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Hope 2: The Journal of Dovahnee

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Posted 09 September 2006 - 04:28 PM

Well my friends, this is the sequel I was talking about. Below is a small portion of the story that I have been working on for the past little while. I want constructive criticisim - but not too much criticism if you know what I mean biggrin.gif. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


I had been out exploring my age of Roshee for almost a week, enjoying it's spectacular yet bizare scenery. I returned home, and my wife Ta'Kaira and the children surprised me with a birthday party. I couldn't believe it - I had completely forgotten my own birthday! I had been enjoying myself so much, that the event slipped my mind. But not everyone was enjoying the celebration. My eldest son, Kaidish, was in his room. Curious, I went to investigate. I opened his bedroom door and entered, but he was nowhere to be found. Strange, I thought. Then, as I turned to leave, I noticed a book on his study desk. I picked it up and carefully sifted through it's delicate pages. It was a Descriptive Book! I turned to look at it's cover. On it's cover, emblazed in gold, was some D'ni script that I hadn't noticed there a moment before. I stared at it, trying to comprehend it's meaning. New World? That's what it says. New World... Dovahnee.

The book was warm; Kaidish must have used it recently. I couldn't let Ta'Kaira know what he had done. She would worry far too much. But I had to do something. It didn't take more than a second thought to know what I had to do. I picked up the book, opened it to the page with the swirling panel, touched my palm to it's glowing warmth and linked through to Dovahnee. I didn't know what to expect on the other side, but I hoped it was something good.

Part I

I materialized, and was blinded by a dazling light. A sun. It was much brighter than our own, yet it appeared so much smaller. I surveyed my surroundings. I realized that I was standing in a field of tall grass that spread out for miles. Behind me was a literal wall of thick, dark trees; to my right, flowing out from under the forest canopy, was a meandering brook; and looming far ahead of me, beyond what seemed like a ribbon of blue off in the distance, was a single grey mountain. It rose high into the sky; it's peak capped with snow and with cloud.

I took a walk through the field, and discovered a small footpath. I followed it for what seemed about an hour or more. The path steadily inclined up a hillside, taking me up with it . Then, almost suddenly, the path came to an abrupt halt. It ended at the base of a large cliff. I gazed up at the massive rock face. There, built into the sheer rock wall of the cliff, was a cut set of stone stairs. They swerved dangerously this way and that along the stony surface. I took a deep breath, reaching for control, and started my long hike upwards.

I had trouble catching my breath as I climbed those horrid, steep stairs. Not even half way up I lost my grip and nearly plummetted to my death. But I was able to steady myself and stop myself from falling. It was a horrible experience.

Finally, my hand reached the top ledge, and I pulled myself up. I wiped the dust off of my clothing and looked around at my surroundings. Atop the great massif, the air was thinner. I could see that I was standing on the summit of a large hill that seemed to have been hewn in half - the cliff was the evidence of that. The slope ahead of me was very steep, and riddled with small bushes, rocks, and stunted trees. I turned my gaze to the base of the hill far below. I took in what I saw, and wondered in awe at the sight.

The same thick and dark forest that lay on the other side of the cliff grew on this side as well - it joined in what looked to be a steep sided valley far to my left, or west, of me. Green feilds once more I saw, and great, long sandy beaches below. And right in the middle of it all, beside the forest and close to the sea, was something I have never seen the likeness of before. It appeared to be a mansion of sorts. It was four grand, stone buildings. There was a domed building with a long hall; a many floored building with pillared supports; a smaller, one floored building of some sorts; and a great shining, glass-paned greenhouse. All of this was surrounded by a hedge with a large gated entrance. How could it be possible? I thought. Did Kaidish build all of this? No. He can't of. But...
I made my way down the steep incline of the hill. I started to pace faster and faster. Please be there, Kaidish, I said to myself. My son, please be alright. It wasn't like me to worry - that was what Ta'Kaira always did. But Kaidish was my son, so I guess it was only natural to worry. I reached the entrance to the estate. A large iron gate stood before me and possibly my son. I couldn't see any way to open it, and I looked around to try and find another way in. Then it hit me. The hedge, I thought. I can climb the hedge!

I scaled the thick bushy hedge with ease. I hopped over to the other side when I reached the top. I didn't even notice the blood on my hands - I hadn't noticed that the hedge had thorns. But I just kept on. I found a path, and ran towards the first building in sight - the domed one I had seen from atop the hill. I reached the door - it was unlocked! I turned the handle and entered inside. The room I had entered was dingy, with poor lighting. The only light in the room came from the open door I had just entered from. I blindly searched the room, reaching infront of me with my outstretched hands. When I felt my hands against a cold stone wall, I followed it around until I felt something odd. Whatever it was, it was about half my height, with some sort of basin or bowl on the top. I reached in, and sighed with relief. It was full of fire marbles - It was a torch! I squeased some of the small orbs in my palm, and they started to glow a bright eirie orange light. Now that I could see my surrroundings, I could see that I was in a library. The domed room was the entrance, and the hall that I saw protruding from the backside of the dome was the library itself. The hall was quite large. It stretched a yard from one end to the next - and it was lined with bookshelves and bookcases.

Kaidish isn't in here, I said. I'll come back here later. For now, I should check the other buildings. I left the library, and headed to the next closest building - the tall mansion-like building. But when I went up the small steps to it's door, I found it locked. I sighed, turned, went down the steps, and started down the path to the greenhouse.

And much more to come...
What adventures does your future hold - only time can tell.

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