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  1. This is a really insane situation and my post probably came off a bit harsh. I did (well, actually, Andy did at a few of my statements) ask for confirmation that Alahmnat has indeed contacted Rand and RAWA and what it means for us.... Waiting for Cyan may be the best option... Maybe we won't be waiting forever.
  2. Excuse me. No you haven't presented anything to the Guild of Writers. You've told the public how it would be on the public part of the forum. We (the Guild of Writers) have in no way agreed to any of this tripe. In our (meaning the GoW and the GoMa) initial discussions with Cyan, there was no indication any other presence would be involved (nor was there any mention of contact with any of you by neither Chogon nor RAWA), and in fact, the duties you are discussing here were going to be performed by the Maintainers. Thus, I honestly see no need to introduce a third layer of complexity into the process and this volatile situation. On a related note, if your "Guild" were to become part of the process without any indication from Cyan in the initial discussions, then it would give Billy a basis to form the Guild of Adult Entertainment to attempt to get support to be on the panel, blah blah blah... A can of worms we don't want to open. Whatever, I see no point in this whatsoever. PS. This forum is hard to read, so if I don't reply, it's not that I don't want to read your response, it's that I can't.
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