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  1. Chapter 3: Ahnorehm Gerahm linked into Ahnorehm and didn't really notice anything strange about it. It was a huge valey made of mostly stone with rivers running through it. Of course the age isn't as normal as it seems. The water in the age is actually lighter than the air, so a waterfall would flow up into the sky instead of off the side of a cliff and the fish in the age sometimes get caught in them. Gerahm had to find the crystal somehow. While exploring the age, Gerahm found colored pearls in the water of six different rivers that seemed to combine into one at the end of their line. that river burned off into a waterfall, a huge waterfall! The waterfall was so big you could fit a person inside it. This made Gerahm think, if fish could get caught in the currents, why couldn't a human. Gerahm stepped into the waterfall and started rocketing upwards. The falls were so long he couldn't hold his breath any longer. He exhaled and breathed in some of the water, but nothing happened. It was the he realised he could breath the water in this age! Gerahm thought he could get used to this. The waterfall ended in a giant sphere of water where millions of fish were swimming. he could feel a gentle current pulling him toward another river in the middle of the air. it was in the shape of a tube and it went somewhere just past the valley. Gerahm took this river chute and it swirved him and twirled him and sent him into a lake in the secret half of the valley. Gerahm walked out of the lake and into the valley. There was a part of the lake that was really dark, so dark you'd need a lamp to see what you were doing. There seemed to be a stem-power system of sorts, but it needed two thing before it would work; one, it needed to have a working pump since the one it had was broken, and two, there needed to be a heat source. There were some tools and some spare parts in a cave by the lake, so fixing the pump was a no brainer, but the heat was another story. In the cave were a few vents with hot air passing through them and huge tubes hanging over them. Gerahm was supposed to lower all three, but different switches for the tubes made different things happen to the adjacent tubes. Gerahm noticed that with the left-most tube that it would move the right-most tube, the middle tube would affect the right-most tube, and the right-most tube would affect all the tubes. The leftmost tube was already down and so he picked that one, then the middle one, then the right-most one. suddenly, the steam-generator sprung into life! The dark part of the lake light up revealing a secret cave. Gerahm swam through the cave to find the final puzzle. There was a door with a Nara lock and could only be opened with the right combonation. There was also a pool of water with something shimmering beautifully in it. Gerahm reached into the pool and pulled out a key. "I wonder what this opens?" thought Gerahm There was a rock in the center of the cavern floor with scratch marks on the floor as if something could be moved there. Gerahm tried to pick up the rock, but it only went up to a certain height and stopped with a loud clank! "I'll try something..." said Gerahm Gerahm twisted the rock to reveal a safe hidden beneath it. "I knew it!" screamed Gerahm with excitement! But the excitement ended rather quickly when he saw that the lock was rusty. Gerahm also noticed a small oil lamp on the ground, maybe it was still full of oil? to Gerahm's releif, there was some oil left in it. Gerahm carefully poured the oil onto the lock and put in the key he found, he turned the key and the lock clicked open. inside was another journal with the name 'Aven' on the side. Gerahm read the journal to get some insight, it read: "I have been here for many days now, trying to crack this Nara lock, I've made a little make-shift home out of this cave protected from anything that may wish to attack me. Kerian says that we need that staff to fulfill our great plan. As a member of the Shadow Travellers, I greatly admire his ideas and leadership, and I will always remain true to him, even at his passing. That staff allows the user to influence all ages and it's people, it also gives the user a longer lifespan! But, in our case, it can also be used to destroy life as we know it, remove a persons soul straight from their body! Such power nearly in our grasp and I can't get this dang lock opened, but when I do...nevermind, back to work!" "I have succeeded! the combonation is in and the lock popped open, better write down the lock combonation just in case I need to return, the Combo is 3-5-2." "hmmmm, that's strange, the ink is still wet!" said Gerahm Gerahm goes over to try the lock combo and manages to open the Nara lock. The crystal is gone and a linking book is open back to Dovah Tsahvahn. Gerahm links on back to try another link. when he gets back he looks at the links and places his palm on the one that links him to Gor Gahth...
  2. Chapter 2: Crossroads Gerahm fell through the page into Dovah Tsahvahn, the age of possibilities. He came to notice how time always seemed to change in that place, from Fall to Winter, then back to Summer. There seemed to have been someone here before, there were a few human footprints all over the place. "the murderers must have been here!" thought Gerahm,"I'll find them and make them pay!" The footprints seemed to be going in a specific direction, not just wandering around the age. Gerahm followed them for what seemed like a while when they finally hit a dead end at the edge of the island. "well that's just great, it's impossible to get to where I want to go without falling off the island!" thought Gerahm to himself. He looked up and saw a strange bridge dangling by the trees. If only he could get up there. Suddenly, a strong breeze blew by as time changed again, blowing Gerahm off the side of the island! Although he was falling, it didn't seem so because there was sky there, and Gerahm kept 'falling' for some time untill he could see an island. He plummeted for the island, but seemed to slow down as he got to it. When he landed he was on a balcony. "How's this possible!" Gerahm asked himself, "I fell from up there and landed back on the island I started from". Gerahm was puzzled and awed by the magnificence of this age. Now on the balcony, Gerahm continued along it until it came to the edge of the island with tiny little islands floating around. They were far apart, but Gerahm knew that if he went for it, he'd just end up back here. He tried to jump to the first island and started floating around! Gerahm was amazed, and now he could jump from island to island. There was a second big island in the middle of nowhere with nothing on it but a big tree and a hut. The hut contained a boiler and a safe; the boiler couldn't be used without matches and the safe couldn't be used without the combination. There was a peice of paper lodged in one of the wooden planks in the floor, but Gerahm needed something to retreive it; luckilly, there were a pair of tweesers on the table by the boiler. Gerahm slipped the tweesers between the planks and pulled out the peice of paper. The peice of paper had the numbers '9-1-5' written on it. Gerahm tried the numbers on the lock and the safe swung open. inside were the matches Gerahm needed to light the boiler and an old journal. Gerahm wasn't the nosy type, but this day was far from normal; he opened up the journal and began to read through the old pages. The journal read: "The five Guilds have finally come to accept a place to hide the secret staff. This island is the only age that would be best suited for the staff's protection. This staff is meant to take great security, for it holds the past and the future of D'ni. there has been an ancient clan of renegades that call themselves the Shadow Travellers. they have been after this staff for over centuries, but they still do not know that the keys aare our amulets. the sacred crystals are hidden in other protection ages, the links can be found in the treusure room but must be unlocked first; that is why they need the Guild leader's amulet. these amulets are passed down from one Guild Master to the next and there's also the emperor's amulet which unlocks the final age. Keep the staff safe, if it should fall in the hands of the Shadow Travellers who knows what they'll do!" "So now I know Kadish's murderers!" said Gerahm, looking down at his amulet,"and posessing this thing puts me in danger!" Gerahm starts the boiler and hears a crackling sound outside. he looks out the window and sees the tree rising! he goes outside to get a closer look at it. while looking he sees soam light shining against the ground around the tree, and it starts to shine brighter as the tree rises. A doorway begins to emerges in the tree as it rises, so Gerahm hops inside. The 'tree' continues to rise with Gerahm in it and all of a sudden stops! "There's nothing up here!" exclaims Gerahm, "maybe I was supposed to go all the way down?" Gerahm notices a button on the side of the door. when he presses it, the elevator drops, when he releases it, the elevator begins to rise again. Gerahm pushes the button again, keeping his finger on it so the elevator will just go down. The elevator stopped and Gerahm stepped out. He was in the treasure room under the hut. At the center of the room was a pedestal with a strange staff on it. There were five medalions stuck in the pedestal and five linking books in secret compartments in the pedestal. there was also a cavity with a round shape at one corner where another medalion should be placed. Gerahm took the medalion from his neck and placed it into the cavity; it fitted perfectly! there was a rumbling sound for a few seconds, but it diddn't look like anything much happened. Gerahm left the medalion there anyway, it seemed to belong there. Gerahm used one of the linking books in the secret compartments. The one he chose linked to an age called Ahnorehm. He put his hand on the panel and let the link pull him into the page...
  3. Chapter 1: Secrets Gerahm, a young messenger who is about eighteen, is on his way to Guild Master Kadish's house. In his hands, a package of great importance from the Guild of Writers. Not sure of what is in the package, but quite eager to send it to Guild Master Kadish without delay as he wants to keep his outstanding delivery record. When he finally reaches Kadish's house he notices something odd, Kadish is not there to greet him. Gerahm was puzzled, he would've thought that a package of such high importance would've actually meant something to him and coincadentaly he might be waiting at the front door. Another thing that Gerahm found strange was the fact that the front door was left open. Growing up in D'ni, Gerahm always learned never to intrude on private property, Especially a Guild Master's, But this just made his curiosity grow. He entered the House and quietly shut the door. There were no sign's of Kadish anywhere and so he explored the entire house. In the bedroom, he noticed the matress sticking out at one corner, so he moved the matress off the bedmass. In the bedmass was a small compartment with a book in it. Apperantly, the book was used not so long ago. Now getting tired of carrying the package around, he was now more eager than ever to hand it over to Kadish. So he placed his hand on the book and linked to the world on the other side. When he linked just outside of the vault on Kadish Tolesa, he noticed that the vault door was opened. Gerahm thought that Kadish may be inside the great vault, in fact he was. Gerahm stared into the vault with awe as his eyes scaned every gold coin, every thing of value in sight, until something caught his eye. By a pedestal, on the floor he saw a boot. It was Kadish's boot, Gerahm hoped that it fell off his foot. No such luck, the boot was followed by a leg, then a torso, then two arms and a head. Guild Master Kadish was dead, murdered! He was stabbed through the heart and his guild medalion was stolen. there were sign's of struggle as some of the pots were broken, one of them was bloodied. Now with worry, Gerahm decided to take a peek at the important package. It was a report about some strange robberies going on with the other guilds. The report goes as follows... "Guild Master Kadish, your attention is required as this report contains information that may well put you in danger. A strange ring of roberries have occured in the other guilds in the city. Four out of the five guilds highest members have been attacked the following week and their medalions have been stolen. the theives seem to be aware of the secret treasure that you have locked away on our guard age you created for your special treasures. Also, if their after the medalions, this means that they also know they are the keys to this ancient force. How they found out we do not know, but this means your in danger too as you are the fifth highest guild member. Make sure they don't get the medalion, if they get their hands on the Staff who knows what they'll do!" After Gerahm read the message, he looked down at his own medalion. His grandmother gave it to him before she passed away. the medalion had a D'ni star on it with a book in the center. Suddenly, Gerahm sees a shimering light out in the corner by a bunch of broken crates. Down on the floor was a linking book that was used not too long ago. Then, as he kneels down to touch the book he swears to avenge Kadish. He then places his palm on the panel and lets the link take him to the treasure Age Dovah Tsahvahn...
  4. Prologue So, you've come to hear a story have you? Well, maybe I can interest you in a tale that goes beyond the time of the D'ni empire and back again. My story begins with the reign of Guild Master Kadish, he was once one of the richest people of D'ni. he had so much wonderous treasures that they could not all be held in just one age, therefore multiple ages were created to guard the extra. Around the time of the fall, Guild Master Kadish was murdered by an untold gang of theives seeking ultimate power. Now he is nothing more than dried, dead bones gathering dust inside his vault. Hidden, amongst the crates was one of the most grandest of his treasure ages, Dovah Tsahvahn. This age is so treasured because it is made up of millions of islands drifting through the sky, full of lush and fertile lands. This age also has some strange and interesting features, such as the fact that the age is like a mirror. There is no land except for the islands, all sky. Wierder still, if you were to fall off one of the islands, you would fall through the age to the other side and end up back where you started! Another interesting feature about this age is the fact that on the islands there's gravity, but take one step off and you'll find yourself gliding very slowly through the age. The last thing that is quite profound about this age is that time is a little screwy here! Time in this age can either move quickly or slowly at any time, but that is determined by the age. Not only can it move at different speeds, it can also move in different directions as well, but however and thankfully you're not affected. But you may be thinking,"So what? anyone can write an age with the proper training just as nice as this one, how is this one so special?" Well, it is one of Kadish's treasure ages with many puzzles, but that's not the point. The point is that this age was used to house one of the rarest items in D'ni history, a staff with untold powers, giving the one who weilds it the power to influence ages and it's people. Yet, in the hands of the unworthy, the staff would only hold destruction to the legacy of D'ni's empire and it's ages. to make sure only the worthy would be able to use the staff, the great crystal was divided into six peices, each on different and rather distant ages, each one with a lesson and a warning of the staff's untold power. One young D'ni teenager, Gerahm, has begun this quest after unlocking Kadish's sacred vault and after entering the age Dovah Tsahvahn, was clever enough to crack the puzzles and his journey began as he placed his palm on the book in the staff pedestal, after which he was linked to the first age...
  5. Romelder- 'space' age Hada'an always had a love for the universe, so Rova'an created the age Romelder as a wedding present. Romelder is a fascinating planet age with a giant ring around it a nd has not one, not two, but five moons. It is made up of millions of small islandsdue to the planets lack of any solid surface, meaning of course, there's another sky where the ground should be. Another significant part of the age are the storms. Since there are two skies and the only landmass is in the air, the lightning strikes in both directions, at each other and at the floating islands. One of the larger islands has a small house on it. The house had a bed, a kitchen, and a small telescope in it.
  6. Dimantius- 'thinking' age Written by Rova'an's husband, Hada'an, as a wedding gift because he was aware of Rova'an's love of books. Dimantius is an island with only an expansive library on it, Filled with any book you can imagine. The library not only contains the expansive knowledge of the D'ni and their ages, it aso contains an expansive array of linking books separated from the others in a sort of Linking room. The library also contained a quarters for personal usage, containing a bed, a personal library shelf for fresh new linking books, a cupboard containing hundreds of blank books, a desk with a quill, an ink pool, and a journal off to the side, a nara safe in the wall, and a balcony to overlook the age. The linking room is secured with a combination lock in the wall with a Nexus symbol on the bottom, and the written code is locked away in the nara safe only accesable by a key in Rova'ans posession. Once the code is entered, the Nexus symbol will light up indicating the Linking room activated. The linking room contained linking books ranging from Amateria to Voltaic and beyond.
  7. Na'trienu- 'isoteric' age, Na'trienu was the very first age Rova'an ever created. As a child, Rova'an would always spend the entire days in her fathers library, soaking up as much information from the books as possible. Na'trienu is a small island drifting around in the sky. The island is quite small with a few variaties of trees, such as Birch, Maple, a few Pines, etc. Many different shrubs also inhabit the island as well. The island has a small oasis on it with rivers extending to the edges of the island as water runs off creating huge waterfalls. A few species of animal such as foxes, hippo's, and a strange species of jaguar also inhabit the island. There is also a small hut built on the island. Inside the hut are a bunch of odd devices used to warp the age. The hut uses a frequency device hooked up to an ultrasonic laser on the bottom of the island to activate the shift on the age. Around the entire age are streams of twinkling lights which the island will occasionally pass, reaching from the ground of the age into the sky. these streams are the most incredible thing about the age because the age is always changing(kind of like Ahnonay) and these streams are what causes it all. When the age is ready to shift it will flip inside out pointing all the streams at each other creating a energy build up at the center of the now inside out age. After that the energy becomes too unstable and the core erupts in a time warp sending out a shockwave over the age forcing it back into it's original shape with everything changed, but the hut is always there. Although with this strange kind of action, the age itself remains strangely stable.
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