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Path of Destruction


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"No!" Gehn yelled. He rushed towards his son, Atrus, hoping to knock him over before he linked through his book. Atrus' wife Catherine had already linked into the book, entitled Myst. Gehn could not let his son escape and leave him traped there on Riven. He couldn't do that to his own father, could he? But Gehn was a heartless man, and deserved his punishment.


Atrus stood over a large gaping crack-the Star Fissure. He jumped into its dark depths before his father could grab him, placing his hand on the glowing panel, and linking to the Age of Myst, leaving his Gehn trapped on Riven for all eternity.


Gehn fell to his knees. He was too late. His only son had left him there on that god-forsaken stump of an Age with no way off of it. He cursed Atrus; he cursed Catherine, and with his breath growing quicker, he cursed his mother, Riven, and all the inhabitants that lived there.


More than a year had passed since that unfortunate event occured.


Atrus, Catherine, their first son Achenar, and Atrus' grandmother, Ti'anna, were enjoying life on the peaceful island of Myst.


Giant redwood trees grew on its' western side, complete with a cabin and a generator; a large library, which led to an underground chamber full of rooms and an observation tower lied deep within a tall mountain on its' eastern side. Beside the library was a planetarium, and to the south of that was a large dock and a platform with two giant, black, metal gears. Off to the west of theisland was another, smaller island, fitted with a clock tower with the word Myst written on its face. To the north was a spaceship on what seemed to be a landing pad. All was quiet and beautiful there on Myst.


Achenar, however, was a very emotional child. He had always acted out on his emotions and threw tantrums, hit others, cried, and sulked constantly. The only person who understood him was his great-grandmother, Ti'anna. She had always looked out for him, just as she had done for Atrus so long ago. She told Achenar stories about D'ni before the Fall; stories about her late husband Aitrus before his tragic death. It was during the stories about her husband that she became sad, and then Achenar looked up at her, smiled, then gave her a hug with a kiss on the cheek to make her feel better.


The two of them, they always seemed to get along.


Then Sirrus came into the picture.


Sirrus was an intelligent boy, to say the least, but he was also very bossy and spoiled and greedy. Yes, greedy. He always told his brother Achenar, who was almost five years older, to grow up and to stop crying all the time. He ordered Achenar around and told him what to do since the day he learned to speak. Achenar never liked that, but being already an emotional wreak, he took it all in.


Soon after Sirrus' birth, tradgedy struck Atrus' family: Ti'anna, Acheanrs' best friend and great storyteller, had died. Achenar grieved more than anyone-even more than his father whom was raised by her from his youngest days. He wept over her grave day in and day out, and everyday Sirrus told him to forget her and to grow up. He didn't care about her, Achenar thought. I wish he'd never been born!


Soon after all of this, Achenar did "grow up". He began to hide all his emotions, all except for two: envy and hate. Envy over his fathers' precious, beautiful worlds; worlds Achenar knew he could never write for his own. And hate for all living things; his Father for not being there for him when Ti'anna died, Sirrus for being so bossy, his mother for just not doing anything to help him through all of this, and inhabitants of his fathers' Ages just because his father "created" them.



Sirrus and Achenar.

The two of them were still brothers, no matter how much they fought and argued. Together they helped their father during his wild experiments on, and explorations of, his Ages. Everdunes, Terrel, Channelwood, Selenitic, Mechanical, Stoneship, Rime; all were easily accessed from the library on Myst.


The one Age that the two spent a lot of time on as children was Channelwood. Atrus allowed them to stay there for weeks on end because they were having fun there and were befriending the people of that Age quite quickly.


During their youth, Sirrus and Achenar (though impatient and sometimes a litle spoiled) were just regular children.


That is, until the Black Ships came around.


While on Mechanical Age one day, Sirrus and Achenar came across a group of pirates and thieves that were planning on destroying their fathers' fortress. The two boys joined the pirates after thinking that this would be fun and different from their regular routine.


The pirates called themselves the Black Ships. They flew a black flag with a silver crescent moon and a star in it's centre. They had hundreds of ships in their fleet. Sirrus and Achenar went with the pirates, stealing and looting nearby cities (other than the Fortress) and grew more and more with lust and greed. They started to do in on their fathers other ages as well; stealing from the people of Terrel, and killing the people of Everdunes. Even Narayan, one of the Ages Atrus made to teach his sons the Art, was plundered and nearly destroyed.


And that wasn't all. They started to rule over the Ages as kings. They started to tax, kill, and torture the inhabitants. People whom were once their friends were being killed. Channelwood, Stoneship, Everdunes, Mechanical; all of them were nearly wiped of all human life.


And after all of this, Sirrus and Achenar even took out the Black Ship pirates when they attacked their fathers nearly indestructible fortress.


Sirrus and Achenar became full of pride, lust, greed, and hunger; hunger for power and domination over all the Ages. Their reign of terror was so destructive, so vast, how could it be stopped?




"Finish him!" Gehn yelled as the gallows lowered the helpless man nearer to the sea; nearer to the gaping jaws of the hungry Wahrk. A terrible scream, then a splash, and the Wahrk and the man were gone. "Excellent," Gehn said to one of his Guard nearby. "Soon, those damned Moiety will realize whom they are dealing with". The frightened guard only nodded his head in approval.


Gehn was overlord-no, God-of the Age of Riven. He was ruthless towards all, and even more ruthless against any who opposed him.


And the Moiety; Gehn hated them the most. Ever since his son trapped him there on Riven ten years ago, a group of rebels began to believe that their so called "god" Gehn had no power, but that his son Atrus was a saviour to them. They began to revolt, and fight back against Gehn. They lived in the jungles of Riven, and any Guard of Gehn who happened to walk into their domain would be found the next day dead, with a strange knife in his back.


This knife was their symbol. Its' blade was triangular in shape, and it's hilt was a circle (usually with a glowing firemarble inside), which had a small flat platform welded to it.

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