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  1. The typo point out is not mean. Unfortunately that typo carried through... DPWR.net does search a whole lot better without the typo. Your point on using GoA search is taken. For specialized searches I certainly have to agree. Also, searching on cartographer via Google returns 3 hits and searching here returns 6 hits. So, it appears in-house search provides a better result than Google. Uncommon. This site is exceptional in many ways. However, I cannot search the GoA from my site via your search, while I can using Google. So, the Google tools may be something to use on linking sites. (See example here - Note: eventually this link will die and a live page will replace it - see the menu there then) Cross linking... This is something all of the guilds need to do. I need to add links on the maps page to the articles here. It is just a matter of taking the time to look things up and do it. "threads of interest" ... I'm not a fan. Much of the information there is already in Sticky Threads else where. I don't see how another list it is easier to find than what is already there. Plus they have an 'Interest' thread that started in January '07. May be that should be added to the new threads of interest... grrr The thread on the founding of the GoC has a very limited audience. I think it would just clutter things if added to the 'Thread of Interest'. That I linked to it from the GoC Restored article here is what I think is a logical connection. I've put links to the article here in the resources links in MOUL's forum and UO. But the only place a search using origin or founding is even likely to return a result is here. (Well... actually Google returns my post at MOUL as the top result - guess I need to tweak my site - DPWR as 3 or 5 depending on how one counts). I agree with your perception of the problems and steps needed at MOUL. I hang in SL and run madly through the forums there. Not only are they posting what is happening on server repairs and upgrades hour by hour, but there are sections of the forums where players (well residents) and staff are talking about some things that are to change and how exactly we will implement that. Plus last night two of the staff joined us at Thend's Burning Life Exhibit in game. Plus many of the staff have in game office hours. One of the main programmers is on every Friday. So, yes MOUL could do much more. With 2 people assigned to the project not much can be done. But a few minutes a week should be possible. Plus there is a lot the moderators could do too. I'm not slamming them and want to avoid putting should's on them. Still, most other games are doing their PR way better. For now I guess the best thing I can do to improve search here is to make more links to this site on the GoC site...
  2. karoh, UO is an old site and most of the Myst fans have participated there at some point. The Guild of Cartographers formed there. UO was nice enough to provide the Guild its own section in their forum. BUT UO is not exactly an authority on who is and is not a guild. There is no real 'clearing house' for guilds. Cyan's story has mention of various guilds and guild history (you can find most of that here). Fans consider those the OFFICIAL guilds. But there are many other guilds. The new GoFA (Fine Artists) is an example of the community forming a new guild and Tweek is spearheading it (Cyan employee - or was... is... I dunno). That guild serves a need the community has seen and some are working to fill. Not official but needed. The Cartographers are a unique guild. The guild was not OFFICIAL in the story line. But as new fans we really did not know that or much care. There was a problem and a need and people jumped in to help. Other than the Greeters the GoC was one of the more active guilds. Their maps turned up everywhere Uru was discussed. Those maps made life easier for many. The result was UO gave a none official guild its own section in their forum. I think mostly out or respect for service to community. The amazing thing is that Cyan actually ended up revising their story line. Instead of a Surveyors Guild Hall we ended up with a Guild of Cartographers Hall. Debate about that still echoes in the forums. All this is just to say, there are no hard rules on guild formation or what Cyan will do or say. There are, however, traditions that the community and Cyan tend to hold to. Service to community can trump those. If the DLF want to form a guild, I say, go for it. One only need say, I am a guild and get out there. If the fans like your work, they accept you. Even when the majority do accept you, there will be those that do not. Don't slow down for them. If the fans do not accept you... well that tells you something. Decide what is fun, a service to community and move on. I thought DLF was a guild... but I am weak on language...
  3. Alahmnat, I have already volunteered for liaison duty with GoA to GoC else where. And as I wrote I am most often in SL and frequently visit the UO and MOUL forums. I've done some work with Haratio on the GoC Restored. I've PM'd him and you about a thread at GoMa on making Myst info more available to new and novice fans. One of the things I am looking at is getting better searches for forums and wiki's. I believe one cannot beat Google's engines. I though that Google had not indexed DPRW.net. a search on 'cartographers site:www.dprw.net' says nothing found. A boarder search using just 'cartographers guild' does not have DPRW.net in the top 30 listings. But the format of DPRW.net links should allow Google to index the site. But as much as I search, I was surprised to find I must use a search like: cartographer site:http://www.dpwr.net/forums/ (with or without 'forums/' works). This search begins to bring up DPRW.net pages. It is this level of technical complexity that is creating problems for new, returning, and novice computer users that is making information more difficult to find. I plan to write a 'How To' page for searching various forums. Mostly because forum searches lack the needs of many users. Trying to search on 3 letter acronyms does not work on most forums (example: ULM) and forces one to use another means of search. So, your feedback, ideas, pointing out things I've missed, would help me decide if it is worthwhile and what may need to be included. I hope that if the idea is useful forum operators will post links near there built-in forum search links. Ideas? Thoughts? :boot1:
  4. I'm an apprentice so my little two cents... Would it be possible to get a link to the this web site in such a library? In game reference to fan sites could be a great way for new players to learn their way around. Plus the back story they need for D'ni histroy is here.
  5. GoC uses Apprentice for new members just coming in and for those just wanting to be associated. I expect to use a liaison title for cross guild associations. Also, something for say a Guild Master or Grand Master from another guild that is working on a project at GoC. Someone that has doen a volume of work or made significant contributions in another guild does not necessaily have to start at the bottom when helping another guild. Because we use UO as our forum, forum membership does not get tied in with Guild membership. You will have to decide how members sign up. I added my 2 cents for the GoFA here: http://artists.grey-skies.net/forums/viewt...php?f=2&t=1 In GoC Guidlsman are actually participating. Guild Masters are actually managing something. The Grand Master settles disagreements. For all that the DPWR is doing 4 levels may not be enough. I think scholasitic titles would be nice for this guild... just opinion. For many the D'ni Era discriptions of the guilds and titles are important. DPWR is in a position to provide that take on titles. I am using the Archive as a repository for GoC history. It can take some time to dig through years of posts at UO to get the pertinante information. Posting it with links in the Archive makes future recovery much easier. Also, having lost our main web site this year (check threads on Missing Grand Master Aiden) I like having a secondary location for information to reside. I do like this site and forum and am very impressed with it. I would like to see more color contrast between background and text in the postings. Otherwise I consider it one of the best looking around. Plus I LOVE the editing tools.
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