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Posted 18 January 2007 - 10:06 PM

As sung by The Stranger
To the tune of "The Model" by Kraftwerk

I'm on Tomahna; Atrus wants to see
If either of his sons should be set free.
He blows out the power and he links to Rime
I get the generator back up just in time.

A bomb goes off beneath me and I hit the ground
I wake come night and Yeesha's nowhere to be found
Atrus is stuck so I must find a way
To save Yeesha and make her abductor pay

*musical interlude*

I search prison Ages for some clues and then
I go to find the grandkids of Gehn
On Serenia where I find her possessed
By her evil brother (Sirrus, just like I guessed).
<>< .Yavo kodormaðen Jakûþ
[Myst Ages][The Outpost]

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