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CAVCON awareness party


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Shorah Archivist! (I don't know if there is still someone here, but I still try)

After the recent news about the CAVCON levels the Guild of Messengers is organizing a big party to make all the people in cavern aware of the status of the things.

We know that many of the Explorers in the Cavern, even some regular ones, have no idea there is a whole world of Myst people on the Internet, they know nothing about the CAVCON and donating for MOUL, and they know nothing about the existance of the Guilds, except the fact that the Pubs exist.


So we are trying to make a 24hours party, with music from D'niJs and the support of the Guilds. This will be a good occasion to recruit (but the first objective is always the CAVCON) and have a lot of fun.


So if you are interested to participate, as individuals or as a Guild, with your suggestions, ideas of people to contact, activities, mere presence or D'niJs (we need more of them!) I have forgot to contact please come on the GoMe forums! We have a thread for discussions here.


Guild Council Member, Leonardo.

~ Guild of Messengers. Serving the Community ~

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