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age building

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Posted 03 November 2007 - 09:23 AM

ten years ago or so i was intriduced to an amzing game. this little game had the premise that a man could write in a book, his own world. and that with the right circunstances could materialize in that world.
this game was of course myst.
now im not a regular player in fact i only got half way through myst 4 when i left home to serve in the british army. and that was three years ago now. but the memory has never faded. and nor has the desire and want to write my own world. a little place for myself to delve into and create for my own likes.
now i have never been able to find hints and tips on how to proceed with such a task as i know it is and will be a long and daunting process. but with my desire to begin ever more present i feel this site has brought me closer to begin construction.
so i ask one question or two or three....... how do i do it? i have the imaginitve skills to envisage such a world. but how do i translate that to words? is it translated to worlds or just in pictures? is a 'world' just and an island or can it be a whole planets worth, filled with life and people. how do i tranlate this from a humble imaginitive thought to words? is it even possible. now i have discovered people are using a programme called blender to create their ages. but with no 3d rendering skills and limited access to a computer this is not an option for me. is this the only way to complete such a task?

i eagerly await a resonse to so many questions. please help this novice creator realise his world....... biggrin.gif

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