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  1. Hi Godot, and welcome to the forum! Sorry hasn't been much activity here lately, so if you're looking for any feedback or interest, you might want to post this on a more active forum like the Myst Online Uru Live Forums. Either the "Creativity" or Spoiler Free Discussion sub-forums might work and get you some good feedback. Thanks for creating the calculator, I'm pretty sure there will be some folks interested in it.
  2. Oh good, because I had been trying to come up with a symbol from scratch....and not doing very well either. :boot1:
  3. RAWA has posted some guidelines/information on fan created material on the MOUL forum. Quoting part of the post... LINK TO ORIGINAL POST ON MOUL FORUM. edited to add #2 item.
  4. oh. I saw the asterisk, but there was nothing to explain what it was for. okay...nevermind...i'll just enjoy the easy-to-read format on my own. :runs:
  5. Actually...something i just found out now ....if you go to the main forum page, scroll down to the bottom, on the left is a drop down to select a skin for the forum. The hard-to-read skin is DPWR Live, but i tried the one above it, and it is very clear and easy to read.
  6. Welcome to DPWR Sebz! You can also find information at the following locations: D'ni Linguistic Fellowship The Guild Of Linguists (no longer updated, but many useful links)
  7. Sounds interesting! Yes, please post (in the MRED forum) when you have a chapter to share!
  8. As far as I know, Until Uru is the only one that allows fan age-building, to some extent, and only on certain shards. There is an entire section on this at UruObsession...be sure to read the main thread from GrayDragon. LINK HERE. One of the sites/groups that have worked on some additional material for the Until Uru game is Cobbs. Oh, and....Welcome to DPWR!!
  9. It looks good to me...well written and detailed.
  10. [h=1]Playing Myst Masterpiece[/h] Moving Around: Moving around in Myst is incredibly intuitive. You move by clicking the mouse where you would like to go. If you would like to move forward, click straight ahead. If you want to turn right or left, click on the right or left side of the screen. When the pointing hand (cursor) turns left or right, it indicates that clicking will turn you in that direction. It also may be possible to look up or down in certain locations. In some locations, clicking to the side of an object will move you back one step. Some locations are not accessi
  11. Nice story so far...looking foward to seeing more.
  12. Very nice! P.S. If you don't mind, I'm going to move this thread to the MRED Writing Submissions section. It will be better showcased there.
  13. Is there not an option to click on, for lost passwords? If you want your old nick, try clicking on that option (should be showing in the login page)...if you still have problems, go ahead and PM Alahmnat and let him know.
  14. That was great Anne! Excellent work on the graphics...love that navbar at the bottom of each page! You've done such a wonderful job in preserving a very special part of the Myst fan history. Bravo! :happy:
  15. Appears In: Uru Location: Phil's Relto Bookshelf returning... it is odd being here again after losing myself i don't feel like part of this, and yet i feel like i am here for something odd this restoration is not right it's not that it's wrong just that it will only rebuild not restore rebuilding is about slicing and fixing on the outside rebuilt trees make fences and walls restoration is about growth and life on the inside restored trees make fruit and shade she is making sure that the tree has begun to grow again ________ what is d'ni? what is this
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