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  1. I think that players ask the question, but generally poitnedly look the other way on it. Mostly because Cyan hand-waves that part of it as well, and seems content with it.
  2. We can note flags in the docs themselves until the site can support it in terms of flags and such. I think we need to sit down and decide how we are handling some of these things conceptually and then worry about forum/archive implementation.
  3. I'd like to be in on this. However, I think that there needs to be a lot of discussion with Cyan on story aspects of the FCAL process before the Archivists can effectively do their job in this respect.
  4. I always like the encountering people from another Age sort of thing. I just like worldbuilding, so designing a culture is always a fun thing for me. I don't think it'd run afoul with RAWA's guidelines, either - provided that contact with the D'ni is not a part of their background. (Well, I could see an argument for contact with some D'ni - a rogue Writer, etc. But not major sanctioned contact - that'd creep into off-limits areas, I'd think.) There's a lot to work with in that kinda of scenario. There is a long history of first contact stories in fantasy and science fiction. And introducing
  5. The Archive here is an excellent resource. MystLore is also an excellent resource.
  6. I'm strongly on the other side of the fence on this one. I think that the dynamic story is what gives Uru its unique flavor. It has not done a lot to address the issue of universal gameplay in Uru, no. However, I think that has more to do with the delivery method and how it was handled instead of the concept itself. The primary gameplay in Uru is passive - delivered content. It's also centralized - content comes from Cyan and trickles down. In that model, then there is always a deficit. However, if Uru is set up to support content in both top down and bottom up modes, then you can make it w
  7. One of the ways you can categorize story in Uru is by static vs. dynamic. Static story is passive. It' is made up of set pieces - places, history, cultural artifacts (the D'ni language, etc). One does not so much interact with these things as one explores them and learns them. From a development perspective, these are more traditional projects. History isn't that different from a traditional narrative. Art is made in the traditional way, etc. Static story will probably need an FCAL to be considered 'canon'. Dynamic story is story in motion, and resembles role-playing. This is interactiv
  8. The paradox of D'ni in the real world is always going to be there. There's no reason why, if the government knew about D'ni, that they wouldn't exploit it like crazy. And I mean exploit it in all senses of the word - using resources, experimenting on linking books to make discoveries in physics, etc. The fact that the greater world does not know about D'ni seems baked into the universe. RAWA's comments seem to indicate it's just a direction Cyan doesn't want to go. So, yes, magical realism by your definition fits right in. People get used to things, no matter how fantastic, unless they are
  9. This is a running list of projects, storylines and organizations for expanding canon or alternate universes that are out there. Please post corrections, suggestions and additions so I can update this list. Background D'ni Musicological Research - recreation of D'ni musicD'ni Language Restoration Project - project to expand the D'ni language. Collaboration with RAWA and the D'ni Linguistics FellowshipD'ni Zoological Society - the D'ni Zoological Society has taken up the task of naming, photographing and classifying the myriad plants and animals in the ages of D'ni.The Lara Documents - Restor
  10. This is a running list of places for IC interaction for Uru. If you have additions or corrections, please post them. Official Places to be IC officially sponsored or approved by Cyan DRC Forums - Official Cyan site for IC stuff Canon-friendly Places that are not official, but are for interaction based in the Uru Canon D'ni Explorer's GuildUruBlogs - collection of IC Blogs. Individual blogs may or may not be canon-friendlyUru Obsession IC Forum - note that may not create additional 'character accounts' for this forum. Please read the In Cavern Guidelines. Non-Canon Places that aren't
  11. As far as your own characters go, if it was acceptable in MOUL, I don't see why it wouldn't be acceptable in MORE. The other players will decide for themselves whether your characters are believable and reasonable. Until we see specific problems that are serious enough to address, I'd rather let these kinds of things work themselves out. If you have a character that "dies" and then shows up in the Cavern again a week later, the other people are just going to write you off on their own. If you're seeing an obvious problem here that I'm not thinking of, feel free to enlighten me. This,
  12. Some of this comes down to presentation. If you say the Age is the only place where the Caterer's got <insert specific plant/ingredient here>, then that is likely to be contradicted. If you say the Age is one of the places where the Caterers got <insert specific plant/ingredient>, then you'll probably be fine. The point of "self-contained" is to avoid contradictions with things Cyan or other Writers release. A project like Ahra Pahts would be fine, since it is self-contained, even though different areas within it are created by different people. No. Others groups in D'
  13. Clarifications by RAWA A Writer is limited by the fact that countless Ages on the Great Tree will match any given description, and the normal Writer (unlike Yeesha) has no control over which of those "matching" Ages his/her Book will be tied to. So while they will link to an Age with similarities to Myst Island, it won't be close enough to be considered an "instance" in the sense of "instances" that were seen in Uru (where "instances" were, for all intents and purposes, "identical" rather than just being "similar" to one another). This goes back to the age old question "If two Writers wr
  14. RAWA posted guidelines for Official Story/Age Creation on the MystOnline forums. I am reproducing them below, as well as questions he has answered. I'll update this list as needed. Let me know if I missed anything or if the post on MystOnline has been updated and this one hasn't.
  15. This is a list of terms for dealing with story and the fiction of the D'niverse, designed to give people a common ground for discussing things. Some are commonly used, while others are suggested for use. This list will change as needed, so check back from time to time. Comments, suggestions and critiques are welcome. Artisitic License - Areas where Canon contradict the Myst games and novels, usually due to technical or logistic concernsBig 6 Guilds - The Guilds that have been in some way recognized as official by Cyan: Archivists, Cartographers, Greeters, Maintainers, Messenegrs, WritersC
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