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Help Topic: Library Help

As you've no doubt noticed, the Library has gotten a much-needed and complete overhaul. It is now displayed independent of the forum, though the stories are still stored in the same database, so your exsting stories are still there.

There are several new features available now, though some won't become apparent until the new system settles in. The administrators will be combing the database for old stories and bringing them up to date with the new system during the weeks after the re-launch, but new stories will be ale to take advantage of these features immediately.

Controlled Storytelling - Your story is yours and yours alone now. Unless you specifically choose to start an open-type (Round Robin) story, you will be the only person capable of adding new content to your story. You can do this by clicking the "Add to Story" button at the top-right of your story page. If you are participating in a round-robin story started by someone else, this button is available for you to use as well.

Nested Comments - The Writers Ring Library now supports nested comments. Anyone who is a member of DPWR may post comments and feedback on stories as they always have been able to; the only thing that has changed is how the comments are displayed. Each section of a story can be commented on, so if you thought the flow of part 2 was start-and-stop, you can comment directly on part 2 of a person's story and it will appear beneath that segment rather than at the very end of the topic. By default, comments are hidden from view to allow for unobstricted reading. Clicking on the "X Comments" link in the red bar beneath any story segment will unfold the comments for that portion of the story. You can also choose to reply using the "Add Comment" link in the same bar.