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Guidelines for Official Story/Age Creation


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RAWA has posted some guidelines/information on fan created material on the MOUL forum.


Quoting part of the post...


The Five Rules of Writing, in their most basic form:


1 - Writers must live within the D'ni limitations of Writing.


2 - Writers must not break continuity with previously released D'ni information.


3 - Writers must not reveal "new" information about characters, places, groups, etc. used by Cyan.


4 - Writers must limit "new" information about D'ni society to specific, smaller groups within D'ni.


5 - Writers must not use the intellectual property of others.





1) Except for Rule #5, these rules mainly focus on attempting to minimize continuity issues, so, when an Age is submitted for approval, enforcing these rules will primarily be the responsibility of the Guild of Archivists. You can think of theses duties of the Guild of Archivists as providing "information quality control" for the Ages.




2 – The members of the Guild of Archivists need to have a decent grasp of released D'ni information, so that they can have working knowledge of what will contradict established D'ni information.


Note: Also included under "contradictions" are issues that have been intentionally left open for debate by Cyan. A Writer's storyline must not attempt to definitively confirm one side or the other of those issues.




edited to add #2 item.

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