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  1. Ahoy! Great to see ye! By the way, I don't know how much longer RAWA is going to be active on that MOUL forum thread, so it might be a good idea for y'all to get some questions in. Trying to think of odd borderline cases at this point, and getting information from RAWA right now, may be helpful.
  2. Ahoy there, Al! It's great to hear about the GoA playing this sort of role in Uru's future, and I wanted to let you know that I'm interested in helping out. A lot has changed in the DPWR system since I was last here, so I'll need to refamiliarize myself.
  3. Gadren


    Appears In: Myst Online: Uru Live (mentioned by Nick White) Race: D'ni Suah (5700-5993 DE) was a famous singer of the work of Hadev, a D'ni musician.
  4. Gadren


    Appears In: Myst Online: Uru Live (mentioned by Nick White) Race: D'ni Hadev (5644-5894 DE) was one of the great musicians of D
  5. Found in: Myst Online: Uru Live Location: Baron City Office NOTE: Sharper's new entries are written in his first personal journal. His '04 journal is not present in MOUL. The dynamic nature of MOUL means that this journal was updated throughout the year. 3.7.07 - The smell of this place hasn't changed. It's as though I never left until Cate links in and says hello. Well... here we go again... 3.9.07 - I've given up looking for the other journal - who knows who took it? Suppose I'll fill this one up instead. Negilahn seems to be task one. The creature or thing, whatever it is there, eating everything else. I had no intention of hunting anymore down here and the first thing the DRC asks me to do is exactly that. Odd, but what can I do? I'm not going to turn down a job like this. Apparently Nick has someone who is interesting in helping out in Negilahn, but he can't seem to remember the person's name. Not sure what's been happening with the poor boy but he seems distracted... ever since I've come down. I only hope it's not a woman or something. We don't need that. He's going around asking everyone who this mysterious person is and of course everyone is volunteering. The poor boy never learns. He did just stop by again after another visit to the Great Tree's Bevin (wonderful name) and said it might be a guy named Rils. We'll have to contact him. Seems Nick had a note from him and his Zoological Society all along. The boy is distracted but we'll get it done. 3.12.07 - I suppose I had better give the boy credit. Nick tracked him down and seems to have an agreement with this Rils character. I'll determine for myself whether or not he's fit to accompany us to Negilahn but from all accounts, it sounds like he is. Hopefully he's a better shot than Nick. Judging by target practice yesterday, I'm not sure we'll have much hope if I'm unable to hold a gun for some reason. I need to remember to make sure Nick isn't sending off messages to all of his friends while we're tracking either. The boy has got to learn to focus. 3.14.07 - Rils seems fine. I was a bit nervous at first but anyone who does what he does can't be all that bad. The man has used a gun in the past but we'll see. I'd put him in the same level as Nick although I'll give credit to Nick. The boy has improved. Either way, if I go down, they'll be in trouble. I won't go down. If I had buried the days of the past, they were dug up by a gentleman named Vormaen. He brought up Phil and attempted to interrogate me on those events that happened years ago. The man claimed people are worried I'm going to start a war. If there is a war to worry about, it's not one I'll be starting. 3.19.07 - Surprised Boy Wonder with a trip to the surface to see his Ducks play in Spokane. Two games and two wins. Not to mention good times with Nick. Good kid. Of course, Nick forgot to mention the trip to Rils so I'm sure he was waiting the whole weekend for a Negilahn expedition. Good kid with a lack of focus. 3.22.07 - Bad night of sleep. Nightmares. I've never seen anything like it in my life. Cate wants my report in an hour. Still not exactly sure what kind of woman she is but I have to choose my words carefully. Closing the Age won't be good for anyone right now. 3.23.07 I can't say I'm surprised, but i didn't expect her reaction. Cate is not exactly what i thought. Negilahn will say open .The pods for some reason, this thing or things won't go near the pods I have some theories I'll look in to myself before another long trip with Rils and Nick. I have some theories.
  6. Posted: Wed May 10, 2006 5:06 pm Location: DRC forums Marten had been wondering about what the D'ni word was for the spherical clocks in the neighborhoods. <sneaks out of the OOC forum> <whispers, "go-rah-yan" (D'ni font: goray
  7. Posted: Thu May 18, 2006 6:01 pm Location: DRC forums Why RAWA doesn't like you getting D'ni pronunciation tips from Esher. David Ogden Stiers (complete aside: I can never remember how to spell his last name, so I looked it up. Wikipedia has both "Steirs" and "Stiers", IMDb and the "unofficial David Ogden Stiers website" have "Stiers". So I'm going with "Stiers".) did a great job pronouncing "D'ni" correctly for Dr. Watson's audio in Uru. When he came to do the voice for Myst V, he wanted Esher to gave a harder glottal stop. Rand was ok with Esher's pronunciation. I didn't hear it for quite a while. Rand (knowing how upset I was with the original Catherine's voice in Riven, which contributed to having all of her dialog replaced by Rengin's voice-over) didn't let me hear it right away. And before he did let me hear it, he warned me that I wouldn
  8. Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 12:46 am Location DRC forums Here's what I posted here (it may help to read that thread for context). ----- OK. Here are what the phases mean both IC and OOC. There really isn
  9. Posted: Fri May 26, 2006 3:48 pm Location: DRC Forums This was in response to a discussion about the seeming discrepancy between RAWA's statements that Myst Island would actually be larger than in the first game, and the appearance of Myst in Myst V (which was no different from in Myst 1). This has come up before back in beta the first time around. Zardoz can probably find my response to show how I answered this last time. Here's my answer this time: "Artistic License" was an IC explanation for things that had to be changed in the Myst games for financial, technical, or game-play reasons. It worked very nicely, because, IC, the games were recreations of historical events. Uru, doesn't have that luxury, as it isn't meant to be a recreation of an historical event. Uru is supposed to be happening now; you are supposed to be you; etc. But... we still have to live within those same financial, technical, and game-play limitations. So just because you see something in Uru doesn't mean that it's "real" (the way we want it to be), it just means that we can't use "artistic license" as the explanation for why it isn't the way we wish it were. The most glaringly obvious example of this is kicking those fish traps around. Anyone who thinks that's "real" (either that's really what you would do if you were there, or that that's the way we wanted it to be), well, I don't know what to say, other than "Um, no." Suffice it to say, if Myst Island shows up in Uru at some point, I would be very, very surprised if it wasn't the same size as it was shown in Myst. Such is life. RAWA
  10. Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 8:13 pm Location: DRC forums This clarification came about during an OOC discussion about the similarities between Richard Watson of Cyan and Richard Watson of the DRC. The confusion between me and Dr. Watson is understandable. There are many similarities between the two of us.
  11. Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2007 7:20 pm Location: DRC Forums This response came in the middle of discussions about an abandoned plan for a Myst mini-series by the Sci-Fi Channel. Response #1: Sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. (Which was my response last time this was brought up because that company's rights to the miniseries were about to expire and I didn't want any flares being sent their way to encourage them to extend those rights. It was better for everyone. Really.) Response #2: Things didn't work out, and that's all I'm going to say. (Which is a perfectly reasonable response, thanks.) Response #3: If the mangling in the comics made you cringe, the outline of the miniseries would have sent you into convulsions. Having said all that, we're not opposed to the Myst stories being told in another format (e.g. movie, miniseries, television, comic books, DVD, View-Master reels, etc.). But I will give a hint for anyone planning to submit an outline to develop the Myst stories for another medium: The words "Atrus and Catherine consummate their relationship" do not belong anywhere in the Book of Atrus. Believe me, that one hint alone will save us all a great deal of time. Thank you.
  12. Gadren

    Ishah District

    Appears in: DRC Site Location: Ae'gura A district on Ae'gura which was mentioned by Cate Alexander on 2.2.07.
  13. Gadren

    0049 Unknown

    Appears in: DRC Site Location: Unknown An area currently suspended by unanimous vote of the DRC as of 9.30.06. [h=1]Source:[/h]
  14. Gadren

    0023 Unknown

    Appears in: DRC Site Location: Unknown An area currently suspended by unanimous vote of the DRC as of 9.30.06. [h=1]Source:[/h]
  15. Gadren


    Appears In: Myst Online Written By: ? Tetsonot is one of many [article title=Pod]observation pods[/article] (D'ni: zik) in an unnamed '[article title=Pod age]pod age[/article]', possibly used by the D'ni as a zoo or museum. The pod itself is often mistakenly referred to as a 'pod age', although all known observation pods of this type exist in the same age. [h=2]Geography and Environment[/h] According to the pod age map released by the DRC, the Tetsonot pod just off the coast of a landmass named Cheecho. The pod is underwater, and it is unknown what sort animals live in the area. The buttons in the pod play sounds of aquatic animals. [h=2]Tetsonot Pod[/h] The pod itself is typical of the style of pod. However, the pod does not seem functional. The pod is completely dark when the power is turned off, unlike other pods. When the power is turned on, intermittent red emergency lighting flickers on. There is nothing to see outside the windows. However, it is uncertain if this is because the windows are still opaque or there is just no light outside to pod. Nothing happens when their buttons are pressed either, besides a click sound different from the pods of others. The lower level of the pod is flooded, with knee-deep water. There is a constant trickle of water into the pod, but the water levle never rises, indicating some sort of outlet for the water as well. The pod is labeled with a large D'ni "6" on the lower floor. [h=2]Restoration History[/h] Initially, Tetsonot appeared on the DRC restoration list. It was on Phase Four of its restoration when Ae'gura was closed to explorers in 2003. Tetsonot was the fourth and final pod age released by the DRC on April 19, 2007. The linking book was placed in the museum in Ae'gura.
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