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  1. Thank you all! To be honest, there are lots of details that still need to be worked out in all aspects of the FCA license process. But developing it together like this we'll have a better chance of getting the process sorted, so that Cyan and the guilds (and the wider community) can be confident that it 'works'. Throughout the discussions so far we've tried to keep Cyan in the loop, and ask for clarification where needed. Sometimes, though, it's not always possible to get the clarification straight away. But I'm sure we'll get there in the end...
  2. Thanks, Horatio. From the discussions on the GoMa forum it was looking as though we would need to revisit the number of panel members anyway. Your suggestion of having just one Archivist on the panel makes a lot of sense. The essential thing is to have input from all three guilds, so we can benefit from the different skill sets and areas of knowledge they embody.
  3. Shorah, friends. The leadership team at the Guild of Maintainers have been discussing how to get this process moving. We'll be trying to crystallise the process over the next few weeks and would like the first set of panel members to work on this. But for that, we need the panel! To quote Montgomery, who is the GoMa Grand Master in charge of the process:
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