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Help Topic: Warning System

The warning system allows the moderators and administrators to easilly track problem users and what they've done to cause trouble. Users are able to see only their own warning level.

All members are able to acrue 5 warnings before their account is banned from the site. Warnings are issued in 20% increments up to and including 100%, and all members start with a warning of 0%. Infractions of the rules are cause for being warned by a moderator or administrator (users cannot warn each other). Minor infractions and mistakes are not likely to earn you warnings, so there's no need to fear posting "just in case" you trip up on something. However, repeatedly and/or intentionally breaking the rules of this website are grounds for warnings.

If a user is given a warning, they will receive a message through the Personal Messenger system explaining why the warning has been issued. If the user feels they have been warned in error, they may petition an administrator to have the warning removed. If the administrator does not grant the petition, the issue is closed and cannot be further contested. Any user who continues to protest against an issued warning will be issued another warning.

Depending on how many warnings a member has received, certain actions may be taken against their account:
  • 1st Warning: PM sent
  • 2nd Warning: PM sent, user warned that additional violations will result in more serious action
  • 3rd Warning: PM sent, user's posts put on moderator approval for 2 weeks
  • 4th Warning: PM sent, user's account suspended for 2 weeks
  • 5th Warning: Email sent, account banned permanently

Warnings may be issued for any of the following:

- swearing
- spamming
- flaming
- tampering with the forum and website software to disrupt service or access for other users
- bypassing forum and website security measures
- arguing with the staff on site policy
- serious spamming
- serious or regular swearing or vulgarity
- serious or regular flaming
- racial, religious, or sexually-oriented slurs
- other Code of Conduct violations

Please note, tampering with the website software or bypassing the security measures of this website will result in your account being banned IMMEDIATELY. This ban is not contestable.

Please note that for 99.9% of the people here, this will have little application, as the staff here at DPWR is not warn-happy. Only intentional infractions of site policy and violation of the Code of Conduct will result in warnings being issued. We are not out to get anyone, and this system is in place strictly to preserve the current environment and protect the members here from problem users and trolls.

Last updated: 3/26/2004