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question about guilds

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#1 karoh

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Posted 26 July 2008 - 11:50 AM

shorah , I was wondering if it was possible to start a Guild of Linguists?
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#2 Horatio252

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Posted 26 July 2008 - 12:53 PM

I think that if such a thing were to happen, the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship would have first rights to taking up that mantle. Are you familiar with the DLF? Alternately, are you asking on behalf of the DLF?

The DLF was discussing this very idea at one point:


If you mean to ask a more general question about if and how will new guilds, for example GoL, be established, then I don't know. I highly doubt that Cyan is thinking about adding official guilds. The community of explorers will probably provisionally accept any well run group.

Hopefully that answers whichever question you asked.
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#3 karoh

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Posted 08 August 2008 - 03:28 PM

I'm a member of the DLF, but I wasn't sure it was one of the Guild sites connected to URUObsession. I'm not asking for DLF, just for myself. I didn't see a linguist Guild listed at URUO so I assumed it hadn't be established yet. However, if the DLF is the Guilds home site, then that's fine with me.
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#4 Nalates

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Posted 16 September 2008 - 01:15 PM

UO is an old site and most of the Myst fans have participated there at some point. The Guild of Cartographers formed there. UO was nice enough to provide the Guild its own section in their forum. BUT UO is not exactly an authority on who is and is not a guild.

There is no real 'clearing house' for guilds. Cyan's story has mention of various guilds and guild history (you can find most of that here). Fans consider those the OFFICIAL guilds. But there are many other guilds. The new GoFA (Fine Artists) is an example of the community forming a new guild and Tweek is spearheading it (Cyan employee - or was... is... I dunno). That guild serves a need the community has seen and some are working to fill. Not official but needed.

The Cartographers are a unique guild. The guild was not OFFICIAL in the story line. But as new fans we really did not know that or much care. There was a problem and a need and people jumped in to help. Other than the Greeters the GoC was one of the more active guilds. Their maps turned up everywhere Uru was discussed. Those maps made life easier for many.

The result was UO gave a none official guild its own section in their forum. I think mostly out or respect for service to community. The amazing thing is that Cyan actually ended up revising their story line. Instead of a Surveyors Guild Hall we ended up with a Guild of Cartographers Hall. Debate about that still echoes in the forums.

All this is just to say, there are no hard rules on guild formation or what Cyan will do or say. There are, however, traditions that the community and Cyan tend to hold to. Service to community can trump those.

If the DLF want to form a guild, I say, go for it. One only need say, I am a guild and get out there. If the fans like your work, they accept you. Even when the majority do accept you, there will be those that do not. Don't slow down for them. If the fans do not accept you... well that tells you something. Decide what is fun, a service to community and move on. cheesy.gif

I thought DLF was a guild... but I am weak on language... blink.gif
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#5 karoh

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Posted 25 September 2008 - 04:04 PM

okay... I understand about the DLF forming a guild. I just asked if anyone here at the DPWR was thinking about forming a linguist guild since so many guilds are being started...here. This was just a personal inquiry. And I already understand about service and traditions, since I've been around the community for a long time. I'm just not one of the more vocal members, except when it came to doing a presentation at the 2005 Mysterium. But thanks for making sure I know anyway. wink.gif
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