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  1. Um, I wasn't able to post at the story itself, so I'll post here. I really like it, but I think it needs more dialouge. That is really my only suggestion, great work
  2. I hope they make it available to people who don't have much talent with 3D.
  3. Are you reffering to the Cross-like symbol Catholics (I make the distinction because I'm Protestant) use, or the actually Cross? I think maybe something along the line of "Yahvo protect me" or something like that. I just think that on first seeing a Bahro, you would'nt go up and say "hello, I'm Lego Addict, would you like to come to my Relto and have tea?".
  4. Maybe the D'ni might have something that's supposed to protect them from bad things. For instance, the Catholics (please don't get mad if I'm wrong, I'm not Catholic...) do a thing going from shoulder to shoulder and down (I think it's that... could someone correct me if I'm wrong). Maybe the D'ni had some kind of word or phrase.
  5. Well... I don't think that I would tell something I believed to be a demon my name... It's just a little illogical. If you see a beast, and you are obviously frightened out of your wits, then first nature would not be to say "Oh hello, nice to meet you, my name's Ecsher.".
  6. That was truly awsome! Though, I think that you should do something like they did in BoT, where they would have the D'ni phrase, and then the english phrase following it in italics, as follows D'ni phrase. D'ni phrase in English. Just because not many people know D'ni, and I really have to many languages on my plate right now to be adding another (I speak fluent Englsih (duh), emergeny French and I can hardly put two words together in Latin, so I have too many languages I'm learning simultaneously.) The translations would be welcome.
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