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Posted 17 August 2008 - 12:37 PM

This is a list of terms for dealing with story and the fiction of the D'niverse, designed to give people a common ground for discussing things. Some are commonly used, while others are suggested for use.

This list will change as needed, so check back from time to time. Comments, suggestions and critiques are welcome.
  • Artisitic License - Areas where Canon contradict the Myst games and novels, usually due to technical or logistic concerns
  • Big 6 Guilds - The Guilds that have been in some way recognized as official by Cyan: Archivists, Cartographers, Greeters, Maintainers, Messenegrs, Writers
  • Canon - The official body of what is true in the D'niverse.
  • Content - More tangible gameplay items in Uru. Places to be (i.e. Ages), puzzles to solve, games to play, things to do
  • Cyantist - an employee of Cyan Worlds
  • D'niverse - The fiction that is the background of the Myst and Uru games.
  • Digital Actor - A character run by a person, usually in reference to those characters run by Cyan. See also Official Character
  • Fan Created Art License (FCAL). Legal permission from Cyan to use Cyan content/story for fan-projects. Handled by Cyan right now, but soon to be assisted by the Guilds.
  • Fan-run story - story run by fans instead of Cyan.
  • Fiction - The fiction is continuity of a universe or background. For Uru, the D'niverse is the fiction.
  • Guilds - OCC, quasi-official fan organizations that provide services to fans in Uru. What constituted a Guild is a topic of much debate. IC, D'ni institutions that provided infrastructure and government. Some were 'restored' by the DRC in modern times.
  • In Cavern (IC) - Acting as if the D'niverse as real. Similar to In Character in role-playing terms.
  • Meta - talking about either the D'niverse from an outside perspective, or talking about a plot from an outside (often design) perspective.
  • Official Character - Characters run by Cyan Worlds
  • Out of Character (OOC) - Acting as if the D'niverse is not real. See also meta.
  • Plot - A designed set of elements (scenarios, characters, events). Often referred to as a story as well.
  • RAWA - Richard A. Watson, Cyantist and official D'ni Historian. RAWA has the final say of what is Canon.
  • Role-Play (RP) - A gameplay style where a player plays someone different than themselves.
  • Story - Intangible elements of gameplay. Plots, characters, history, events, etc. The nature of Story is a topic of debate.
  • U are U - The gameplay style where a player plays themselves in the fiction. A play on the spelling of Uru (U-R-U). Sometimes You Are You.
  • User Created Content (UCC) - Content (and sometimes Story) created by players of Uru.

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