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Sialia sialis


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Tribion checked the bird boxes that June evening in 2004. The eastern bluebird families and purple martin colony were doing quite well. No injured or orphaned birds, no dead birds, no signs of predators. So she linked to the cabin on Deri’yn and went to sleep.


Tim Nobrein believed the murder libels the Falcon Nest Sentinel had made up about Tribion, Birili, and Salar FitzAilesh back in March. Birili was dead and Salar still overseas, but he figured he’d kill Tribion. He saw a Deri’yn Korvax near a fencepost. A very strong man, he uprooted the fencepost. Then he linked, and found that the post had a birdhouse containing four eggs and two bluebird parents, irate to 25. Oh well, that meant a lesser charge he could get off on…


Tribion dreamed that she was playing her maral-obe in Sedge Warbler, the jazz band she and some others had recently formed. But then the audience started egging her and sudden pains in her head and leg woke her up. She soon realized she was being beaten with a birdhouse! She linked out and screamed for help. Then she blacked out.


She survived, although she developed gangrene and lost her right leg at the knee. Tim was convicted of attempted murder and went to prison for 20 years. As none of the bluebird chicks had been ready to hatch, all were dead. But where were the parents? Tribion thought she glimpsed them on Deri’yn just before linking out. In those days, Deri’yn had fewer birds than it has supported since. But given how common starlings were spreading through North America and zebra finches through Cevenia(In an e-mail, one of the DRC had said the finches would become pests) it was advisable to see if the bluebirds were on Deri’yn or back in Wisconsin. The two birds in question had both been banded at a state park in Tennessee the previous winter. That winter, they called the park. No, the bluebirds in question weren’t there.


The years went by and no sign. The emerald and green-headed excavators of Deri’yn excavated new nesting cavities and after using them left them for the naranos. Tribion and her husband Romulus Tranzer kept their eyes out for eastern bluebirds in those nesting cavities. They even set up birdhouses. Each time, they saw a narano pair.


They tried laying out dustworms(the Deri’yn equivalent of mealworms) in a mealworm tray from the purple martin colony. The excavators went wild over them, but not one bluebird did they see. Maybe the bluebirds had eaten some bad bugs or caught some disease before they could breed. Maybe their biological clocks had gone wrong. Maybe they hadn’t linked to Deri’yn at all, but had suffered some mischance during fall migration. That was most likely. No risk of introduced thrushes becoming a wren in the works, it seemed.


But in 2071, Hrea Warkanu bought the Deri’yn Korman. On that Age, what should he see exiting a hollow tree but a bird with a blue back. It was an eastern bluebird. A small but slowly growing population is holding its own. The possibility remains quite remote to this day, but what if they expand to the point where they crowd out the narano?

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