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Myst Chronology


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Myst Chronology:


Note: I did this for fun. It may not be accurate, but…

Another note: ?YBME means number of years before the events of the game Myst. ?YAME means number of years after the events of the game Myst.


About 10,135 YBME: The D’ni writer (the first) Ri’Neref writes Tomahna and D’ni. He later becomes King.

About 535: Ghen, Aitrus’ grandfather, is born in D’ni.

About 235: Kahlis, Aitrus’ father, is born in D’ni.

About 135 YBME: Anna and Aitrus are born, Anna on the surface of D’ni (Tomahna) and Aitrus on K’Veer.

About 115 YBME: Anna goes below the surface of Tomahna and finds D’ni and Aitrus. Aitrus and Anna (renamed Ti’ana) marry and Ti’ana becomes pregnant with Gehn. The pair help the D’ni defeat Veovis, who manufactures the plague that annihilates D’ni. Veovis does this because he was rejected from the Guildmasters because of his wild ideas and the criminal A’Gaeris helped him commit crimes. A’Gaeris kills Veovis, but the plague kills Aitrus as well. A’Gaeris dies on a trap Age when he falls into a lake of lava; a trap by Veovis. Ti’ana gives birth to Gehn and begins to teach him about the D’ni.

95 YBME: Gehn creates 225 Ages using the Art, but only three (his thirty-seventh, fifth, and 225th) survive his unstable writing. The fifth goes on to become Riven. Gehn marries Keta, who gives birth to Atrus but dies in childbirth. Ti’ana, who changes her name back to Anna, kidnaps Atrus (because Gehn is mentally and emotionally unstable, partially due to his hybrid nature), brings him to Tomahna, and begins to teach him the Art of writing Ages.

75 YBME: Gehn goes to Tomahna and demands Atrus back so he can teach him D’ni lore. He does this, taking Atrus to D’ni and teaching him it’s history, slightly skewed. He destroys Atrus’ first Age as it is “uselessâ€Â. This is when Atrus begins to doubt his father’s sanity. It is confirmed when Atrus goes to the Thirty-Seventh Age and becomes friends with many of the inhabitants. He assists Gehn in ridding the world of the “White Fog†and a small Star Fissure, at the cost the “mandatory†(as Gehn chillingly put it) destruction of the peoples’ intellects. Atrus is then introduced to Riven and meets a Rivenese woman named Katran. He calls her by her Tomahna name, “Catherineâ€Â. He falls in love with Catherine, but is devastated when he learns that she is forced to marry Gehn. Catherine loves Atrus and loathes Gehn, however, and assists him in secretely writing a linking book, with Anna’s help of course, as she was taught to write by Aitrus. Atrus then steals the Riven descriptive book and writes a Star Fissure into the age. He and Catherine destroy all the linking books on Riven and drop their linking book into the fissure, along with themselves.(note: the Age is; you guessed it; Myst!). A native named Rawa Oldfriend (that’s my name for the Adventurer in the Myst games) is sucked into the Fissure and finds the Myst book after many long years in the fissure. Gehn survives the remaining 60 years because he is part D’ni, and a mysterious energy causes Rawa, Atrus, and Catherine to go into suspended animation.

20 YBME: Atrus and Catherine, now on Myst, give birth to Sirrus and Achenar, after which Ti’ana dies. Atrus teams up with youngsters from the Age of Averone to explore D’ni. Meanwhile, in his absence, Sirrus and Achenar begin destroying the Ages of Myst and others, such as Narayan.

0 YBME: Rawa lands on Myst island and solves its many security puzzles. Years have passed and Sirrus and Achenar are imprisoned in Spire and Haven, the two prison ages. They mistakenly believed that the two ages were full of riches and plunder. They began to think this when they misinterpreted lessons given to them on J’nanin, the Lesson Age. They’re greed resulted in the near-destruction of Narayan and the twenty-year imprisonment of the teacher Saavedro. Rawa found a book page necessary for the a secondary Myst linking book that was on K’Veer; it had somehow been damaged. Rawa returned this page and Atrus escaped from his prison and apparently destroyed Haven and Spire, killing his two evil sons, leaving the ashes of the books as a testament.

13 YAME: Rawa returned to K’Veer on a summons, only to learn that Catherine had been kidnapped by Gehn and taken to Riven. Atrus forcibly sent Rawa to Riven, where he captured Gehn, freed Catherine, and destroyed Riven by opening the fissure. The last action resulted in the Age’s implosion. Catherine and Atrus went to Tomahna, leaving Rawa stranded in the fissure once more to mourn his destroyed homeworld. However, the Age was not entirely dead; Catherine had created an Age called Tay where the Moiety (Rivenese rebels) fled after the imprisonment of Gehn. It was not destroyed much like the 8 ages Gehn created during his 33 year imprisonment.

23 YAME: Rawa found the Tomahna linking book in the fissure. He used it and discovered that Atrus had created a new Age for the D’ni people called Releeshan (and had a new daughter named Yeesha). They were going to travel there, but Saavedroâ€â€a Narayani who had been trapped for 20 years on J’nanin by Sirrus and Achenarâ€â€had other plans for the book. He stole it, took it to J’nanin, and then escaped to Narayan. Rawa followed him instead of Atrus (which was not part of Saavedro’s plan; he planned to “kidnap†Atrus and make him “rewrite†Narayan’s past so Sirrus and Achenar never damaged it and apparently killed his friends and family) and retrieved the 3 symbols necessary to go to Narayan. Here, Rawa imprisoned Saavedro, got Releeshan back, and then freed Saavedro to his still-living friends and family.

33 YAME: Rawa again traveled to Tomahna to meet Atrus. Here, he discovered that Haven and Spire, apparently destroyed along with Sirrus and Achenar shortly after the Myst incident, were still there. An accident occurred before Atrus and Rawa were able to find out if Sirrus or Achenar deserved to be freed, and Atrus found himself trapped on Rime, one of the five surviving Ages of Myst. Yeesha was kidnapped by Sirrus after he escaped Spire (the linking chamber containing a Tomahna linking book was shattered by subsonic sound frequencies caused by the Crystal Viewer Atrus used to “spy†on Haven and Spire), and Achenar was blasted out of Haven when Rawa entered the Prison Age. This led to a showdown at Serenia where Sirrus, possessing a fear of death, tried to place his mind in Yeesha’s body. Rawa reconfigured the device, however, and the machine exploded. A critically injured Sirrus tried to shoot Yeesha with Achenar’s bow and arrow, but the shot hit Achenar, who blocked it. Both brothers died shortly, and Atrus was left to mourn.

90 YAME: Rawa was summoned to K’Veer by an unknown presence. Here, he discovered the original Myst book, sealed in a binding ribbon. He explored K’veer, only to find an old and probably insane Yeesha. Yeesha had gone mad due to the mental scarring she received when Sirrus and Achenar died. She revealed Atrus and his family were dead; Gehn dead in his Prison Age, Catherine dead of a fever, and Atrus perishing of thirst in the Tomanha desert. She told Rawa that she was the “Growerâ€Â; a fact she became obsessed with and led to further madness. She demanded that Rawa release a mystical artifact called “The Tablet†that controlled the Art of Writing Ages, but not to give it to her. She had gone on a journey to acquire The Tablet (a one-time occurrence), but made a mistake, and found that she could not get The Tablet. However, she wanted it so badly (as she had “tasted its sweetnessâ€Â) she forced Rawa on the journey. Exploring D’ni and being guided by D’ni survivor Esher, he released the locks on The Tablet and acquired it. Yeesha, not in her right mind, commanded Rawa to give The Tablet to her so she could gain the power of all the Ages (known as the Bahro; it took on the body of mutant D’ni people, or, as Esher called them, wraiths), but he instead smashed it. The Bahro were released and Yeesha’s “burden†was lifted. Rawa and Yeesha went to Releeshan, where they learned that Atrus had survived. It was revealed that Esher was insane instead of Yeesha and was deluded that he was the Grower. He planned to trap Rawa on Myst and take the Tablet, giving him the ultimate power. The Bahro trapped him on Riven, and Rawa, Atrus, and Yeesha lived happy lives with the New D’ni on Releeshan. Rawa renames himself Richard Watson and founds a society known as the D’ni Restoration Council (DRC).

340 YAME: Richard survives the test of time as he is rendered immortal by radiations secreted by The Tablet. Richard returns to the Cleft, feeling “The Callâ€Â, and then tries to find “Journeys†in the Ages of D’ni to release the Bahro further, thus rebuilding D’ni. Ultimately, things are set right and Richard lives out his days peacefully on his Age, Relto, disbanding the DRC. He opens the Ages of D’ni to the public and ultimately everyone enjoys the hidden wonders of the Myst Universe, his long journey ending at long, long last.


And so ends Myst. I hope you enjoyed this extensive chronology. Perhaps Cyan Worlds and Ubisoft will make another. After all, the ending has not yet been written.

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