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"Please Don't Link to Spire"


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Note: I actually heard the whippoorwill on Haven, near the hunting post.


To the tune of “We Didn't Start the Fire†by Billy Joel




I see that you've linked to Myst

Come and help me, I insist

Bring red pages, not blue pages, please to let me go

Achenar's loquísimo and

Ma and Pa somewhere were goin'

And I think they're dead since neither has come back, you know


I can't link from here

Korvax has disappeared

I seem to be up high

Clouds below me in the sky

These plain plants I must eat

Going mad sans lux'ry

My bed's pure stone, so's the whole place, get me off this 1@#$ rock


Please to link to Spire

No don't you link to Haven

For my brother's ravin'

And don't touch the green Book

Or you'll be trapped forever

And you'll get out never




I'm here in a jungle Age

Camoudiles they share my rage

Mangrees taste like chicken but I cannot link out

Where's that whippoorwill?

For go down fine it will

(That that's their call Anna said “no doubtâ€Â)


I spy half-ship, lots of gold and gems and scrip

But there is no way at all to take it to Mechanical

Nasty Cerpatee

Wants to catch and eat me

Lake that I can't cross. Why can't I get to Myst


Please don't link to Spire

Come on and link to Haven

Or I will be ravin'

And don't touch the green Book

Or you'll be trapped forever

And you'll get out never




My two sons both went bad

Trapped me where my father had

Many years ago when I found him insane

Achenar took a sheet

Of paper to a vault discreet

And so I can't get out, 'sides, Riven is in desperate need


I cannot get up for long, for if I do Five will be gone

'Tis in such bad shape, may already be too late

Your New Year's Day, come here, go down Riven way

Save Kat, jug Gehn, we must start all o'er again


Please don't link to Spire

And don't you link to Haven

For they both are ravin'

Come, link through the Green Book

And bring the page along

Or 'twill drag on and on and on and on…

Edited by Korora
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