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  1. Glad to see a spark of activity over here on the side of the GoA! Been busy with a lot of my work both IRL and with the Maintainers (most of which, regrettably, is hitting a wall) so I haven't visited the site in a few weeks. Shame to hear that Al has slipped off the grid. Not entirely unexpected, but a bit discouraging to say the least. Anyway, Quiller, nice to meet you and looking forward to seeing you in-Cavern sometime!
  2. Thanks Horatio. My KI number is 00062207. Feel free to update here, or KI-mail me in-game, whenever you get an update from Alahmnat. In the meantime, I'm doing a few things over at the GoMa. Hopefully everything's going well with you. See you soon, mate!
  3. Thank you so much. I've been thinking on these topics for a long time, trying to make sure that while the changes I'm working on are big, they aren't necessarily ground-breaking, and will be mostly positive ones. Whenever you get in touch with Alahmnat, feel free to let me know, or direct him over here. In the meantime, though you aren't always In-Cavern, do you have a KI number I could reach you at?
  4. Hey Horatio. I've been working with the GoMa to attempt to revitalize the group. Over the past few weeks, things have been slow, but we are planning on doing more in the future. This, in my mind, entails restructuring the Guild system, re-establishing a Council, re-introducing the rank system and giving the Guild more to do in terms of work. Yet in order to get this done, the GoMa needs more members. I don't know if you've visited any of the Guild Fairs in Kirel each month, but this coming weekend, we will be having another. Basically, Saturday from 13:00 KI time onward, there is an All Guilds' Meeting where any Guild or Group can give a status update and talk about what they plan on doing in the future. Normally, if people aren't at the All Guilds' Meeting, on Saturday and Sunday they can peruse the Guild tables and talk to each Guild one-on-one. They can find out anything about the Guilds, and possibly join if they believe they could be a useful addition to the Guild. However, I've been talking with Leonardo from the Guild of Messengers, and I've brought him the idea of making Sunday an "event day" for the Guild Fair Weekend. Guilds and Groups could hold special events and prepare anything from games to speeches to rallies if they so choose. This would take place during the October Fair onward. I have a great amount of respect for the Archivists, and honestly believe they should have been made one of the major Guilds during Kirel's inception into Uru Live. As such, I'd like to extend to you this offer, Horatio. For the October Guild Fair, for the Event Sunday, I plan on having a GoMa Mass-Recruitment Drive. This would take place somewhere with a large user cap, perhaps Kirel, maybe a Neighborhood or even Ae'gura if necessary. I would like to ask if you would want to come to this Recruitment Drive and represent the Guild of Archivists. I believe that you guys provided an invaluable service to the community. I'd love to see you return to the level of strength you had years ago. Please let me know if you'd be willing to come, either to the All Guilds' Meeting or to take part in the Recruitment Drive. Just as the GoMa needs a userbase to survive, I want to do anything I can to bring a new userbase to the GoA and perhaps renew its activity in the community as a whole. I eagerly await your response.
  5. Hello. To anyone who doesn't know me, or hasn't met me in-game over the recent months, my name is Marcus Wheeler. I've been a part of Uru since the tail-end days of Until Uru and the later half of its existence under GameTap. From an outside perspective, it would appear as if the majority of Archivists who were here during the Guild's heyday have fallen off or splintered into other groups and interests. There have been a few things going on as of late, particularly the Guild Fair and All Guilds' Meetings taking place each month in Kirel (as Leonardo kindly posted here). However, that isn't all that's been happening. Recently, I've been working on a wide list of projects behind the scenes, many concerning on the Guild of Maintainers, and I wanted to stop by and see if anyone remains. If anyone, any Archivists, from newer members to the old Guild Masters, still frequent these forums and are still active in MO:ULa, please, please post here or send me a PM. If only to keep in touch, it would be nice to see that some of the people of this massive Guild still exist and are around in the Cavern somewhere. With all due respect, ~M. Wheeler Member of the Guild of Maintainers
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