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  1. As I mentioned previously I believe there is room at the GoFA for this, by specifying what it is that will be needed means that section can be set up to how it would best suit those who use it. Whether you call it Storylines, Story Tellers, Authors it amounts to the same thing in nature, what it's actually called isn't as important as the content within.
  2. Wouldn't that be handled by items like The Archiver, The Firemarble, UO's Cavern Today etc.
  3. Well as it stands, the GoFA is looking to have divisions tailored to a specific field of work (photography, painting, writing/creative writing, sculptors). At the moment those who are helping with the planning like the idea of divisions within the guild, however I haven't sat down and listed all the ones there could be (actors, dancers etc etc). The chance of story tellers falling under the scope of the GoFA is there (creative writing etc) but it isn't something that we have gotten around to discussing yet. I'll bring it up and find out what the opinion is.
  4. I like the idea of NDA's however 6 months for some may not be long enough. The possibility of us coming to you and saying "hey this is my idea, I'll need you to sign this NDA on which you are covered until we see fit" would be handy to some people. When the story teller deems it ok to post the proposal public then the Guild would go ahead. Whilst the Archivists have the overall say in whether a story is allowed, I feel the story teller should have the overall say in privacy.
  5. I think asking for people to gain approval for storylines like Echo Mackenzie and JD is a bit silly, if it doesn't tread on cannon then it doesn't need to be worried about, otherwise you're opening the floodgates for every player who wants to be IC. I agree with Zardoz on anonymity, I've never wanted to share story aspects before they have played out which is why I never had registered characters on the whole IDEA thing. Personally I feel it bad enough having to forced into sharing details as it is. But then I'm of the opinion that I am quite capable for regulating myself I know whats ok what isn't and I step across the line now and then but in a way which has no baring on the canon of the universe (a leave no trace kind of principle). Just my thoughts on it anyway.
  6. Glad to see you've put it back up Karoh. Hope to read more soon. Tweek
  7. I agree with Ta'nernin Myst Fan fics are fun and its what I started out writing but they can get dull quickly i found and i seldom write Myst FF anymore. I tend to write my own stuff these days its more fun and rewarding. ~T~
  8. Hello Phgreer welcome to my domain [sinister chuckle]haahaahaa[/sinister chuckle] only joking its nice to see some one taking an intreset in writing. Although Im not to good at I have many Idea's to convert into stories for others to read (not just stories but random thoughts and poems too) I would suggest getting a note book to keep with you for when you get Idea's its nice to be able to jot them down before forgetting them. If you have done any writing so far then post them here. Its alway good to post your writings for you get feed back from other members which can help you steer in a good direction. I suggest taking some time to talk to the talent writers we have in the community (Sepdet M'lah Tiana Katarina) They can give you some good advice. Plus its always a good idea to read other peoples works to gain Idea's and also it shows your interested in their work so they should extend the same curtasy to you (not at MC though ) Sorry I have issues with MC's forums. I posted my returning to Myst volumes at Myst REalms forums And got some great rsponce from people which really helped and built up confidence in what I was doing. Also speak to Talashar who is also a talented writer his Lacosani Story (sorry Talar I cant remember how to spell the name of your peice ) is one of te best wrints I have read for a long while. If you have any questions then just post them for us to anser if I cant answer them for you then I'll try and find someone who can ok? I look forward to reading anything you come up with. Tweek
  9. Tweek


    I believe the site is this one -->esD'ni Tweek
  10. One poor crane slipped a little too close...SQUA---AACCCKKK.... Atrus turned back and looked back. "Achenar?!" Achenar contrived to look innocent, "Yes, Father?" "What was that sound?" "I don't know, Father, should I make a note of it?" Atrus looked uncertain for a second. He carefully examined Achenar's wooden expression. Then slowly he nodded, "Yes, do that." Turning he moved on, That has to be my favorite bit....but you knew that already Tweek
  11. Tweek

    Atrus Socks

    lol very nice Salar Amusing to see the names of well known fans and friends snuck in there This also explains why we couldnt explore Tomahana and why Atrus was really checking the padlocks. He was in fear of losing his socks. Its a conspiracy a conspiracy i tell you Tweek
  12. Tweek


    Tweek...you plan on sharing some of this with your fellow DPWR-ians (what are we called?) Can you/would you post a link to your project? Hi Karoh! Long time no see! I've read most of your story back in the older DPWR forum...so will have to re-read it when AL reorganizes... Indeed I shall post parts of it when it is time. however there is much to be done before I start revealing things Tweek
  13. Tweek


    heh yes I know what you mean My Current Project is a massive online comic/story with a website to go with it I have had to create everything for the world. the cities, language, characters, plots etc etc. Well good luck with it all Tweek
  14. Tweek


    I find posting long stories in segments a better method Karoh. for s few simple reasons. 1) if i reach a section in the story thats a bit of a cliffhanger, I can end the story on this leaving people in susspense and eager to read the next section to find out what has happened to thir hero (if a hero is involved) 2) it streches the story out a bit longer giving me time to work ont he unwritten parts or other works. and finally slight shorter posts are more friendly on the ole eyes :o As for the story itself it seems most interesting, I think i should perhaps read the other parts before continuing with this part yes? Later Days Tweek
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