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  1. Hi Al et all, As promised, here I am to do my small bit for the Guild. I can work on the following: Citations Proofing Revisions Adding Images I can work pretty independently, once I know where to start. So, if someone can point me to that starting place, I'd be happy. I've looked about, but it's not intuitive, so I need a small walk-through. I'm happy to get on a chat or skype for a short instruction session. My schedule is pretty flexible for a while. I'll check back for responses. You can also pm me on the MOUL forum.
  2. I am unable to commit much until mid-October, but I would take a turn at the panel when/if needed. In the meantime, I'm trying to keep up with all the forums and new developments.
  3. Yes, I get it. Can't say it back to you either, Blade, but I get it. Guess that's all that counts, eh?
  4. I saw your post on MOUL, Alahmnat Guild of Fine Artists, p3, near the bottom I do think I get what some of the issue is regarding this being the place where the Storytellers are housed. It has to do with the public and open nature of the forums and posts themselves, is that it? It sounds like you want everything here to be transparent to the public, and of course artists of like mind need a place to talk amongst themselves in private. So, the questions is (sniff, sniff, stick-chin-out) where can we go (again) to set up shop and stay? I don't need to know what surprise anyone else is planning for their story, nor do I plan to reveal all of my surprises. What I would really like, though, is a place the "surprisors" can be and talk about "theoretical surprises and techniques thereof" with each other. We can each still take our turn on the panel if we are eligible, and still help here with this and that task. Tweek, if you will locate the Guild of Fine Artists close to the Archives, that might help. (Don't ask me to explain that, lol) I don't know why the storytellers have to be subsumed under any other group, but then again, I don't object if we are. I can understand why we wouldn't want to read yet one more forum. Still, even within storytelling there can be many divisions. The forum could be fairly small or it could become huge. There's really no way to tell right now. But, I guess if we are bound to move again, now would be the time to do it. edit: I went back over to the GoFA, the GOW, CCN, and around to other forums. None of them feel right at the moment. Only this one does. I still can't explain why -- it's hovering above my head where I understand it but can't reach it with my left brain so as to put it into language. I do, however, think it has to do with a term known as substance. There is substance here. Part of that exists on the space, part of that is the group that gravitated here so quickly. I feel like I'm in a familiar old place, and all I have to do is get back to work.
  5. Thanks Horatio. One of the good things about being here, the information we'll likely need is here, too. To add my two D'nari(i) to the choice of symbol, I think part of it should be a key. Because we all know that story is key.
  6. Alahmnat and others may jump in to clarify this issue, but it's my understanding that Archivists are not storytellers but reporters of the story. Although the Guild of Archivists has been charged with monitoring for continuity, the story is being written by others. So I would say this is not the "storytelling place to be." Donahoo is correct, the GoA's primary official responsibility in MORE will be to approve story-related content, not create it. That said, I have no problem with people utilizing the resources here on DPWR to plan and discuss their storytelling projects (the Studio Floor forum is a good place to get started), and I also have no problems with story tellers collaborating with Archivists to develop stories before submitting them to the FCAL panel to ensure that they're as compliant as possible before starting the review process. However, planning conversations on the forum will be publicly visible, so you may not want to go into too much depth there (PMs are private, but obviously that limits group planning to groups of two). I don't know the full extent to which Tweek is planning on supporting story development through the Guild of Fine Artists, but I suspect that they may be a better resource for planning and discussing story, and the GoA would be a better resource for referencing existing material (up to and including direct collaboration with Guild members not presently serving on the FCAL panel). In the interests of ensuring ease of development, we may eventually provide a resource to storytellers with cursory information regarding approved stories and plots in much the same way as I believe GoMa is intending to provide a catalog of approved and in-progress Ages being developed. This story listing would obviously be as light as humanly possible on specifics and spoilers, and may be implemented in a viewing-restricted format to ensure that the general Cavern public will remain unspoiled, while other storytellers can see what's being worked on and possibly adjust their own plans accordingly before they submit a FCAL application and end up having to do re-workings at a later date (when it's harder to change plot elements) to ensure that they don't create major contradictions. Again, though, I'd have to work with Tweek to figure out what he plans on doing about storytelling development in the GoFA, and see if this is something he would rather provide through that Guild. It's early days yet, and there's a LOT to be worked out. I'll see if I can get Tweek to weigh in over here with his thoughts. Alahmnat, I'm glad you are so agreeable to the landing of this lot. I especially like the ideas in the last paragraph. As a RL historian, I want to say that I very much disagree that the storykeepers are separate from the storytellers. In every ancient civilization I've ever studied, the storytellers were the storykeepers. Look at the Icelandic Eddas, for example. The most revered people (the old people, btw) were those who "kept the records;" the stories, the history, the legends -- because they kept the memories (and in their heads, too). None of those were separated from each other until the late Middle Ages. Medieval Monastic Orders (Cistercians) used storytelling to teach members their way of life. Native American history is part of their stories. Even the history of all three major religions, of Rome, of the United States -- these are all stories BTW, 'twas a conversation with Ruby-O that caused that realization to "pop" into my little pea-brain. History is story. To me this is the exact place the storytellers should be. Since the term "writing" was used for age building, and since there has been no mention of even an association/guild/society of storytellers, I've wandered about looking for a place to stop and put down roots. CCN and Crew is great fun, but the "place" has a personality that is not to everyone's taste. This is the place for anyone. I am happy to help take the workload off of you Alahmnat, if it means I can help the storytellers (and keepers) build the home they envision this could be. If not, we darned well deserve a Guild of Storytellers.... Anyway, I am also interested in what Blade asked about Explorer Canon and crossing storylines with other explorers. I agree it makes each story more interesting if it is done well and seems natural. My Aunt Dolly called me yesterday from the White Mountains in Arizona. She's glad to hear about the Cavern and would be happy to add that gas station to her list of places to stop on her way down. I look forward to seeing how all of that that gets worked out.
  7. Most of my questions were answered left and right, but I did manage to think of somethings to ask. Although Chogan has picked up some of where RAWA left off, so I may have been too late anyway. Doesn't really matter too much, I'm positive at least 2 dozen other people have the same questions, and at some point they will all get answered. There's a lot I can move forward on already.
  8. I have also been wondering how to fit a long and complex story with multiple lines of its own into the D'ni environment without ever encroaching on canon. Yes, the characters can always remain a bit vague, and yes, speculation about D'ni history could always come from the character strictly as speculation, but after a while that gets old. What I want, and what I think many explorers want, is the very thing we are feeling restricted from writing, and that is more of what RAWA calls "facts." Working at CCN was and is great fun because we can let the characters react in the way they would react to the situation at hand. No worries about canon because they used what existed and what we created for them had little to do with canon. Still, I'd like to get involved in something more extensive, and not only on my own, but in group collaboration. I very much enjoyed knowing the other members of the group so well that my character could just say what came to mind and it fit the situation so well it elicited an appropriate response from another character. At any moment that whole cast of characters could pick up where they left off (and they just might, lol) And on that note: As far as the guild-wars-as-fodder idea, I very much agree. I'm just wondering how Cyan will fit this new war into the canon. Hmm, maybe that will be the first group proposal to be submitted. "Dear Cyan, We have a storyline we'd like permission to write. It involves several guilds, tools and resources, something that looks very close to medieval scholastic licensing, and those few masters of cavernology who want to make sure they have a voice in your decision-making process regarding who will be involved in your decision-making process. It looks very much like a repeat of both the D'ni Guilds power struggles and Medieval Guild power struggles (particularly when the Mendicant Theologians were established in the University of Paris, much to the consternation of the Secular Masters of Theology). We think it would still be a compelling storyline because you knew when you wrote the original story that we probably wouldn't learn from the past. You were right, we haven't. We need to tell the story yet again. And do understand that if you make a decision in this matter and then make a new one without consulting us which is your right to do, we will be sure to trounce upon those newly enabled to take action because of your current decision. If you wish them to survive (or at least work in a comfortable environment), you would, of course, be certain to consult us first. Your loyal and ever obedient servants, The Guild"
  9. I haven't been around much anywhere since MOUL closed so I could finish my dissertation before it reopened (no, I didn't know it would, but just in case it did). I've done the heavy intellectual lifting, and am a bit more free to do Uru things. Right now I have fewer opinions on the policies for storytelling than I do storyline ideas, but I'm sure that will change as I keep up on the dialog. As I can I'd like to help with some of the archiving, too. It may take a while for me to be very active, but I'll start with what I can do.
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