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  1. Oh Ruby, I didn't mean to imply that you are not welcome at the forum. I was merely commenting on my perceived role of Archivists.
  2. Alahmnat and others may jump in to clarify this issue, but it's my understanding that Archivists are not storytellers but reporters of the story. Although the Guild of Archivists has been charged with monitoring for continuity, the story is being written by others. So I would say this is not the "storytelling place to be."
  3. As you are aware, I am unable to even view the archive while logged into the forum, although it is freely available to guests. I have put some images up in the gallery to complete the Relto Pages entry. Outside of that, I don't think I can be a very productive member of this Guild. And I have been contributing sound effects for the fan ages through the Guild of Writers.
  4. OK, boys. This forum is not for this kind of discussion. I'm locking this topic.
  5. This site is hosted on the Prodigy personal web pages server, and all the Prodigy sites have been up and down all day long. If you can't get in, just keep trying. Anne
  6. The next installment is available at the same site: MYSThillarium Enjoy. Anne
  7. OK, the next version of the Mysthillarium is up. It is a very long convoluted tale of mind games, dream sequences, and mass confusion. MYSThillarium Anne
  8. MYSThillarium Volume 3 is now on-line here: MYSThillarium The link is at the bottom of the page. It is taken from Preacherman's original PDF file, but is not an exact copy. I have used most of his original images. Anne
  9. I don't know how I failed to post this here! :o MH2 is on the web with images by Emmex and myself. Same link as MH1. MH3 will be up shortly. MYSThillarium Anne
  10. MH1 is now on the web, it was taken from a PDF file that Emmex was working on. I used his original graphics and a few of my own. Enjoy! MYSThillarium Volume 1 Anne
  11. You don't have to search; it is HERE! I'm actually working on putting MH1 on a web page. Anne
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