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  1. Bonus new feature: night mode! Click here to turn it on for certain times of the day, or you can just change the theme using the "Theme" dropdown at the bottom of the page to keep it on permanently. Please be sure to report any issues you have with the dark mode theme in the Feedback forum.
  2. Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: JKC Intro/Objective: Four teams of 2 or more people... BY(BlueYellow), RB(RedBlue), GR(GreenRed), and YG(YellowGreen)... will start off on the arena so that the teams are all scattered up. When the pillars start moving, it's up to you and your team to find your way to the edge and jump to your team’s fortress before the other teams do. When everyone from a team has successfully jumped to the appropriate fortress, then that team has won and the round is over. The winning team is rewarded with one of the five jalakblocs which ca
  3. Originally posted on http://www.heywetried.com/jalak by: rong Teams and Players This is a game for two teams, each team can have from one to as many players as you like! Setting up the game First turn on the jalakfield, then load the jalaball column file with the command: /loadcolumns Jalaball Once the columns are set, they are not moved at all for the duration of the game. A single player from either team is elected to trigger the jalaball for each round of play (the 'dropper') for the duration of the whole match. Objective Get a jalaball into your
  4. Shorah! It's been a while in the making, but as of 4:15 AM Pacific Time, we're officially up and running on the latest version of the Invision Community software, which is a huge update from the Invision Board software we had been running previously. There are still some visual quirks that need to be ironed out, particularly with the Jalak Games Directory, but those will be sorted over the next week or two. In the meantime, welcome to the new digs, and I hope you like what we've done with the place! (As a quick aside, despite the change in URL scheme for the old Archive content
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