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Welcome (back?)!

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Shorah b'shemtee and welcome to all!


With the announcement that Cyan is closing their forums, a few folks have expressed their dismay that Discord has become the sole official community platform going forward. I agree that there is and always will be a need for forums or forum-like spaces in the community, so I've dusted off the cobwebs and done some spring cleaning around here to open the door to anyone looking for a safe harbor.


To all returning members:

Welcome back! Your registration should still be valid, as it's been well over a decade since our last database reboot. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it through the login screen. If you've forgotten your login information, please email webmaster@guildofarchivists.org and I'll see what I can do to get your account back to you.


To previous staff members:

I've done some clean-up on account permissions and you may no longer have the same permissions as before. If you've been removed from your position and would like to have it back, please contact me privately! I'm happy to bring you back onboard, but to reduce our attack surface I've reduced several folks' accounts to normal member status in the interim.


To newcomers:

Welcome aboard! Registration is now open, so please feel free to sign up for an account. Please be sure that you whitelist forums@guildofarchivists.org to receive your confirmation email. There is a link in it that you will need to follow in order to complete your registration.


Please also be aware that, because the forum software here is rather outdated, we're subject to a fair amount of spam registration. To combat this, you must start a new topic in the Antechamber forum before you can post elsewhere. You'll find the Antechamber forum right above The Lounge after you register and complete your email confirmation. Follow the instructions in that forum and we'll approve your post so that you gain full posting permissions.


The Guild of Archivists (GoArch) forums are a carry-over from when this site used to be DPWR.NET. There's some general-purpose places to chat, but most of the space was turned over to Guild-specific conversations a number of years ago. There's also a (very old) fanfiction collection in The Bookshelf forum. Please also feel free to hang out in The Lounge! If you have suggestions for how we might be able to improve the board as a whole, please drop a note in the Feedback and Support forum.


Note for Wiki users:

The forums use a different user database than the wiki. If you have not registered for the forums specifically, you will need to do so before you can post here.

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I have decided to give a shot at helping out on the WIKI. I can add in images at least for pages hopefully to start out. I am not sure I want to write/add content for pages yet but I have no problem writing in character as needed. You folks are much more on canon than I am, but I've read all the books, played all the games, yadda. I was on Tapestry more than anything during the first break, very happy to be exploring the Deep Island finally. Huge amount to see.


I am on Discord but I think I prefer to have forum topics to bring focus to issues and work being coordinated and accomplished. I know checking two areas sucks, but this is more of a projects planning and execution area. It would also help me as a newb to collaborate and make sure I am keeping up the site image you expect.


I am very happy that this site will have Cyan backing. Now I know why I was having trouble creating an account a couple of weeks ago. I finally got the WIKI account to stick. I don't know what the percentage of broken links in the old Myst Online forums is, but it has to be over 85%. I've kept untiluru.com going for 15 years and saw an old forum post where someone linked to one of my images on my site with others linked images. Mine was the only link that worked. My hat is off to you all for the work you have put into this site and into the community over the years. I hope I can help contribute.

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