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Help Topic: DPWR+

What is DPWR+

DPWR+ is a subscription-based service which enables members to help support DPWR.NET's operation costs. As a thank you to those who join DPWR+, we will be offering access to new features to subscriber members, some of which are available exclusively though DPWR+.

How much does DPWR+ Cost?

DPWR+ is available in three different packages: 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. The cost for each package is as follows:
  • 1 month: $3.95
  • 3 months: $8.95 ($2.98/month, save $2.90!)
  • 12 months: $19.95 ($1.66/month, save $27.45!)

Please note that these subscriptions will auto-renew at the end of their term unless you cancel them.

Can I try it for a month and see if I like it?

Yes. DPWR+ has a 1-month non-recurring trial package for those who want to see if you like it before subscribing on a recurring basis. To subscribe to the trial, simply select the "DPWR+: 1 Month Trial" option in the Subscription window. To prevent abuse of the trial, it is priced the same as the recurring 1 month subscription rate.

What do I get by subscribing to DPWR+?

DPWR+ is currently in the formation stages, but at present, here's what you can expect to get by subscribing:

Standard MembershipDPWR+ Membership
100 Messages in PM Storage250 Messages in PM Storage
100 KB Personal Photo, 250x250 resolution150 KB Personal Photo, 350x350 resolution
100 KB Per-post upload cap150 KB Per-post upload cap
1 User Gallery, 25 images3 User Galleries, 30 images per album

As a DPWR+ Member, you will also have access to some new features as they become available, which will be exclusively for DPWR+ Subscribers. One currently-planned feature is a personal blog space, but more ideas are always welcome and we are very interested in hearing what you feel would make subscribing worth the money.

How do I sign up for DPWR+?

DPWR+ is currently only available to those members who have a PayPal account. To subscribe, go to your "myHome" page and click "Purchase Paid Subscriptions" in the "Account Features" section (or just click here) and follow the on-screen instructions. If you choose to pay by credit card, your card will be billed to "DPWR" according to your statement.

Will I lose the ability to use features I already have access to if I don't subscribe?

NO! DPWR is very solidly against punishing its users for being friends and visitors here on the site. Current members do not have to worry about losing access to feaures they can already use. DPWR+ will add new features which not everyone may be attracted to, but we are dedicated to maintaining a powerful and full-featured account for members who do not wish to subscribe to DPWR+. We really cannot stress this enough, so once more for good measure, everything you could do before DPWR+ was created, you will still be able to do, no exceptions.

We recognize that perhaps one of the surest ways to frustrate people is by removing access to something they've been using for a long time, and while it may make good business sense to do this on the assumption that people will pay for what they once got for free, we don't subscribe to that notion. The community is what keeps this website running, and to keep the community strong, we need to provide a strong free experience for all users.

Will I get banner or pop-up ads if I don't subscribe?

NO! DPWR is also very much against the use of advertising, and we feel it has no place on this website. Members who choose not to participate in DPWR+ will never have to worry about banner ads (or worse, pop-ups) hijacking their experience. We are dedicated to running a site without ads, and we are not in any way in danger of having to resort to them.

How can I request a feature or give feedback on DPWR+?

To request a feature you would like to see in DPWR+, provide feedback on the service, or ask a question, feel free to start a topic in The Lounge or send a PM to Alahmnat (the admin in charge of DPWR+).