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I have been keeping an eye open over at the GoMa forums where the FCAL panel plans have been shaping up. You can find several threads here and here and the original proposal here.


I posted this morning this message:


Montgomery wrote:

Archivists: what's the best way to summarize the proposed storyline content so that it can be researched and evaluated for "legality"?



I will attempt to answer this question. And the answer is, to a large part, that the Writer needs to know where he or she could get in trouble. If the Writers is uncertain about it, he or she should include it in the proposal. Now to help Writers think about the most likely ways to get in trouble here is a list of things that should be included, if they are part of your Age:


Any reference to any Cyan created character

Any reference to any Cyan created Age

Any reference to D'ni History, D'ni Kings, historical D'ni Guilds, historical D'ni culture

-the Writer should demonstrate how "new" information revealed along these lines is limited in scope to a small group and does not effect the whole canon

Any reference to Cavern locations

Any linking processes or activities that do not confirm exactly to the patterns of traditional D'ni Writers


Writers could organize their proposal as answers to these questions if they wish. I will cross post this on the GoA forums to get further feedback on other questions that proposal should answers.



While I like to pretend that I speak for GoA, I welcome your input here or over there. I will try to keep this thread updated as things progress.

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