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Naming an age

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#1 Hyaversi

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 11:57 AM

First off, how does one go about naming an age? Is it simply coming up with any name that you see fit and translating it into D'ni? If so, I have come up with a name for an age I am creating (not with computer art or drawing...I am very blessed to have ten acres of forest, so I'm building smile.gif), and would like all of your input and suggestions smile.gif

I thought, since all I've really done is build within the forest using trees as my main source of supply, I could call it "The Trees of Possibility".

I know "The" is "Re'"
and I know "Tree of Possibility" is "terok JeruT"

However I can't figure out how to make "terok" plural (trees vs. tree). Anyone know?

I thought, then, either that name, or "Eder Ter" which I believe means "The trees are what this age is named after." Am I correct? Is that name already taken?

Let me know...advice, suggestions and comments all welcome! Thanks!

#2 Alahmnat


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Posted 13 August 2007 - 03:11 PM

To answer your questions in no particular order...

You can make any word plural by adding "tee" to the end of it. So, "trees" would be "tertee" in D'ni ("okh" is the possessive suffix, "or"). However, naming an Age doesn't require that the word mean something literally... Atrus adapted words from various surface languages to devise names for most of his Ages, like Selenitic, J'nanin, or Voltaic. Of course, he also had a tendency to use words straight off the page, like Mechanical, Channelwood (two words there smile.gif), or the more obscure Rime. Some people in the community just come up with a D'ni-sounding name, or play it off as a word from the native tongue of the Age's inhabitants (and there's precedent for that as well, like Narayan).

Finally, "eder" is the D'ni word for "garden"... if that suits your Age then feel free to add it in. If you wanted to get super-literal, you could call it "Ederokh Tertee", or "Garden of Trees". Ultimately, though, I think naming an Age is as much of an art as creating it in the first place. smile.gif

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#3 Hyaversi

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Posted 14 August 2007 - 01:03 AM

Thanks! I really do like that by the way, Ederokh Tertee, I will give it more thought smile.gif
Also, when it's done (hoping about a month?) I would love to post pictures and get feedback smile.gif
Thanks again!

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