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The Journal of Rova'an

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Posted 01 August 2006 - 09:03 AM

Na'trienu- 'isoteric' age,
Na'trienu was the very first age Rova'an ever created. As a child, Rova'an would always spend the entire days in her fathers library, soaking up as much information from the books as possible.
Na'trienu is a small island drifting around in the sky. The island is quite small with a few variaties of trees, such as Birch, Maple, a few Pines, etc. Many different shrubs also inhabit the island as well. The island has a small oasis on it with rivers extending to the edges of the island as water runs off creating huge waterfalls. A few species of animal such as foxes, hippo's, and a strange species of jaguar also inhabit the island.
There is also a small hut built on the island. Inside the hut are a bunch of odd devices used to warp the age. The hut uses a frequency device hooked up to an ultrasonic laser on the bottom of the island to activate the shift on the age.
Around the entire age are streams of twinkling lights which the island will occasionally pass, reaching from the ground of the age into the sky. these streams are the most incredible thing about the age because the age is always changing(kind of like Ahnonay) and these streams are what causes it all. When the age is ready to shift it will flip inside out pointing all the streams at each other creating a energy build up at the center of the now inside out age. After that the energy becomes too unstable and the core erupts in a time warp sending out a shockwave over the age forcing it back into it's original shape with everything changed, but the hut is always there. Although with this strange kind of action, the age itself remains strangely stable.

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Posted 05 August 2006 - 08:38 AM

Dimantius- 'thinking' age

Written by Rova'an's husband, Hada'an, as a wedding gift because he was aware of Rova'an's love of books.
Dimantius is an island with only an expansive library on it, Filled with any book you can imagine. The library not only contains the expansive knowledge of the D'ni and their ages, it aso contains an expansive array of linking books separated from the others in a sort of Linking room. The library also contained a quarters for personal usage, containing a bed, a personal library shelf for fresh new linking books, a cupboard containing hundreds of blank books, a desk with a quill, an ink pool, and a journal off to the side, a nara safe in the wall, and a balcony to overlook the age.
The linking room is secured with a combination lock in the wall with a Nexus symbol on the bottom, and the written code is locked away in the nara safe only accesable by a key in Rova'ans posession. Once the code is entered, the Nexus symbol will light up indicating the Linking room activated. The linking room contained linking books ranging from Amateria to Voltaic and beyond.

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Posted 05 August 2006 - 04:43 PM

Romelder- 'space' age

Hada'an always had a love for the universe, so Rova'an created the age Romelder as a wedding present.
Romelder is a fascinating planet age with a giant ring around it a nd has not one, not two, but five moons. It is made up of millions of small islandsdue to the planets lack of any solid surface, meaning of course, there's another sky where the ground should be.
Another significant part of the age are the storms. Since there are two skies and the only landmass is in the air, the lightning strikes in both directions, at each other and at the floating islands.
One of the larger islands has a small house on it. The house had a bed, a kitchen, and a small telescope in it.

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