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  1. Hmm. Good idea, Nalates. If it can be pulled off it would be a great way to get people interested in the guilds nad get them active in the forums. I'll ask Aloys if he knows of anyway of providing hyperlinks within the Age.
  2. Greetings and Shorah, archivers! As I am sure some of you are aware, the latest poll on Genesis progress is about the Guilds and their inclusion into the Age of Genesis, either in some small way (like a discreet plaque), or in a larger way (such as a library). However, as it would represent YOUR guild, the choice would be up to you. Designs would be up to designers, models would be left to the modellers, but the CONTENT is your choice. What do you feel would represent your Guild best? Shevek
  3. Greetings and Shorah, Archivers! I am sure that you have heard of the Genesis project by now. We have been batting the idea of having books containing the history of Myst and Uru within a library in the Age. Now, I have found a basic Myst timeline on this site which was very nice, and I have listened to the TCT "The story so far" .mp3 which was also very helpful. However, are there any other places to go to get the rest of the story, to get any more details to fill in the history of the "Urunese" people over the past couple of years? Could anyone direct me to a good resource list for that? Would anyone be interested in helping with said books? Thank you again for your time and attention SHevek
  4. Great, howdy all! I think that this would be the best place to put in my couple 'o cents: A couple of you may know about the Genesis concept that I have been swinging at people; One of the aspects of it that I think would work nicely would be a collaborated collection of not only the Last few URU chapters, but also of the important events of D'ni history all wrapped up and made accessable in game - in, perhaps, a library of some sort? Now, of course, I am no RAWA, and while I have played the games, read the books, and kept a wary eye on the upcoming movie, I think that something like this would help people (especially new-comers) to get to grips with the D'ni, their history, and the important story behind the worlds of Uru. Comments? Suggestions? Should I post this elsewhere?
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