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  1. Quiller, I am unaware of any areas where we are missing articles or they are too short, but feel free to look up articles/topics that interest you and add to or edit them. Perhaps though you have found this page listing our current projects. The ones that have their planning complete are ready for you get started on. I would recommend fixing the duplicate king journals as it is the least likely to be affected by a site upgrade, which Alahmnat promised long ago. The people and age sidebars are thing I am most interested in, but Al said that the software upgrade would make that easier, so yo
  2. Hi Quiller, Welcome to the Guild. I am around here sometimes, but, these days, I think GOA is dead or at least in a coma. We had some benefits in our heyday of being build on the shoulders of one man, Alahmnat, our dear Grand Master, but he has not been seen or heard from in six months. I lack the technical means, authority or really even the desire to take over. I will though try to pop in more over here. Let me know what you need. If you are really excited about our mission I can point you towards some things you can do. Maybe your zeal can reawaken mine. Also, PMing me here sends an e-ma
  3. My KI number is in my signature. It's 00214606.
  4. I am away from my computer most of this weekend and will miss the All Guilds Meeting, but thank you for the invite. As far as October and joining your recruitment drive I need to speak with my Grand Master, Alahmnat. As an individual and an Archivist I am free to do a great deal, but things which effect the Guild require his council. It is especially important that I talk with him as he has mentioned plans for software improvements to the site which may change some of how archiving is done. I want everything ready before we start recruiting new Archivists. Your plans for change sound bold
  5. Mr Wheeler, I remain. As GoA has failed to revive with MOULa, despite my efforts, I have drifted away from URU. That said, I would be willing to put on my long robes again and wander back into the stacks. Let me know what activities you would welcome my participation in or at least keep me in the loop, either here or by PM. Horatio
  6. Horatio252


    Seret is a neighborhood which can most easily be distinguished from [article=Bevin] by its lamps. Seret has moth lamps while Bevin has hand lamps. To those unfamiliar with the history of the restoration of the Cavern, Seret seems to be a variation on Bevin as opposed to a distinct type of neighborhood. Seret is the second neighborhood opened by the DRC in their restoration efforts. While the first wave of Authorized Explorers were assigned to Bevin, later Authorized Explorers were assigned to Seret. Current explorers are assigned randomly to neighborhoods which are similar to either Bevin or
  7. Since DPWR is probably a secondary website check for most people, you probably saw this thread, but if not check it out. The major guilds and all groups are having a weekend (bi-monthly?monthly?) where they will be hanging around in Kirel to talk with explorers about what they do. I don't think we have enough Archivists to make a schedule for someone to be there representing us all the time. Still, I encourage us to think about trying to be there as much as possible. This can be a good way for us to get in-game exposure for our very OOC guild.
  8. The Guild of Archivists now has a hood. We have moth lamps, so it's a Seret style hood. We also have an Eder Delin book. It's a public hood, but no doubt liable to fall off the Nexus list. Feel free to contact me if you want an invitation or if you want to join.
  9. Once you find the thread you will notice that I encouraged him to join or partner with SAPS, but alas, people with new ideas tend to like doing their own thing. Perhaps Monkeyboy and I are guilt of this too. Instead of working within existing groups or partnering with other larger or similar groups we struck off and did our own thing. Did you see this thread where SoDK and DRAEC discussed how they were different? Not so funny was seeing Keffren try to trump DocOlanA as having preeminence to the idea. Anyway, I worry that on the lore side the explorer community we have too much disunity. I
  10. I was over on the MOUL forums and saw this thread. I posted this: I want some feedback from you as to whether teaming with and supporting the University of MYST is a good idea. Again I don't know what that means specifically, but it is the kind of thing I wish we were doing. I was thinking early today about what the guild could do IC and my first thought was these teaching kinds of things. The last thing I want though is to act in anyway like an empire claiming dominion over other people projects which fall with in our "manifest destiny". "Partnering with" "affiliated with" "with the s
  11. Friends, Archivists, Visitors, like the the archive we tend, our Guild is still here, if a bit dusty. As with other groups, the closing of the Cavern, followed by the dwindling progress on MORE had slowed activity here, but with explorers returning to the Cavern I hope that we will renew our vigor. Our ranks are yet thin, but our work is not. To those who have called yourselves archivists before, renew your activity. To those who are friends of the Guild, please join us. To those who are visitors and new explorers, we welcome you here. You may wonder what we do, or what you would do if y
  12. Trexon, your idea is most likely to comes up against the third rule: You cannot reveal new information about Tomhana or about Riven. I really don't see this idea working no matter how much you try.
  13. Marten, I finally wrote that story I told you I was thinking about based loosely on your "first contact" idea. It shows another way this "first contact" idea could play out. Check it out here
  14. This story is based on a live story idea that Marten posted here. This story raises the question, it does not answer it. --------------------- I received an e-mail today from one of the Writers, named Beth: Dr Monroe, I need your expertise in the social sciences. I wrote an Age and, well, there are people on it. I don't know what to do with them. Can you please come by my office tonight so that you can see them. Beth Beth was a graduate student at the University, but over in the Biology department. We had served
  15. [h=1]Society of Anthropologists, Psychologist, and Sociologists[/h] Established: September 2007 CE [h=2]Mission statement:[/h] To expand our understanding of D'ni, its people, its culture and all people and groups effected by it through anthropological, psychological and sociological study. The Society of Anthropologists, Psychologist, and Sociologists, often abbreviated SAPS, is a group dedicated to analyzing and explaining what is known about D'ni, its people and its culture through the perspective of the social sciences. They will also examine connected cultures, both Written an
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