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  1. Amazing! I love it, post more! The only thing I'm not sure of is how could the bahro link to D'ni by choice? Did their master also go to D'ni? I really love your idea though. The whole living underground thing reminds me a lot of the relyimah in BoD.
  2. That sounds great! "Life of the Least" sounds like a nice name. I can't wait to read it!
  3. *moietay:)

    Old Woman, The

    Appears In: BoA Race: Age 37 When Gehn took Atrus to his 37th Age, Atrus stayed in the house of the old woman. She fed him, provided him with a bed etc. It is unknown what her name is, Atrus simply referred to her as the old woman.
  4. *moietay:)


    Race Averonese Appearances Myst: The Book of D'niAllem was a young girl from Averone. She, along with the other children of Averone, was being educated in the D'ni culture by Marrim during the time that Atrus and his companions worked to restore the D'ni civilization. One night after class, Allem expressed her desire to help Marrim with the restoration effort when she was older, though it seems she never got that chance, as the restoration was abandoned only months later.
  5. Garternay: Er’maya was lying on the grass, looking at the sky. The dark and beautiful sky, spotted with tiny stars. Somewhere those stars were suns, providing life for a planet. Somewhere. Somewhere in the distance- way in the unseen distance- was Garternay, his home. His beloved alani. The only place he loved more than this age, T’tlarlin. “Er’maya, you must come.†His sister, Arila interrupted his thoughts. “Father has something that he would like to share with us.†The two children strode to their father’s study. He had not been se
  6. This is a song about the fall of the D'ni and Ti'ana. It is to the tune of jingle bells. Going through the rock. Dont know where I am. Full of wonder and shock. Hungry for a Yam. Veovis becomes evil, Because he meets A'gaeris. Together they destroyed D'ni, And made everybody nervous. Oh! Ti'ana, Ti'ana, your not wanted here! Go away come back someday and then you'll here us cheer! Oh! Ti'ana, Ti'ana, your not wanted here! Go away come back someday and we'll put you in a jail thats near!
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