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Help Topic: Control Panel Settings

Your control panel is your own private command console. You can change how the site looks and feels as well as your own information from here. You may also control other elements of the website which are unique to your account (such as your user gallery and your DPWR+ subscriptions).


View Albums - Here, you can create, edit, delete, and preview your personal member gallery on DPWR. You can also upload images from this location.
View Favorites - If you clicked on the '+ Favorite' link when viewing an image in a Gallery, the image will appear here where you can access it quickly and easilly.


Please refer to the help file titled 'Personal Messenger' for more information.


This is where you manage the topics and forums you are currently tracking. Please see the help file 'Email Notification of new messages' for more information on how to track topics and forums.

Edit Profile Info

This section allows you to add or edit your contact information and enter some personal information if you choose.

Edit Signature

A board 'signature' is very similar to an email signature. This signature is attached to the foot of every message you post unless you choose to check the box that allows you to ommit the signature in the message you are posting. You may use BB Code.

Edit Avatar Settings

An avatar is a little image that appears under your username when you view a topic or post you authored. You may either choose from the board gallery, enter a URL to an avatar stored on your server or upload an avatar to use. Avatar images will be re-scaled to fit proportionally in the allowed dimensions. It is important to note that the actual file size in Kilobytes will not be altered.

Change Personal Photo

This section will allow you to add a photograph to your profile. This will be displayed when a user clicks to view your profile or on the mini-profile screen.

Email Settings

Hide my email address allows you to deny the ability for other users to send you an email from the board.
Send me updates sent by the board administrator will allow the administrator to include your email address in any mailings they send out - this is used mostly for important updates and community information.
Include a copy of the post when emailing me from a subscribed topic allows you to have the new post included in any reply to topic notifications.
Send a confirmation email when I receive a new private message will send you an e-mail notification to your registered e-mail address each time you receive a private message on the board.
Enable 'Email Notification' by default? will automatically subscribe you to any topic that you make a reply to. You may unsubscribe from the 'Subscriptions' section of My Controls if you wish.

Board Settings

From this section, you can set your time zone, choose to not see users signatures, avatars and posted images.
You can choose to get a pop up window informing you when you have a new message, and also choose your display preferences for the number of topics/posts shown per page on the board.

Skins and Languages

If available, you can choose a skin style and language choice. This affects how the board is displayed so you may wish to preview the skin before submitting the form.

Change Email Address

At any time, you can change the email address that is registered to your account. In some cases, you will need to revalidate your account after changing your email address. If this is the case, you will be notified before your email address change is processed.

Change Password

You may change your password from this section. Please note that you will need to know your current password before you can change your password.