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Story Seed, Marten, 08-Feb-2009

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Posted 08 February 2009 - 04:31 AM

This story seed is intended to be implemented into a small Age.

The player discovers a small journal that has been dropped. Opening the journal, the player reads how the journal's owner does not normally keep a journal, but that he has chosen to write down his situation, in the hope that writing his thoughts will better assist him in solving his problem. The first few entries explain how the journal's owner has a friend who had always been especially distrustful of the Bahro. Yeesha's warning that the war would return set this friend to work, learning how to write Ages for himself. But the motives of this person were not to help seek an end to the Bahro war... rather, he sought to create for himself a personal place of escape; he selfishly attempted to abandon everyone to save himself from what he viewed as inevitable destruction at the hands of the Bahro.

But things did not go quite according to plan. The Bahro somehow linked to this person's Age, and made changes to it. And the Age Writer has not been seen since... his friend is concerned about where he may have gone, or what may have happened to him.

This story seed provides an opportunity for the development of a small "bunker" Age with a Bahro puzzle. The conclusion of the puzzle is a lesson - a message from the Bahro warning that the explorers must work together to solve the war... that no single person will find the answer, and that running away will not escape the problem. I leave the details of creating an appropriate puzzle to a more devious mind than mine.

Neither the fate of the Age Writer nor his friend need be resolved.

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