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The History of Devokan, the D'ni, and the Amad


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A young man named Devokan, D'ni for "hope", travelled to D'ni during it's first mellenium; he was 1/4 D'ni, and 3/4 human. He wrote the age of Choorahl, which was his first, written under the tutelage of his uncle Gartenar in a small desert village near Tomahna.

It was known in D'ni history that during their first century of settling in the great cavern, a group of D'ni left their home during the excavation of the ventilation shafts around 84 DE, and that they were never heard from again. These D'ni were Devokan's ancestors. They settled on the Earth's surface above the great cavern - which was a vast and arid, rocky desert - were they met a tribe of nomadic shepherders; a branch of prehistoric Semetic tribes who dwelled in the Middle East. These nomads, who later called themselves the Amad, welcomed the D'ni settlers with open arms. The two groups of peoples became as one, and for another century or so they lived together, following the movements of their livestock across the land.

The Amad/D'ni tribe eventually settled in a remote region near the mountains, and built a small village along the shores of a cool, rushing river in a deep, fertile valley. Their homes were comfortably-sized, low-ceilinged structures, made of sun-dried mud bricks - or adobe - strengthened with a clay and dry-grass mixture. A coat of white-washed clay was then applied to the outer surface, smoothening the walls and adding support to the structure. Some of their homes were even built onto the surrounding cliffside, using thick timbers along the base of the structure and long timber poles wedged deep into the rock to support it's mass.

During the first few years of their union as a single tribe, the D'ni taught the Amad many things, including math, science, philosophy, and other aspects of their culture - the Amad did the same, teaching the D'ni the basics of living off the land, caring for the environment in which they lived, and living a humble, yet satisfying lives through love, work and family. Coincidently, the Amad already had similar religious beliefs as the D'ni, believing in a supreme being who created all. They called him "YHWH" - the D'ni knew their own god as Yahvo.

Around 1200 DE, or approximately 6800 BCE surface time, Devokan was born. Before his sixteenth birthday, he finished writing Choorahl, and then settled there, staying for nearly three months. He then travelled to D'ni via a linking book his uncle had given him. There he met Ta'Kaira - a young and beautiful D'ni woman of about the same age - and the two of them linked to Choorahl together to escape being captured or killed by the Maintainers', as to them Devokan posed a threat, being an ahrotahn ("outworlder" or outsider in D'ni). The Maintainers' Guild Master at the time - Kahlos - ordered the linking book the two used to flee with to be disposed of, hoping that the two would return without any way of escape so that he may capture them and execute them. Kahlos was a very proud D'ni man, full of hatred towards any outsiders or liberal groups, believing his people - the D'ni - and their traditions were to remain unchanged, and that they were a supreme race to be respected above all others.

Ta'Kaira and Devokan returned to D'ni a few months later to inform her family that she was alive and well, and that the two would be married; however, they were captured by the Maintainers before they could return to Choorahl, and were brought before Guild Master Kahlos. It was then that Aidehnmahn - a Guild Member - stood against his Guild Master, pleading to let the two of them go, but Kahlos' decision would not be turned. In the end Aidehnmahn sacrificed himself to save the two youths, killing Kahlos in the process. Devokan and Ta'Kaira fled D'ni, making sure that their linking book would never be found again by allowing the book to fall into the deep, orange-glowing lake after they linked away. Neither the the Amad or surface-dwelling D'ni were mentioned thereafter until about fourteen years after the Fall, nearly nine-thousand years later, when Gehn married an Amad woman named Leira (Keta), bearing a child with her; that child was Atrus.




Note: Most of this information contradicts the information found in my story, "Hope: The Story of Devokan". Please realize that my initial story was just a fanciful conjuration of my own thoughts, and did not follow the canon; this information, however, is closer to an actual truth, or atleast a well-formed speculation of my own, fitting into the canon and making much more sense. Hopefully you've all enjoyed reading my stories as much as I have writing them.

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