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Story Seed, Marten, 29-Sep-08

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Posted 30 September 2008 - 12:40 AM

Inspired just a little by these Dilbert cartoons:

It is also inspired a bit by SWN 50.

This story seed is titled "A more spectacular failure."

With the opening of MORE, the DRC will be in absentia. While some independent restoration groups (Third Path and SubRest come to mind) have historically operated out of the way of the DRC, the current situation could present an opportunity for an usurping of control. OOC, storytellers working on this theme could team up with a Writer or two to produce some small new D'ni areas. New areas would be released as under the "control" of a new (and more antagonistic) restoration company that has decided to move in while the DRC are away. This group could limit access to the new areas to some explorer groups as a political maneuver (OOC, planned with these groups' involvement, so no explorer is really being prevented from visiting and playing).

(If we could secure a small amount of Cyan's help, this could even be extended to a small number of existing areas; this would really make it appear that the "DRC replacement" team has moved in and taken control for real. However, the story idea does not require this.)

Direction for this story seed: Make the problems suffered by the DRC seem like a cakewalk. Incompetence, arrogance, and explorer resistance lead to the new team suffering disasterous accidents and setbacks. Rumors spread that the new team has mafia connections, and/or that the new team really wants the explorers to leave so that they can exploit D'ni technology without interference. During an opening ceremony for a new area, an explosion injures or kills several people. The restoration group blames explorers for sabotage. Explorers blame Bahro that are apparently not involved in the war. Tensions rise, and things feel like 2003 all over again. Explorers who create a lot of trouble may suddenly vanish, and rumors that they've been banished to Ages kept by the restoratation team would spread.

This scenario could be extended over months with begrudging acceptance by explorers as new areas are being opened but some question at what cost. An ideal end to the story would be the return of the DRC and the ousting of the claim-jumpers; if it needs to end because it has dragged on too long without DRC intervention, then additional options include a sudden failure of the "brains" of the team to return from a visit to an unstable Age, followed by a collapse of leadership within the group and a withdrawal from the cavern.

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