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The Renewed Restored Guild


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Friends, Archivists, Visitors,


like the the archive we tend, our Guild is still here, if a bit dusty. As with other groups, the closing of the Cavern, followed by the dwindling progress on MORE had slowed activity here, but with explorers returning to the Cavern I hope that we will renew our vigor. Our ranks are yet thin, but our work is not. To those who have called yourselves archivists before, renew your activity. To those who are friends of the Guild, please join us. To those who are visitors and new explorers, we welcome you here.


You may wonder what we do, or what you would do if you joined us. I have just updated the projects page which should show you much of what we need help with. While there is not a lot of need for new articles (we've amassed a lot of those over the years) much needs to be done in "updating" the archive. Our role in MO:RE is still ambiguous, but we have a general mandate to help storytellers be consistent with the canon and not cross the boundaries that Cyan has set. Someday the hope, from RAWA, is that we are part of authorizing fan created ages/stories.


So don't hesitate to start helping. We maintain an open policy on editing the archive. Be sure to check the guides before editing, but have at it. You will likely do more good than harm by trying, and undoing edits is easy enough.


Do not hesitate to post here or PM me with any problems.



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