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  1. I think all three would work (translated into an equivalent d'ni gesture, naturally). Though I would find "Yahvo protect me" ("yahvo areeuhenah zoo") the most plausible...
  2. I see your point, though I think something more religious might be in order... I don't really know how religious the d'ni were, but it would make sense to counter something "religious" (demon) with something else religious (i.e. Yahvo). Or something like ".kam tretagamij teh yavo" (what in the name of yahvo). Just a thought
  3. Good idea. I never thought of that (probably because I speek "emergency" d'ni, so I could understand it)...
  4. Hmm, well, actually you might be right after all, that was the first line in Atrus's prayr But then again it is possible he intended to write it like "I am D'ni's Atrus"... I dunno. I think you should just ignore what I said and stick with what you have. Or maybe post on the guild of linguist's board, they would know what to do here EDIT: After doing some more reading, it seems teh would be "with" in this case. So it is between "D'ni's Escher" and "Escher with D'ni", so I think you were right after all. Oops, sorry
  5. I hate to be pedantic, but isn't that what myst is all about? Anyways... I think teh would fit this better. You want "Escher of D'ni", not "D'ni's Escher", I think. Anyways, I loved it
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