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  1. Okay, I get it. You want me to take my tinker cart and get on out'a here. I did. I moved the darn thing over toTweek's GOFA parking lot. When he opens the gate to feed the cats, I'll rush right on in, before he notices the dust left by my tracks. You on the other hand aren't getting off so easy either. I intend to stay put here too. (As a former member the Students of D'ni Knowledge) and the bakers of the Kirel Baked Treats & Fruitcakes, it is my intention to remain close to the source of research. I need to be sure my stories are not causing canon alarm. There is no better way to learn than to learn while making judgments about other explorer's work. The guild (other than the GoM) who is going to be the most distressed I've decided to stay will be the Guild of Writers. Thanks to Tweek's (average Joe explorer) "I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE AN AGE IN BLENDER, AND IT WAS READY IN A WEEK!" I decided to purchase 3dsMax. It will no doubt take me a coon's age to learn it, but I am actually enjoying the pursuit. Now I just need to make some cross connections with my old storytelling, or should I say situation setting up buddies, and off we go. If it is even 1/4 as much fun as it was last summer, it will be great times and a great education to boot. Thanks again for even entertaining the notion of offering the not really I/C and not really OOC crowd out. It's always dangerous to do so.
  2. yep, Tweek, got any room(s)/pubs/libraries/shafts/broom closets at the Inn? I m not too picky at this point, or beggars can't be choosy or don't punch a gift horse in the mouth. If I stick to Clichés I won't confuse myself further.
  3. I disagree that there is a conflict between creating Story and being an Archivist. I mean, no one is asking that Maintainers don't make Ages (and, in fact one of the Maintainer Guild Masters is really good at Age creation and actively pursues it). I'd think we'd need people well-practiced in Story to help be judges of what might be an issue and what might not. Now, I can see that an Archivist who makes a story shouldn't be part of the validation process for their particular story. But I don't think they should be precluded from engaging in storytelling themselves. Oh, I agree with your disagreement. I only meant that Ruby will not be confusing any contribution she makes to guild decisions about other storyteller's stories with her own story. Also, you asked in another post whether there should be an I/C Guild of Archivists presence/story? If that were the case, Ruby may someday mention her involvement with the guild I/C or in story. Otherwise she won't. I think I am about through posting for a few days. I am starting to confuse myself with my own contradictions. The last time I posted/asked questions this much was during the fall of 2007 (GOM thread), and the time before that it was during the Liaison Election, and the time before that it was during the launch of CCN/TCT. I am beginning to see a pattern here. Not so pretty, huh? No need to answer. I already know.
  4. Of course, I knew you did not mean to imply that. What you said was important to say. It is an excellent reminder of what separates the rice from the refried beans. I plan to stay put after I've had a sufficient sob (just kidding :boot1:) I plan to keep Ruby from talking about her membership in the GoA. I will need a truck full of duct tape, so I will be asking for duct tape contributions. Defining what is mission is a no nonsense kind of thing. She can't be messing around with that business, once the markers/stops are set. Ruby as storyteller wannabe will likely need to take the tinker cart elsewhere to set up shop. We are discussing turning part of CCN into a texture repository. Since its a big, mainly unused site, it will still be a resource for the GOM too. I am working out of the tinker cart, because I loathe the administrative jobs necessary to keep spammers out of the CCN forum and workshops. I think I finally concluded administration is not my gift. Others knew this years ago, but Ruby is a slow meandering thinker, who lives in her never-never land intentionally. Nope, Donahoo. I appreciate your work ethic, organizational skills and aptitude for creating a great playlist. I also know you as a kind and fair sort of person. You will have to forgive me for making a silly story out of everything. I've been warned before about the effects of "running on " stories <bonks herself on noggin>. Ruby
  5. Alahmnat and others may jump in to clarify this issue, but it's my understanding that Archivists are not storytellers but reporters of the story. Although the Guild of Archivists has been charged with monitoring for continuity, the story is being written by others. So I would say this is not the "storytelling place to be." I see your point Donahoo. There is a difference between reporting a story and telling a tale. As a member of the guild it would be inappropriate for me to continue wearing my storytelling cap, while determining if some other storyteller's story crosses canon lines (or will cross canon lines). And in this case I suppose it does not matter that I've never looked at historical fact or fiction without bias. Fact to me is rarely ever fact. It is generally what an historian leaves in or edits out, and to the winner goes the *veracity/truth. I believe tis why I am drawn to the "the soothing, rocking safety of a lie." Teaching history while repeating the mantra "beware, this is secondary source material" gets old after awhile". I am glad you were honest enough to state your case. No nonsense to a person who lives and breathes for a fair amount of nonsense. My qoal (at present) is to determine whether or not storytellers can work in a quasi-collaborative fashion in a safe environment without stepping over one another and destroying any surprise? As some have noted, Ruby is posting often (and in several topics) these days. In only a few instances was it necessary to post on the public forum. This is one of those times when I believe it necessary to consider every road block and discuss it. While it may appear like I am rushing to ask for this or that, its been years in truth. At the same time I don't expect overnight remedies. I am simply trying to determine whether the roadmap (down the road) is sufficiently wide enough for the McTinker Family Band. Practice Field Ruby Disclaimer: 1. McTinker is Ruby's maiden sir name 2. The story about the age alluded to above is fiction embedded in fiction and embellished with fiction, but the sentiment is true (from my perspective and in historical context). In other words, it is not part of my story in process. I lied for the sake of making my (some would argue) flimsy counterpoint. Postscript: Tweek does the Guild of Fine Artists accommodate the unwieldy and somewhat stubborn storytellers group, (if there was one)? I am not sure whether you said they did or did not? *oh heck, and I am not trying to stir pots about the definition of truth. There is a truth and I am sure it has its own color like sound or UV waves, but its very hard to see through my dusty lens.
  6. I think I said whew, then ok, and now to onto other issues. This is something I can't wait to start working on. Last summer's foray into storytelling was made more interesting and believable, *because stories/ characters crossed paths and met at intersections. I smiled when I saw your gas station question. @ my neighborhood station I run into folks who drive 1978 impalas, check their mileage, empty their wallets (of their life savings), pump the gas and start the climb up Mt. Everest. Gas stations are connection locations. Whilst I am writing, 2 of Ruby's southwestern NM cowpoke friends are trying to locate your gas station on the map. Their intention is to only stop and get the gas, or maybe buy some oil. Mesh (what we call the soup in the 3rd grade) is mighty nice. Ruby I do have one question of the Grand Poohbears over here. When we actually get into consideration and approvals, and whatever else, will we have a closed forum for that? 2. Since it appears that this is a safe (stable) and very nice place for storytellers to gather, is this the storytelling place to be - or will storytellers need to meet up elsewhere if they desire to meet up for any potential sharing of tidbits? Is there a need? Aside: We have a shared storytelling forum at CCN in past years, but I am wanting to get out of the forum admin business. I push all the buttons, and things go kaflooey. I think CCN's massive (and dusty) warehouse could be used (in part) for a raw texture exchange. I know I plan to share my un-doctored-up photos. *I know this was probably not so seamless as it seemed. The storytellers surely ran down all sorts of roads to assure their map was intact. It was well done, and they made it look easy.
  7. Ok, so I started a new thread over here http://www.dpwr.net/forums/index.php?showt...amp;#entry24261. I pray that was an ok thing to do. Surely, things will start making sense to me soon . I know its me. I am not blaming anybody, but my selves.
  8. 1. I am still going over the fine print and the numbered absolutely out of the question details, but my first question has to do with red herrings and "continuity." I thought I would run it by this esteemed group, before I put myself in the line of fire. In other words I am trying to find a way to word my question, so that I won't get an answer I don't like If any of you could be of help, I would appreciate your input. 2. (Not sure why I am numbering these, but RAWA did so I will). One of my storytelling wishes was to write branches that take explorers on wild goose chases willingly. They would not know if my characters were charlatans or know something no one else does. In other cases my stories might be seeded by the grandest storyteller RAWA. These stores he (or other) seeded me would be perfectly legitimate short meanders. Of course the fledgling writer Ruby does not expect to carry any part of core story anywhere. I would be happy revealing some little tidbit of something that fits into all the rest. 3. In fact I already have such a branch in mind. It includes a good bit of silliness and humor, but there is documentation in some cavern offices that it could be true (with a bit of elaboration & convincing). Now, I am not sure that it is not canon. Zardoz reminded me of an important fact: the checkerboard is barely revealed. My impending story is a far fetcher, but its possible I guess. W can talk about this later, but any writer worth h/her salt doesn't get to far off the beaten roadmap or canon. If that happens all connections are lost. 4. I don't want to encroach on the checkerboard, because I've been waiting for such a long time to find out in the due course what the rest of the story is...My plan was to write, share, be a part of the process, and continued to be surprised like everybody else. 5. Because I can't find a way to discuss this any other way, I put my stories into categories. Please see chart below, and add or comment as you like. On the one hand I am breathlessly excited by this whole process. On the other hand, I have only seen this process at work once in the past. It worked beautifully, but amazing things happened, and the game/story never got off the tarmac. 6. I agree with RAWA this is whole new ballgame. Or at least I think that he was getting @ Short List Chart of Ways to Tell and Branch the Story: Adds to Lore and/and Possibly to Canon, if deemed appropriate by TPTB A. Create/write an age that tells the story environmentally. B. Create/write an age that tells the story environmentally, and uses characters, script, dialog, 2D counterpart (one or all). C. Outline a story that uses characters, scripts, dialog, 2D counterpart (one or all), and illustrates an age to tell the story. D. Tell a story using allusions to canon, but not infringing on canon (as I interpreted what RAWA disclaimed). Uses characters, script, dialog, and 2D counterpart (one or all + audio/video/whatever). This kind of storytelling could use actors, but does not require a set. No age is created/written. Now for the Red Herrings A. A red herring could allude to canon, but the character(s) involved in the caper are generally found out, before eternal damage is done. Red herrings do not require age creation/writing. Red Herrings use existing story and landscapes to mess with a person's mind Now I do sound mean and diabolical. This what I have so far. Anything else I would say at this point might negate my chances of living until tomorrow. Its just that conflict and consequences is what makes reading/playing worth it. I like my A/R life to be full of intrigue, so that my RL life can be as dull as dirt. Ruby PS. See what I mean, Al. It is a good thing Ruby landed when she did. Otherwise no telling where she will stir pots. Imagine the groans when Madge returns. Deafening...
  9. I am reading forum posts to catch up. I am a tad confused about which guild is the *Hawtch-Hawtcher Bee-Watcher who is watchering what? I guess the archivers are watchering storytellers, because we are considering whether canon is, or is not necessary to use - oh dearie . I do think Blade is onto something when he suggested the word story should be more or less defined by Cyan. In the past the storytellers at CCN relayed straight/edited news, or told story as tale/drama/comedy written by the explorer. Our aim was not to mess with the canon unless we used it for lighthearted satire. This is not to say, we didn't have detractors who thought what we did wasn't funny. Like circus performers we moved on and ignored our detractors, unless their criticism was good fodder for more story - always keeping in mind that Cyan (who we stayed in contact with) might pull our plugs. In this new universe of storytelling (dabbled in last summer), there are means that Cyan could use to communicate with storytellers that will not inhibit creativity or give the surprise away. These ways include seeding characters and one line plots/directions to a group of NDA types, or letting the guild members decide where to go, and get the ok in the aftermath. I loathe categories, but it appears there will be a need for some. And although I like the fodder a guild war affords me (the tale-teller), at this point I am at waiting to see if Cyan is going to distribute or sell blocks and stable empty landscapes. If they are not going to make blocks and landscapes available to the entire community, I hope some enterprising age writer will make a cottage industry out of selling block shapes and empty stable landscapes. I don't choose to start from scratch. I desire to start in the middle to illustrate my age or explorer stories. I am getting fairly fair at creating textures that leads the reader down an Uncle Wiggly path, even when they are not reading about, or running into my live characters. In other words they get the picture that makes lateral storytelling less difficult to follow. The learning curve for block and texture manipulation is about 3 to 6 months. Making scripts and landscapes stable could be a lifetime relationship, and I am already married. I need to establish a good rapport with 3D Max age builders (albeit I expect to pay for what I get - going rate at this time is anywhere from $.15 for basic shapes and a $1.00 or more for moving water). Of course all of this will need to be worked out, nailed down, haggled over, and trumped up. I am readying my proposal to Cyan now about the blocks and the 2D part that I believe is a big benefit to telling a story. I know that some of you feel immersion is lost, if the story comes out of 3D, and so I once thought as well. Now I believe there is a way to work out the immersion issues, at least until the 3D problems with the KI and logistics can be remedied. Ruby *Thanks go to Dr. Suess for making language universal (Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?, published 1973). I read this book to my class in September and May of every year. Third graders are very aware of what it means to be watched and lucky Me is too.
  10. I guess this is the place where I should show up as well. Nice to see everyone is around, back and forward, and I am looking forward to seeing some great storytelling from this group. Instead of writing a near copy of what I posted at MOUL, and if you are interested my tome is attached to The Nobel Robert Thread. It pretty much says it all and then some. Ruby
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