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Ages of Devokan


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Ages of Devokan and Ta'Kaira


These Ages were written by Devokan (the main character from the Hope story) and his family. They are all accounted for, and are only put here as a bit of a reference for those who have read my story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Choorahl- 'Learning' Age.

This Age was written by Devokan. This was his first Age, and it was given its' name because he wrote it during the period when his uncle Gartenar taught him the Art. Choorahl is D'ni for 'learning'.

The Age is a large, round island. A tall mountain rises from the island's centre. A waterfall cascades down the cliff of the peak, filling a small lake at the mountains' base. The lake water then flows on, feeding a small stream, which makes it's winding course down to the sea. The water is sweet and cool, and tastes almost like honey. Trees grow throughout the island. Some bear fruit; others are just regular trees. Maple, oak, elm, and pine are the most dominant, as well as the fruit trees and berry bushes. Grasses and wheats are also found throughout the island, along with fungi and flowers.

Many birds, both large and small, live here. They make their homes either up on the craggy cliffs or high in the limbs of the trees. Fish called Stre'ems, which somewhat vaguely resemble salmon, live in the lake and stream, and grazing creatures called Graizeers live in the forests. All the animals here are omnivores or herbivores except for one species: a coyote-like creature called the Ro'mehr that hunts at night. They eat only small, sick, or elderly animals, and are vey afraid of Devokan when he first arrives in Choorahl.

The fruits of this Age are sweet, like the water. There are apples, peaches, and blueberries here, and also an unusual fruit that looks sort of like a peach, but it is much sweeter, has many seeds, and has a much redder hue. They grow on what Devokan calls the 'Paradise Tree', so they are named Paradise fruit (or a 'Darap' fruit).

The daylight hours are much shorter on Choorahl than Earths', and the entire day is more or less only twenty-two hours long (ten daylight hours or less, and twelve or more hours of night). The ages suns- it has two- are much younger tah Earth's and do not let off as much heat, but emmit enough to keep Choorahl mildly warm during the day, and moderately cool at night. The air is always fresh; never humid. One large, hazy-red moon rotates the Age.

It rains occasionally on Choorahl. The cool and fresh climate makes it so that it only has to rain about once or twice a month, which on Choorahl is a lunar month. The lunar month on Choorahl is about thirty five days. The length of the year is unknown and is in need of speculation, but Devokan says it is ten months long.


Mahrntahv- 'Creation' Age.

Ta'Kairas' first Age, she wrote it soon after Devokan taught her the Art. It is surprisingly very stable, but is made up of islands, floating over a pool of water that looks like an reverted dome. The water flows upward, creating a bowl shaped pool.

The gravity on Mahrntahv is much less than Choorahl's or even Earth's gravity. The islands are made of some sort of magneticly charged rock, which counters with the oppositely charged rock under the water, causing them to hover in mid air. There is a lot of vegetation here, but it is mostly vines and small trees. There is very little grass here. The rocks of this Age are very similar to Basaltic stone like that of Earth's. The sky is a vibrant blue, but it is occasionally thick with storm clouds. Some of the rocks act as lightning rods, attracting the electricity that is discharged by the storm.


Eder Bishtah- 'Rest tunnel' Age.

This Age was made as a gift by Devokan for his love, Ta'Kaira. It is a garden Age, filled with trees and flowers with sweet fragrances. Many large, twisting tunnels connect each of the different sections of the gardens. In almost every garden is a rest house or gazebo. The sky is a rich blue, and it rains atleast four times every month.

Devokan built all the man-made structures here for his wife to enjoy. He dug and built a bedroom into the side of a cliff; he placed a bridge of stepping stones to cross the large pond in one of the west gardens; he installed a fountain in the middle of a small pool; he built all of the gazebos and benches; and Devokan also shaped and refined a large round room in one of the old natural tunnels to be used as a Link-in and Link-out terminal.

Tall cliffs of a beautiful smooth stone cover the Age. The gardens are each within a valley or cradle of sorts, connected by the tunnels. There are five gardens: two in the west, three in the east.

Birds, insects, and small lizards make their homes here, along with the beautiful flowering plants and trees. There are even a few trees much like the fruitful trees on Choorahl that grow here.


Taygentsahno- 'Love Everlasting' Age.

Another Age written as a gift for Ta'Kaira. It is a beautiful cavern Age, full of lush jungle-like plants like never before seen. Crystals and gemstones that glow in different colors 'grow' throughout the cave. Pools of glowing, refreshing water flow here and there in the cavern. Devokan made this Age as a more beutiful version of the D'ni cavern for Ta'Kaira to show his everlasting love for her.

Air flows into the cavern through a large hole in the ceiling of the cavern, letting in sunlight along with it. At night, the stars reflect upon the surface of the pools deep below, filling the cavern with moving lights.

The plants of Taygentsahno are bioluminescent-they glow with their own natural light (very similar to the algae and stone plants of D'ni). But these plants are organic, not stone.


Roshee- 'Crater' Age

This Age is riddled with fallen stones and craters. The rings of the craters act as land; otherwise, the entire Age is sea. There once was a small island here, but it was completely destroyed by the meteors. Hot water geysers shoot up continually throughout the Age, and there are even a few rifts in the Age with sething magma within them. The Age was once very stable, but like the *Selenitic Age, this stability was broken by meteors.

There are a few species of plants and algae that somehow survived the blasts (or mutated and evolved from others that were there). They are all golden-red, and grow throughout the ruins of the original island, and around a few of the rims of the craters. They are small, and scraggly, and resemble small bushes and weeds. The algae is orangeish, and grows in multitude near the craters.

The sky is a yelow hue, and the sun is large but still very young. The air is foggy, and humid. It wasn't always so, but the open rifts and debris still in the air cause the climate to be so. There are no moons here, and the days are nearly twice as long as our own.


Other Ages


Dovahnee- 'World New' Age

Written during one of Kaidish's experiments (Kaidish is Devokan's second child). Dovahnee is a wonderous Age, and has a library, a wharf, a manor, an observatory with a large telescope, a forest hide-away, a stone hut, and a gazebo. Three large islands with a multitude of smaller islands make up this Age. The northern and largest island is a green island with rich soil, fruitful trees, and grassland. The manor, library, and wharf are located on the north-eastern penninsula of this island.

The south island is a tall mountain. On it's peak is the observatory and telescope. A winding trail leads down the west slope and into a small, stony bay. Many small islands make a sort of stepping stone bridge, which connects to the third island. This island is also a mountain, but is much smaller. A dense pocket of trees hides a stone hut here.

Devokan, Ta'Kaira and the children loved to explore this Age. They made it their home-away-from-home. Kaidish, Ta'Ketra, Aidehn and Annetta end up writing many other Ages that can all be linked from Dovahnee and Choorahl.


Gahrogahn- 'Great Emire' Age

On Annetta's first try, she wrote this Age. It was an inhabited Age, full of wealthy people who built giant towers and domes of precious metals and stone. They called themselves the 'Raeahlith, but were nicknamed the R'Gahro or 'Great People'. Many islands and communities are scattered about in the area were the family first linked in. The Age is similar in composition to Tomahna-it has the same continental shapes, but they are all fused together and create a supercontinent like Pangea.

The Age is rich in minerals, and has many unique specimens unlike any ever seen before. The plantlife, animal-life; all are unique to Gahrogahn.

Four moons and a binary star system are found in this Age. The two suns make this worlds' climate very mild and hot indeed. It is very humid during the wet rainy seasons, but very dry during the warmer months. The days are longer than our own, and the nights also.


Irvahna- 'Mineral' Age

Made to collect more mineral resources for Choorahl, it turns out this Age too was inhabited. The people of the Irvahna Age were peaceful, harmonic natives. They lived on a violent, eruptive volcanic island, but it was a paradise nonetheless.

The natives of Irvahna became great friends to Devokan's family, and allowed them to take what minerals they needed. They even began to trade for some of the fruits and grains of Choorahl and Ehder Bishtah for some of their fine jewellry and crafts. The Irvahna people were highly specialized in metalsmithry and crafting, aswell as fushing, trading, mining, and hunting.


Edehn- named after the story told about the paradise, 'Eden'

Much like it's story counterpart, this Age was a beautiful, lush paradise. Written by Ti'Ketra for her parents anniversary, it was a giant continent full of elegant jungle plants and enormous trees that reached up to the sky above. Fruit-loving mammals, insects, herbivorous reptiles, and an assortment of nuts, berries, fruits and flowers lived everywhere here. One creature here, called a Squealmouse, is native to this world. It was so named because it was a rodent of sorts, but like a mouse and a squirrel combined, and it let off a high-pitched squeal when it was extremely happy or terribly sad.

Devokan built a large structure here on the slopes of the eastern mountains as a home for his family. It had a library, study, a pool, garden, two floors of bedrooms and guestrooms, balconies overlooking the wonderful scenery, and hot springs deep in the mountains.


Note: Devokan, Ta'Kaira, and their four children built homes on each of the Ages they wrote (except for Roshee). Devokan built a library and study on each aswell, and brought many copies of his Linking Books there just in case of an emergency. Even Kaidish, his eldest son, built a library, study, and even a large house on his Age of Dovahnee.

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