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Code of Conduct

Welcome to The Guild of Archivists
While you are here, we ask that you follow a few simple house rules designed to make everyone's visit more pleasant. Since membership on this website requires you to have accepted these rules upon registration, ignorance is not an excuse if you violate one of them.

Leveling Up
To combat the abuse of our software by spammers, new users have a several restrictions placed on their accounts. Participation in the site through posting and discussion is the only way to remove these restrictions. After you have made 5 posts, you will be able to make modifications to your user profile and have greater access to the private messenger system.

Prohibited Behaviors
Members who post on The Guild of Archivists are expected to behave in a mature fashion. Posting, linking to, or advocating any of the following is prohibited:
  • Pornography (or other adult content)
  • Illegal activities in the United States
  • Piracy or the use of software cracks
  • Ethnically, sexually, religiously, or racially offensive material (slurs, etc.)
  • Swearing (even when masked with other characters)
  • Flaming or harassment of members, violence against any organization or individual, or posting the personal information of an individual without their express permission
  • Platform (Mac/Windows), political, or religious arguments
  • Spamming
Registering multiple accounts is not permitted. If you have forgotten your password, please use the Lost Password Recovery tool to reset your password. You are also allowed to change your display name once a month without creating a new account. If your account has been suspended or restricted, registering a new account will be cause for both accounts to be banned permanently.

The Guild of Archivists Staff reserves the right to remove content deemed offensive which falls within these bounds, or as otherwise deemed inappropriate. If you see someone posting material of this nature, please report it to the moderators and let them handle it.

Penalties & Warnings
This website has established a system for warning individuals upon violation of this Code of Conduct. Warnings operate on a points-based system. Generally speaking, each warning you receive is worth 1 point, but moderators may issue additional points depending on the severity of the infraction, up to and including an immediate permanent ban. Points will gradually expire, depending on the type and severity of your infraction. Moderators may issue permanent points for serious rules infractions.
  • 1 - 2 points: You will receive a notification warning you about your behavior and informing you that you've been given a warning point.
  • 3 points: All of your new posts will be placed into a moderation queue for a period of 1 day from the time the warning is issued.
  • 4 points: You will be prohibited from posting for 12 hours, and any new posts after that time will be placed into a moderation queue for 2 days.
  • 5 points: You will be prohibited from posting for 3 days, and any new posts after that time will be placed into a moderation queue for 5 days.
  • 6 points: You will be suspended for 7 days. New posts after that time will be moderated for 14 days. You will also be permanently placed on probation; additional infractions will automatically bump you back up to the 4 point mark, even if your points have expired to bring you back below that point.
  • 7 points: You will be suspended for 14 days, and your posts after that will be moderated for 1 month.
  • 8 points: Your account will be permanently suspended.
If you have any questions about this system, or feel that you have been penalized unfairly, please send a private message to one of our moderators. A full list is available here.