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  1. Wow. It's been a while!

  2. This looks good. However, why not just revamp DPWR and avoid paying for two sites?
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    Let's see how many of you remember ME! XD
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    The Moiety

    The Moiety, also known as the Black Moiety, were a rebel group of Riveneese villagers fighting against Gehn's oppression. The Moiety followed traditional Rivense customs, such as modes of dress, and were against Gehn's rule and the imposition of the D'ni Guild system on their society. The Moiety formed as an organized group after Catherine and Atrus managed to defy Gehn and escape with their lives. Over the years that Catherine was absent from Riven, several religious beliefs surrounding her and Atrus sprang up. Catherine herself was uncomfortable being their messiah, yet realized the need to act within the system of their beliefs in order to help effect change. When Riven collapsed, the rest of the helpless villagers were rescued by Catherine (Katran), and taken to Tay (Moiety Age), where they presumably reintegrated into a unified society.
  5. You don't make ages, you just create a link to a pre-existing age when you write a Descriptive Book.
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    Myst Living Area

    The Living Area on Myst is never seen, but the elevator behind the bookshelf can, it is believed, go down. A tiny key causes this when inserted and turned. At the bottom, there are two corridors. One ends in a split end which goes to Sirrus and Achenar's rooms. The other goes to a very large bedroom, with a smaller room to the side. This bedroom is Atrus and Cathrine (Katran)'s bedroom. The smaller room is Atrus's study.
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