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Devokan's Journals


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--I'm here. It has taken many months of hard work and strenuous tutelage, but I am finally here. The sky is a rich, clear blue; the sea around me is the same, only it is slightly darker. I can hear the sound of birds singing off in the distance- the cry of a gull peirces the sky. It is so beautiful here. I must try to find some shelter for the night. I've noted that there are two suns here, though the two seem further away than the one of my home.


After hiking through the dense forest here, I've discovered a small niche in the side of a mountain. The niche opens up into a cozy cave. It's the perfect place to spend the night! I've also found many berries and fruits along my way here, and have tried them all- and all of them are succulent and extremely delicious! This will be my supper for the day- tomorow, I will explore this age further.


--The night's here are very cool and long. I crawled out of my cave for some fresh air, and I caught a glimpse of the age's moon. It glows with a soft, hazy red glow. The sky is even clearer at night than it is during the day! The air is so crisp- so fresh. Tiny spots of light dot the heavens. I should get around to naming some of them.


--I took a small walk to a nearby stream that I'd noticed while I was hiking the day before. I stopped to drink from it. And my, what a drink it was! The water was so cool, and very sweet- like honey! I took another long drink, and then another. It was very refreshing! I've even taken a bit of it to fill my waterbag. What other surprises await me here?


--I've explored the western side of the island. The trees here are much like the ones of home- there are oak's here, and pine; there are elm's and maple's here as well. I've noticed apples and peaches and plums- also a yet unnamed fruit. I haven't named it yet- but it is very good! It is even sweeter than the stream water.


The birds here are very colourful - ruby, sapphire, gold, amber, green - there's just so many! They resemble canaries in a way, but these are quite larger. I've noticed that they eat berries and the small insects that happen to cross their path. Their calls are quite beautiful.


--A large animal passed by my cave while I was away. It's tracks are everywhere! It's atleast as large as I am! I wonder what it looks like? Or what it feed's on? The thought of such a large, presummably dangerous creature roaming around my cave frightens me. I believe I should investigate into this creature's habits.


--It passed near the cave again last night. But this time, I was ready for it. It has a sleek, auburn coat. It resembles a coyote or a fox, but it's snout is longer and it's tail is shorter. It is quite a beautiful specimen. I can assume that it's a predator- it's sharp, protruding teeth are a dead give-away. It's probably a scavenger, too. I'm still unsure of what it hunts- maybe some more investigation is needed.


--I've visited home for a few days. Mother was happy to see me- Father was out with a hunting party in the east, and would not be back for many days. Uncle Gartenar was proud of my acomplishment- he gave me some blank Descriptive books and a few more journals. He told me that I should try to create more ages. I told him that I would get around to it. Those creatures still needed investigating; plus, I was planning on creating some furnishings for the cave- a bed, some shelves, maybe a table or two. I must ask Mother for some earthenware jars and bowls.


After saying my goodbyes, I linked back to my age. I must think of a name for it- perhaps "Choorahl"? Yes. I think I'll call it that- Choorahl. It has such a nice ring to it. Choorahl..."Lessons"...


--I've sketched some rough plans for a bed, table, and shelves. I started to cut the wood I'd need. I've also discovered a herd of large, deer-like, grazing creatures. Perhaps these are the creatures that the fox-like predator hunts? These animal's coats are gleaming in the morning sun... maybe I should think about trapping one of them? I need the meat, and their fur looks quite warm...


-Devokan, first Choorahl journal.

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--The day turned out great. I tried many times, unsuccesfully, to trap one of those grazing creatures, but in the end I finally caught one! I'm very proud of myself. The rest of the day was spent cutting and cleaning the animal. Then, I left the animals' hide outside to cure. After tomorrow I should have a good amount of leather to use. Perhaps for a blanket? The nights are very cool here...


--I decided to start making smaller Linking books for me to use to return to Choorahl instead of using it's large, heavy Descriptive book- it's much too important to accidentally misplace! I've completed atleast two of them so far- they will return me to the centre of my cave whenever I use them to link. After tomorrow, I should link home and keep a few of them there.


--I've gotten around to naming the creatures of Choorahl. I've named the fox-like creatures Ro'mehr; the deer-like species I've named Graizeer; the birds I've named according to their colours, such as the Ruby Sehdehr, the Sapphire Sehdehr, and the Gold Sehdehr. I'm fond of my names for them. They suit them very well.


--Today while I had gone to the stream for some more water, I discovered a new species of fish! They have long, glistening bodies covered in amber scales. Their eyes are a deep blueish-green. They resemble salmon of sorts, but these fish have a much stouter jaw. I've decided to name them Stre'ems. I plan to make a fishing pole tomorrow...maybe some of those centipedes I've found in the forest could be used as bait?


--The Stre'ems are biting today! I used some of those centipedes and they worked out marvelously. Tonight I will fry the half dozen I've already caught, and I'll see how they taste. Considering that they live in these sweet-tasting waters, they should be just as sweet.


They taste better than I could have ever imagined! Tomorrow I'll go out and fish again.


--I am thinking about linking to D'ni. It will require me to gather and pack a few things, but I think I should get away for a while. It will take a day or two to pack what I need, but D'ni isn't going anywhere. To think- I will be the first of my family in over a millenium to actually revisit D'ni. I'm very excited!


-Devokan, second Choorahl journal

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