a gifted child, that one day I may help my people. This is my story.

Part I

"Devokan," my uncle said. "Come with me. I have something I must tell to you alone, in private." I nodded my head in approval, and followed my uncle to his home just down the cliff.
The village I grew up in was a large one, built into the face of a large cliff face. The houses were made of stone, adobe bricks (clay), grass, and wood. Ladders were used to reach the different levels of the village. A stream was near enough to the village that we had plenty of water-a waterfall even fell down the cliff face in the centre of the village and flowed down hill to feed the stream. There was very little trees around the village, and the wood we did have was given to us by trade from another village far up in the mountains. The people of my village were split into three unique peoples. The first had dark hair, tall, and had tanned skin. The second was paler, and had many hair colors of various brown. And the third had mixed charachteristics of the other two.
I was tall for my age, with a slightly tanned pale skin, blue eyes, and had curly, dirty blonde hair. My uncle Gartenar had thick black hair, was reletively short, and had pale skin.
"We're here" he said as we came to the front step of his house. His house was built nearer to the stream and was much farther down the cliff than mine."Please, go to my study" he told me. "I will meet you there in half a minute". We walked inside, and he turned down a small corridor to my right and went off down a flight of steps. I, on the other hand, walked straight ahead from the entrance and came to a wooden door. It was open, and I stepped inside and sat down on one of my uncle's wooden chairs. The room was small, but cozy. On the farthest wall, to my left, was a set of shelves built into the rock wall-the room itself was in the cliff itself. There were no windows, only a small chandelllier of sorts overhead. It was unlit. The room was lighted only by the sunlight penetrating through the entrance door, which was kept open. A desk of stone was in the room as well, and on it were animal hides, papers, and books. I picked up one of the books and peered inside. Blank. I checked another. Blank as well. I looked inside all of my uncle's books-all of them were blank, except for one. The writing was beautiful, almost like a design of some sorts, but very alien to me. I couldn't make out a single word.
Gartenar walked in. "Devokan" he said, "I have something to tell you". "What is it?" I said. "You know the story of our people-you know the legend of the D'ni, correct". "Yes, but it is just a story for the young children to fantasize about". "Oh how wrong you are, young one, how wrong you are". Devokan was taken aback by this. But I thought it was just a story. Gartenar reached out to pick up the book I had just looked at a moment ago, and skimmed through its pages to make sure it was the right one. "This, Devokan" he said to me, "is a Descriptive Book. I've been working on it for quite some time. Don't look so confused," he said as he noticed my face looked extremely flabbergasted. "It is a skill, passed down by the eldest in each generation of our family". "But what does this have to do with me?" I asked, though sort of afraid to discover the answer. "You are the eldest child. I was too, back in my youth. I learned the Art from my father, and now, I must teach it to you". Devokan did not know what to say. He wasn't quite sure what the "Art" was-he had only heard stories. But he had always believed them to be false. But now...
For the next few days, I visited my uncle. There, in his study, I was taught the basics of the Art. I, surprisingly, caught on quikly. And though I had my doubts, I grew more and more to like the lessons.
Almost a year later, after all my lessons were complete, I created my first Age-Choorahl (D'ni for "Learning"). A celebration was held that night with my family there. "Oh my son," my mother said to me,"I am so proud of you". She kissed my cheek, and I felt very embarrassed, but loved none-the-less. My father Aidiesh gave me a firm embrace, and said he too was very proud of me. Then my uncle Gartenar stepped forward, and called for attention. "Devokan," he said, "come here. I have something I must give to you". I walked forwards; all eyes upon me. My uncle gave me an embrace much like my father had, and turned to the others. "We are proud of your accomplishments, Devokan. You're heart, mind, and soul has enabled you to learn, and learn you have". He picked up Choorahl, and opened it to the gateway image near the back of the book for everyone to see. Then, he turned towards me once more, and handed me Choorahl and three other books. "This book is called a Linking book" he said as he gave me the first, "it will allow you to return home, here in the village. Do not lose it. This other book," he said, "is a Kornee'ah-a blank book. Use it to write a Linking Book in Choorahl and bring it back. This will be used to link to your Age-the Descriptive Book will be placed in my study for protection". Then, he gave me the last book. It was worn, and very fine. The cover was aged, and when I opened it, the pages were quite old. "This book," he announced not only to me but to the others, "is also a Linking Book. But this book will lead you to D'ni". My family all looked awed at this, and some even gasped. I didn't understand what was so awesome about that old book. "You cannot use it here," Gartenar said to me, "for a Linking Book cannot work right within the Age it was written in. Take it to Choorahl, and use it there if you want".
I looked at my family-my mother and father, holding each other close; my mother crying a little as she waved her farewells. I smiled back at her and father, opened the Choorahl Book, and faded away in a sudden lurch. I felt drawn into the pages themselves. The next moment, I was standing in my Age. The sky was black and lit up with countless stars-it was nighttime on Choorahl. I headed off to explore the Age.
From what I know and have seen here, Choorahl is a large, round island. A giant pillar-like mountain rises up from it's centre and penetrates the clouds high above. Forests of deciduious trees-oaks, elms, birches, and maples- grow throughout the island, along with the occasional pine. A stream, fed by a small lake at the mountains' base, flows out to the sea from the centre of the island. The lake is fed by a giant waterfall, which falls from the tall peak and billows down into the lake at it's base. The air was clean and crisp with a cool spring breeze that night. Out in the heavens, I see two moons-one small and bright white, the other larger and a duller hue. It is almost exactly the way I invisioned it when I wrote it.
I found a small cave near the foothills of the mountain, and fell asleep there. It was a comfortable size, and I was so sleepy from the celebration earlier. I would explore the Age more thoroughly tomorrow.
When I awoke, I emerged from the cave well rested. I had an idea for a shelter, and I scribbled it down in a blank journal I had in my pack (I brought a few of them so as I could use them to just scribble down notes and sketches of my Age for future references). When I finished writing in my journal, I walked to the stream and took a long thirst-quenching taste. The water was so fresh and clean. It had an almost sweet taste to it, like honey of sorts. I took more mouthfuls of it until I had my fill, and then resumed my explorations.
I walked around the entire western side of the island (atleast, I believe it was the western side). The day went by so fast-quite literally. The small, yellowish white sun of Choorahl crossed the sky in, only what I can guess, must have been ten hours or less. The days were just naturally shorter here, I thought. I had made a few quick sketches in my journal of different plants I had encountered that day, as well as a few notes on some animals I had witnessed in the forest. There were many birds big and small, a variety of flower-loving insects, an occasional small furry creature high up in the limbs of the trees, and once, I had seen a larger creature that reminded me so much of a coyote from home.
As the sun set and evening approached, I made my way back to the cave I had slept in the night before. I bundled myself up in a spare cloak I brought with me, and fell asleep. I was so hungry that night. I noticed some fruits and berries in the forests throughout the island-some not that far from the cave. I even remember seeing some fish in the stream. Tomorrow, I thought to myself, I'll forage for food and try to catch a couple fish.
The sounds of a howl in the early morning woke me up quite frightfully. I got up, fetched a basket from my pack (my mother, father and I had packed a few essestials for my excursion a few days in advance when I told them about my Age before the ceremony). I went to the clearing nearby where I remembered seeing the fruits and berries and found them there waiting for me. I knelt down beside a berry bush and started picking as much as I could and put them into my basket. I ate a couple here and there as I picked them. They were sweet and sugary, almost like the water, but with a bit more flavour. They reminded me so much of blueberries me and my mother used to pick out in the mountain passes back at home. My mother. She must be worried about me.
When I had foraged as much as I could carry, I returned to the cave. I placed them in there, and had ate a few more before I went out again. I had to go out and catch some fish. I'm so hungry! I grabbed a stick as I made my way to the stream. I took out a small stone knife from my pocket and whittled the end of the stick down to a sharp point. I'll be eating fish in no time. I came to the edge of the stream, and found a school of salmon with a first glance. I waded very carefully into the water, trying so hard not to scare them away. When I got near enough as I could without scaring them away, I jabbed my stick into the water. There was a lot of splashing and thrashing, and I got soaking wet, and more than half of the school swam away, but as I emerged from the water I held my prize-three large, shining salmon. I did it.
I ran back to the cave, put the fish down on my soaking wet clothes (which I took off so as to let dry for later), and ran out into the bush to find sticks and tinder for a fire. In about an hour, I had a fire going, and in about half an hour I was skinning and cutting the salmon, and about half an hour after that I was enjoying my meal y the firelight as the sun set. The salmon was delicious, and for dessert I had a few more berries. Atleast I wouldn't starve here, I thought as I ate my well-earned meal. After the meal, I put the fire out and went to bed.
The next morning, I started to write the Linking Book that would return me to this Age. I chose the area just outside the cave as my point of return. It took me the whole day, and half of the night, but I managed to finish the Book. I gathered my belongings together as I planned to return home the next day. I was taking everything back with me-even the leftover food. I couldn't sleep that night, as I waited to link home when the sun rose.
The light of the sun shone over the eastern horizon a few hours after, and I put my hand upon the gateway image. Another lurch forward into the page, and I dematerialized just like before . I rematerialized in the village, near the waterfall facing out towards the desert. I ran home to tell my parents that I was home. I went through the door, and when they saw me I was greeted just as I had expected. My mother smiled and grabbed me up into her strong arms and hugged me. "My son, oh how I missed you so." "I was only gone a few days mother." I said."Son," my father said to me as he gave me a firm hug. "I am still proud of you. I want you to tell me all about your adventure". So we all sat down and I told my parents all about Choorahl. I showed them my journal with all the sketches and notes."Oh, I almost forgot" I said while we talked. "I brought some food back from Choorahl. I want you to try it". And so my mother tried the food first. She fell in love with it almost instantly. Then my father tried it, and with a smile on his face, said to me "Devokan, I haven't tasted anything like this before. It is so sweet and delicious".
Later, I went to visit my uncle. I knocked on his door, and he opened it. He smiled and said "Devokan, I did not know you had returned. Did you write the Book?". "Yes, uncle, I did." I handed it to him, and he looked it over. "This is most impressive, Devokan, most impressive." He handed the book back to me. "Keep it with you, and take care of it. Go back and write more if you must. Here," he said, running inside and returning with a pile of books."Use these. And take this aswell. It's another Linking Book back to the village. I want you to make a couple copies of this as well, so you can have them just in case." I was happy to recieve the Books from him and thanked him. I returned home to tell my parents that I would be leaving for Choorahl again soon, and I went to pack more utensils. I packed another basket, a watertight bag for carrying water in, a few inkwells, a couple pens, a few pairs of clothes, a blanket for keeping warm, and a hatchet and hammer so I could make that shelter I had scribbled into my journal before.
Two days later, I was back in Choorahl. I began work on my shelter almost immediately. For the next few days I worked hard cutting and shaping wood, and also had to forage for more berries and fruits. In the end, I had a small cozy shelter built over the door of the cave. It added a lot more space to put my belongings. It was atleast one story high, with a wooden door large enough for me to enter without any problem. The shelter also had adobe bricks and stones to strengthen it (I had found a large deposit of clay nearby, near the stream). It reminded me of home slightly. In the cave, which was located behind a leather hide which hid the door, I built a small bed of thatched wood and long reed-like grass, and I built a make-shift bookshelf to place my journals and Linking books on.
I rested for a whole day after working on the shelter. That night I spent my first night in it, but of course I slept on my bed in the cave.
In the morning I started working on the writing more Linking Books to Choorahl. I would bring them home later, and keep one or two here for safe keeping. I wrote them much faster than I had written the first. I had some fruits for supper that night. These fruits were different than the berries-they were larger, and grew on certain trees. They were a light pinkish orange, and had a furry appearance. The stem was thin, and the few leaves that came down with it when I picked them were small and pointy. The fruits were even sweeter than the berries, too. I planted the tiny seeds that I found in near it's centre.
I had explored the entire island by now. I knew almost every clearing, every tree, and every animal's nest and den by heart. I had spent over a month there on Choorahl. I was growing used to it, and even started calling it 'home'. I loved it there. But after so much time spent there, I grew tired of it a little. I wanted something more-something different. Then I remembered the book that my uncle Gartenar gave to me. The one that he told me to use when I was here. The D'ni Book."I think I'll link to D'ni tomorrow" I said to myself.
The next morning, I gathered a few things I thought I'd need- a journal, a Link back to Choorahl, some berries and fruits, and a waterbag. I pulled out the D'ni Book. I skimmed through it's aged pages, finding the Gateway image near the back of the book, placing my palm against the page and feeling that sickening jolt as I linked to D'ni.