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  • The Guild of Writers released Korman 0.11a.
  • Cyan announced a lore partnership with the Guild of Archivists. For years fans have spun up different websites for the different aspects of the gamesâ lore; unfortunately, over the years much of that work has been lost. Cyan is now formally committing to provide server space and support to ensure the Archive and other Archivists resources will remain online, independent, and ad-free forever.
  • Cyan is hiring for Myst, Firmament, and secret projects:
    • Character Motion Lead
    • Technical Environment Artist
    • 3D Environment Artist
  • The latest Firmament update showcases what Cyan called âThe Glacial Ageâ.
  • Two updates for Myst (VR) have been released: 1.0.1, 1.0.2. Try finding a secret message in the latter 1f609.png
  • Explorer IwonK dedicated two cartoons to Myst: first, second.


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