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The Chat Log Project

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#1 Alahmnat


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Posted 24 July 2008 - 03:59 AM

So, chat logs...

Back in the heady days of the Guild-building process in MOUL, I briefly discussed the idea of collaborating with the GoMe on a chat log project that would cross Guild lines and make it easier for people to get the information they wanted, where and when they wanted, when it came to the copious number of MOUL chat logs. The idea was this: chat logs in their raw form are virtually impossible to read and take for-blessed-ever to get through. There's a decidedly large signal-to-noise ratio, and a lot of people just don't want to bother reading all of the extraneous stuff that gets said in a conversation in Uru. Thus, the Messengers, as the relayers of information in the Cavern, would publish edited chat logs of events once they had occurred. These logs would be formatted to be human-readable, with the extra noise of the discussion cut out, and possibly edited to ensure that the discussion made sense (i.e. making sure questions don't flow over one another and fog up the answers given by the interrogatees interviewees).

To ensure that "the media" wasn't distorting facts or otherwise mishandling the presentation of the edited chat logs (not that I suspected they ever would be, but stranger things have happened), "raw" logs of the event would be posted in the Archive to compliment the edited logs. The raw logs would still strip out private text chat recorded by the person who supplied the logs (in the interest of privacy), but the exact order of each line of text would be maintained, complete with timestamps and emotive actions. The log in the Archive would link to the edited transcript posted by the Messengers, and vice versa.

Due to a lack of sufficient time and resources, as well as the later closure of MOUL, this project got shoved onto my back burner, which is almost as big as the one that Cyan has (there's a great place in Spokane that sells 'em, it's awesome!). However, I think now is the time to resurrect this project so that we can begin discussing specifically how we'd like to execute it. Since I'm still strapped for time at the moment, I'm putting out a call to the rest of the community, and the GoMe and GoA members specifically, to discuss the details of this project and who would like to head it up on each side of the fence. Whoever gets volunteered will get a promotion to Guild Master of Chat Log Preservation (title subject to revision when it's not the day before I leave for Mysterium), and will be responsible for making sure that whatever specifics get decided on are actually implemented and held to by the GoA members who participate in the project. They will also be the point man for collaborating with whoever the GoMe decides should head up their end of this project. Blade, since you've mentioned a wish to work with the GoMe in the past, I'll give you first dibs on heading this up on our end, assuming this is the sort of thing you had in mind wink.gif.

I will lend what assistance is required to make this project work, and will consult with the GoA and GoMe members who take on this project as requested, but for the most part, I'm leaving this one up to you guys... I have enough other snakes to charm at the moment wink.gif.

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#2 Zardoz

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Posted 24 July 2008 - 10:39 AM

I am not volunteering to be Grand Chat Poobah, but it would be mighty helpful to have a simple tool for editing chat logs. I know there are some out there, all of which I haven't used, so maybe one of them does what I have in mind. Basically, the tool would open a raw chat log file and have a simple window that would bring up each chat entry and give the editor a few simple options, such as save, delete, highlight, edit, etc. Once a choice (or more than one) was made, the next chat entry would come up automatically, etc. That would at least cut down the amount of physical action needed to edit.

If such a tool existed, I would happy to be a Chat Editor, Lower Class, but I'm NOT looking for a promotion . . .

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#3 BladeLakem


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Posted 24 July 2008 - 02:11 PM

Seems to me that there are two parts to this: archiving the Chat Logs of Uru Past and building a process for collecting and processing the Chatlogs of Uru Future.

The first part is the simplest - we collect as many chat logs as possible, work out an archival scheme and get people to put them in. The archival scheme will need to include how they should be tagged, formatted, etc. Will they need to be summarized? etc. Also, some sort of search engine for sifting through chatlogs would be really nice. This wouldn't really require collaboration with the GoMe, except in terms of working out how chat logs might best be presented.

The second part can build on the first part. But there are the considerations of just what chat logs should be archived. Are only those logs that directly involve DRC characters or Cyan employees to be archived? Is there a level of 'canon' that has to be present? Are there other chat logs which would be considered 'newsworthy'?

#4 BladeLakem


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Posted 25 July 2008 - 11:32 AM

Doublepost!! wink.gif

I tossed the idea up on the GoMe forums to see what they think.

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Posted 02 August 2008 - 02:02 AM

I think it would be a good idea to have each chat log archived into two seperate categories...raw chat log and a cleaned up version. I know how bloated and cluttered some of those logs can get, with too much extraneous stuff going on. It gets to be a bit much trying to scroll and sift through everything to find the meat of the conversation, especially if it's an impromptu Q&A session with someone of major importance. To add to Zardoz's suggestion for an editor, it would be nice/helpful to have one with a search or "find" feature, to help pick out specific characters' dialog.
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