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Guild of Archivists Membership Process


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The Guild of Archivists is officially open for new members! Membership is open to anyone, regardless of prior participation or knowledge about D'ni history. Because DPWR is a home to more than just the Guild of Archivists, your forum membership is not automatically tied to Guild membership. To become a member of the GoA, you will need to contact a Guild Captain to request that you be added to the Guild Member usergroup. Enrollment will not be denied to anyone, and if your request is not handled within two days, please contact me directly, and I will complete your enrollment. (For the time being, until we actually have a Guild Captain or two on the list linked above, please go ahead and contact me to get enrolled.)


Membership in the Guild of Archivists grants some small additional oversight permissions in the Archive itself, as well as an opportunity for promotion within the Guild (everybody has to start somewhere). Specific details on promotion processes are still being worked out, so be sure to head over to the Guild Discussion forum to join in the discussion. Aside from that, the GoA is open to everyone, and especially during this formative time, all of our proceedings are open to public input and review.


Welcome aboard!

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